Sunday, April 13, 2014


It's about freaking time America but some of you actually stood up to the federal government and made them back down. Way to go dudes! I would also like to point out that this standoff was almost wholly Baby Boomers and Generation X standing up for their rights, while Generation Wuss was too busy snarking about it being "overblown" on left wing media outlets and ignored completely but the MSM. But a win is a win and I'll take it anyway I can get it. Let's see those runner ups.

1)John Kerry- I will admit I voted for John Kerry and hated myself for it every minute since. At the time, I just hated Bush WAY more and would have voted for a dead squirrel over that dick any day. My sources have told me he is an arrogant jerk who never knows when to stop talking. So who better to irate world powers than a guy like that? One of the worst Secretaries of State of all time (which if combined with Eric Holder and the, on her way out, Kathleen Sibelius, Obama has picked some real doozies for office) is trying to hold together the Israeli/Palestinian peace accords, somehow unaware that this is NOT possible. First rule of diplomacy in two warring states is that you can't make peace with people who want you dead. The Israelis are not going back to pre-1967 borders without concessions by the Palestinians. The Palestinians are not going to recognize Israel unless they get the right to return which is NEVER going to happen. Stalemate. End of any deal. Start with that and work you way smaller not vice versa or you will always hit that brick wall and, then, it's game over. The peace process is done and Kerry as always makes us look like idiots.

2)Eric Holder- Speaking of idiots, Holder got testy with Congress this week and snapped at resident Congressional idiot, Louis Golmert, for having the audacity to ask him questions. Holder is being threatened with contempt again for not giving Congress what they asked for, which Holder has used Presidential privilege several times to NOT comply. Holder's DOJ finally released their finding that the Albuquerque Police Department is out of control and violating the Constitutional rights of the locals. About time numnuts.

3)Kathleen Sibelius- The person mostly responsible for the website debacle still plaguing Obamacare seven months later is stepping down, because she likes leaving things half finished apparently. Most likely she was being forced out before the 2014 elections as her position has been an unmitigated disaster and would be lightning rod for GOP ads. Good bye and good riddance. Can you take Obama and Holder with you please?

4)Paul Ryan-Just so you didn't think that this was a rag on the president and democrats only comes this fool who has put out his latest budget which is STILL a carbon copy of the same budget the country roundly hated in 2012. That's some insanity. He still wants to kill Medicare, SS has been taken out for now but you know they are just itching to get to that cash cow as well, and of course, huge tax breaks for the rich and powerful, paid for by eliminating programs for the poor. That is the modern GOP, for the rich, about the rich and only the rich.

5)Alex Hribal- This 16 year old douche thought it would be awesome to bring two knives from home and go on a stabbing spree in his high school. Dozens were injured but, luckily, no one died. I am guessing mental illness and bullying took place but, either way, this kid will never see the light of day again. Enjoy prison loser.

6)Robert Corchado- The ex-con is about to go prison forever. This California native has been in and out of prison eight times over the last few decades. But after the accidental death of a very cute four year old girl, he'll be lucky to see parole by the time he is ninety. Corchado rammed into the back of another car causing that car to careen into a pre-school, where several were injured and one little girl died. He fled the scene. Seems douchebag can't drive for shit either as he was being investigated for a similar incident in December of last year. His face was EVEREYWHERE and he turned himself in, realizing that the gig was up. You and above Alex should be pen pals. You're both going to have  a lot of time to kill.

7)Anne Green- This "actress" was under contract to appear in the Skinamax show Femme Fatales, which is soft core porn. Green refused on set to do what she was contractually obligated to do (get naked) and left. Later she sued for being "bullied" into doing the nude scenes. Cinemax is countersuing for $85,000 for breach on contract. I've seen Hollywood contracts. Hell, I've written a few. They are very detailed. For this idiot to claim she had no idea that nude scenes were going to happen either makes her incredibly stupid or this whole thing was some devious plot for an equally idiotic lawsuit. Either way, she's screwed and will have a hard time getting work from here on. Way to ruin your career moron.

