Monday, April 7, 2014


Everything has two sides lately. Right vs. left. Evolution vs. Creationism. Gay rights vs. the Bible. Climate Change vs. Deniers. It never ends. As a result, it comes down that nothing can be believed. We have officially entered Wittgenstein territory as even getting out bed demands we make sure the floor is there first. Here are five reasons why trust is being eliminated and the end result will be the destruction of civilization if we let it continue.

1)Government- The US government has given us no good reason to trust them one iota no matter who is in power anymore. Let's look at one glaring statistic that proves that. The official unemployment rate right now stands at 6.7%. However, it is well known that that stat does not count millions who have given up looking for full time work. That statistic by the BLS says that some 90 million are not working, which even if eliminate people on disability, in prison, who part of a single worker home (which is rare) you still have 45 million unemployed which, no matter how you slice and dice it, does not equal 6.7%. The two numbers are at odds with one another, yet no one seems to take much notice about it. Look at these graphs.

Notice the steep climb in unemployed and the deep plunge in labor force and tell me the unemployment rate is 6.7%. The government is lying us as usual. And that is just one example of many. Congress approval ratings are at record low and both sides continue to pass the dumbest bills, cheered on by corporate interests that now control them completely. The Supreme Court is giving our rights away wholesale. Fascism is here to stay people. We are the victims of really bad decision making. Congrats.

2)Corporations- Thanks to a brilliant strategy of getting the dumbest Americans to vote against their own self interest, a new oligarchy has taken control of the US and good luck getting that back. For some inane reason, Republicans nationwide have fought to make it easier to get fired, break unions to keep our pay low for forty years, poison our water, steal all our money and yet, they still stand to win big in the next election, and the sole reason for that is big business has brainwashed the dumbest Americans to run lemming like off the cliff which is rapidly approaching. Corporations want us dead and have all the money to convince some of us that that is a great idea. The sow distrust and half truths to get morons like Eric Bolling to parrot their nonsense which then get sucked up by the brain dead public glued to Fox News. Corporations are using their wealth to keep people from finding out the truth that they are raping us blind. And they are doing so by lying to us on a regular basis.

3)Media- Our media has become some of the biggest liars out there. In their rush to get the story first, every news outlet treats rumor as fact, which further erodes trust in said organization when their previous statements come back to haunt them. Conspiracy theories about the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook and other deaths due to the sheer incompetence in our new media are exploding. With Twitter, Facebook and other social media darlings, death hoaxes spread like wildfire, even interfering with actual deaths as occurred when Lou Reed died and confusion reigned for a while as no one was sure whether it a hoax or now. It wasn't and the "satire" article that caused it wrote that piece in really bad taste. In top of that we have things like Fox News with an obvious agenda and, in what should be illegal, spouts forth crap that keeps IRS and Benghazi pseudo-scandals in the news, while conveniently ignoring stuff about Republicans that are far, far worse such as their drive to kill Social Security, worker's rights and sick people. CNN is staffed by the mentally challenged, and MSNBC, as a "liberal" tilt, isn't much better. Our newspapers hire people for dirt cheap to write articles that barely qualify as English. No one trusts anything these idiots have to say anymore.

4)The Police- The police should be there to protect and serve. For most of my life, they have been there to hassle and annoy. And I'm white, meaning black people must really get the shaft with these losers. Lately, police are acting more and more like storm troopers and the public is starting to get wise to this. Shootings galore are happening on a national level, including two more these last 24 hours and a riot in CA. If a gang was killing people at this rate nationwide, they would be hunted down and lynched by angry mobs. Here, we give them a medal. Blogs and message boards are becoming increasingly hostile toward the boys in blue and with good reason: they are killing us for no reason other than they can. When trust in police fades, as is happening now, no good can come from it.

5)The Public- Recent surveys show that record numbers of people no longer trust one another. The reason being is there are so many scams and dirtbags out there, we are all getting painted with the same brush. When I was doing business write ups for, I kept coming across people who would pass on free advertising because they were positive there was some catch, some fee they would be hit with. No matter how many times I tried to tell them otherwise, they were SURE I was up to something. That's how distrustful we have become: even if something will cost you nothing and benefit you in the process, people are still wary of the "too good to be true" rule. Check your spam emails and you will still find scams galore including variations of the Nigerian Prince scam that still cons the most gullible among us. Nobody trusts anyone anymore and with good reason as they have been burned many times by the time anyone reaches thirty. When the public no longer trusts anyone, not their doctor, not their lawyer, not their parents. not their kids, civilization is doomed. We do not trust institutions like banks. We do not trust our own spouses sometimes of infidelity. Quite simply, we do not trust anyone for anything. And that will unravel us quicker than any nuclear bomb or bio-epidemic ever will.

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