Wednesday, April 9, 2014


UPDATE 4/10- Militia groups have started to arrive in solidarity with the under siege Bundy family, a story that still is not getting wide spread coverage. The governor has spoken up as being against this land grab by the Feds and even the local sheriff is weighing getting involved. New research also destroys the Federal governments claim that this all about the Desert Tortoise. Their care facility was recently shut down for the endangered species and dozens of animals were killed, rather than find other homes for. Way to protect an endangered species, guys. Also, the land that they so desperately say is for protection is being sold to oil companies for fracking rights which no sane person can say is better than cattle grazing. This is again all about money and the Feds and the stormtroopers are the muscle for corporations to get their way regardless of the people they crush. Welcome to the new America. You voted for it.

As this is being a written, a standoff between environmentalists and a Nevada rancher is happening causing an armed response by the Federal Government. Now while I would normally side with the environmentalists, in this case I am not so sure. Regardless of that fact though, the armed guards are acting like the stormtrooper thugs we have come to expect from our government, no matter who is in  charge.

Cliven Bundy owns a ranch that dates back to the 1870's. He raises cattle. On that same area of ground is the protected species, the desert tortoise. In 1993, the federal government said he could no longer use some of him land for grazing to protect and his herd needed to be thinned. If the government had only taken say 20 acres, I would be fine with that. But they took 186,000 acres or 1200 square miles. That is a lot of land to take for anything. Bundy has tried every legal means possible and eventually, in a brave move, started not paying his taxes on it, as American's used to before they became spineless and weak. As a result, the feds came down like a hammer and started removing trespassing cows. Here where it gets frightening.

Cliven and his family were filming all of this across the street when the Nazis decided they didn't like that and proceeded to beat his son, Dave half to death, arresting him for obstruction and then released him the next day. Now Bundy says his ranch is under constant surveillance from snipers and armed troops.

The maddening part about any of this is the fact that oddly, many of these stories simply won't come up for me. A lot of these appear blocked. Whether that is due to some problem on my end or an effort by the government to stop the distribution of this story remains to be seen. If none of this appears in any newspaper or media outlet tonight, you'll have your answer. The lesson for all of this is that, if you exert your rights today, the government will crush you, which is why no protests of any sort have happened since the destruction of OWS.

While this is going on, some deranged teen stabbed at least 20 people in a school in PA. While all are expected to live, at least three are in critical condition and proves the fact that guns are not needed to cause mayhem. And while some will point out that no one died, a knife attack in China a few months back killed dozens. Guns don't always kill either, but they are much more lethal. The fact remains that we have more spree killings than anywhere else in the world. Why? It couldn't be the fact that we work everyone, students, employees, old people, to death could it? Naaaaa!

Eric Holder's response to all of this is to "brainwash" people into giving up their guns while saying maybe we should have a bracelet that only allows the user to fire it, not caring that such a device would price the gun out of existence or that it could allow then government to put a "kill switch" in said devices if they wanted. Imagine armed guards coming to take you away while your gun doesn't work.

There is even some evidence that the government is working on mind control devices. Technology exists today that beams microwaves in the form of music directly into your brain. That same tech could be used to project something far less fun. It could also lead to ways to change people's thoughts even. Fun.

The government is out of control and few are worried about it. You will be if those alleged death camps ever get opened.

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