8)Allison Ernst- For some unknown reason, this woman decided to throw a shoe at Hillary Clinton as she was giving a speech. It barely missed her as secret service agents ushered her away. She was later released but still faces up to a year in jail. I was waiting for the word Benghazi to appear at some point, and am a little disappointed it didn't.

9)John Rowland- I hate John Rowland with the fire of a thousand suns. His corruption destroyed the state of CT to such an extent I don't know if it will ever recover. He blackmailed corporations into giving them millions of dollars before he would allow them to break ground anywhere. It is the number one reason the Adrians' Landing project went nowhere for over twenty years. I tried to get a movie studio built at the old Jai Lai building, and at the same time, Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister was trying to get a heavy metal museum going. Both of us hit brick walls when money was demanded up front, some $4 million which seemed to be the going rate as Aetna ponied up said funds to build something I don't remember anymore. When Rowland was arrested for corruption, color me not surprised. Now this fucking asshole of extraordinary proportions has been arrested again this time for seven counts of campaign finance fraud. Seems he was working under the table for a buddy of his running for office. Not wanting to be tied to the campaign, as the Rowland name is synonymous with douchebag, the money was funneled hush hush through a nursing home. If found guilty, he can expect a long sentence in federal prison due to his record. If there is a God, please, please, please, send him somewhere where I know someone in there with him. I would love for him to be someone's bitch for once.

10)The Media- In the following story I will take more about the BLM, Harry Reid and what occurred at the Bundy ranch. If you don't know what I am talking about, thank your MSM which did everything they could to NOT report a major story and proves that you no longer live in a free state with a media that reports the news. As a matter of fact, CNN just announced they will be doing LESS news now as Anthony Bourdain and Morgan Spurlock shows are just the start of Jeff "how in the hell dose this guy still have a job" Zucker, current CEO of CNN. Considering all CNN talks about is the missing plane still, even though no new news has appeared in weeks, it's still 24/7 Flight 370. Fox is no better, especially after an anchor mistakenly said NAACP instead of NCAA, a Freudian slip methinks. The left wing media outlets, like Media Matters, blasted sites like mine and Drudge Report for making mountains out of molehills in the Bundy ranch standoff, but the reality was, something important was going on, and everything the government was telling us was a lie. And we proved it. If it wasn't for alternative media, this may have gone done much worse than what actually happened. But we prevailed and the MSM can suck it.

11)The BLM- The Bureau of Land Management stepped in it big time this week when they attempted to steal land and cattle from local rancher Cliven Bundy. They showed up with helicopters, snipers, tanks, and attack dogs. They beat people for no reason, declared spots "Free Speech Areas," which of course were miles away from what the BLM was doing and arrested anyone for filming in areas they were said not to, tazed a pregnant woman, and attacked protestors who they said were being aggressive, even though video shows the opposite. But the people not only didn't back down, they stood up the government. Armed cowboys broke ranks and rescued the cattle, which had been taken from their dying calves. If you do something like this, don't do it during calf season morons. The BLM was forced to stand down, noticing that there was a good chance of this going south fast, and no matter how it turned out, the BLM were going to be the bad guys here. They did everything they could to stop this info from getting out, including shutting down local cell phone towers but the "signal can't be stopped, Mal." Media sites like this made sure you heard about it while the MSM slept. It turns out that the whole garbage about the land being environmentally protected for desert tortoise was far from the truth. The Feds killed hundreds of these little guys because they ran out of funding. Brilliant. Also, Harry Reid has been tied to fracking rights for oil companies and a huge deal with China to provide solar panels for that area have been brought up by these kind of sites as well. That is why money in politics suck as corporations told Reid "we want that land" and he used the BLM to try to get it. Welcome to fascist America. It's here to stay but thanks to the brave people who stood up to the BLM, maybe not so easy to control. So congratulations BLM, you are indeed douchebag of the week .

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