Thursday, April 3, 2014


It's been another fine week of douchebaggery with the Supreme Court getting the top honors and the certain douchebag of the week spot, now that democracy is officially dead. Worse yet, the American people have become so non-self aware that they actually don't see it as big a problem as it really is according to a new poll. With all of this we have had another shooting at Fort Hood, by Ivan Lopez which is yet another case of mental illness gone wrong, and the Albuquerque PD has shot another unarmed person which it turns out the police force is unbelievably being trained to do.

Let's start with the Supreme Court who yesterday struck down how much money anyone can give to what is now an unlimited number of candidates. The individual amount of $2600 is still in effect (for now but expect that to go under the knife next) but this can easily be circumvented due to the rules already in place thanks to Citizens United, which was heralded by Clarence Thomas's wife, yet he still ruled on it like the dick he is. What this means is that our politicians are now officially bought and paid for, and you now officially live in a oligarchy, plutocracy or fascist state, your call as all are technically right. RIP America. It was nice knowing you.

Meanwhile, a new scientific poll demonstrates how out of touch the average American really is. When asked which was worse, this ruling or when politicians bend to special interests once in office, 63% said the latter. The funny thing about this is that if you eliminate the former, the latter becomes less likely but as the average American has the logical skills of a hamster that result is not surprising. 75% of those asked said politicians are corrupt and use their influence for family and friends so there some hope there for seeing the writing on the wall at least.

70% said using their power to bully someone is really bad which would explain Chris Christie's plummeting numbers in the state of New Jersey, yet still not as affected on national polls further demonstrating the stupidity that is rampant nationwide. 53% have an unfavorable view of Obamacare, which is not surprising considering the massive price hikes we were told wouldn't happen, the disastrous web site which is still not working in states like MA and Delaware, and the idiotic "if you like your doctor you can keep him" statement, all of which are sinking the President's ratings.

67% want a raise of the minimum wage, 35% think mechanical problems sank Flight 370 (which at this point is the least likely explanation), 61% want the Keystone Pipeline built, and an astounding 78% have a favorable view of the police. Those that live in Albuquerque, NM may have another view as the local thugs posing as police shot ANOTHER unarmed person yesterday. Turns out the guy training the new cadets there, a fascist thug named Jack Jones, has shortened the training time for new officers from 22 weeks to 16, has fired trainers that disagreed with his "shoot first, ask questions later," mentality, and is making the new cadets far more paranoid than they need to be. This is the same group of assholes who shot at a minivan full of kids some time back, have killed almost 40 people in questionable shootings over the last 3 years, and had a full scale riot on their hands due to their heavy handed behavior. If a street gang was doing this, the public would demand their arrest and prosecution. Instead the DOJ is dragging their feet like always and, just like GM and Toyota, innocent people are dying in the meanwhile. If you live in the Albuquerque area either avoid the city at all costs, or of you do, bring every weapon you have and if you even suspect a police officer is going for his gun, shoot first and ask questions later, just like they do. Better to wind up alive and behind bars then dead and buried.

The poll also shows that Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead of 64% over her only other two rivals, Joe Biden at 11% and unbelievably, Liz Warren at 6%. If democrats are this dumb, there really is no hope for humanity. Liz Warren is the best hope we have and no one seems interested. Sad, sad, sad. The GOP race is much tighter, with no one having much of a chance versus Hillary when she decides to run, which she will. Mike Huckabee leads the pack at 15%, followed closely by Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and somehow, Paul Ryan. Yeah get him up there and watch the GOP lose badly again dumbasses. 2012 wasn't that long ago. Sheesh!

During all of this, the middle class is disappearing. Take a look at the graphic below of the Chicago area and witness first hand how much poverty has spread since 1970.


That's telling isn't it. As wages have flatlined now for over forty years, the wealth has gone to the highest earners and now that they have complete control over our politicians, the problem is only going to get worse.

We had another shooting at Foot Hood yesterday, not some Muslim scumbag with a religious deathwish this time, but instead, a person with a serious, undiagnosed mental illness. So far we know the shooter, Ivan Lopez, had been prescribed Ambien, which can lead to aggressive behavior, but I'd be willing to bet he was on some sort of anti-depressant which is something almost every single shooter over the last twenty years have been on. How come pot is so awful that anytime anyone with the drug in their system is the reason for that person's issues but SSRI's never are, even though the link is becoming very apparent? Supposedly he was being investigated for having PTSD which makes no sense as he never was injured or even saw combat for the whopping four months he spent in Iraq. I know people who have done multiple tours through heavy combat and not one has PTSD. Doctors are using this excuse way too often for it too be real as often as presribed. Now I am not saying that PTSD is fake because it isn't and some who have seen terrible things do suffer from it. I am saying that psychiatrists use it ALL the time now, like Amanda Bynes for example, who was said to be suffering from PTSD due to the stress of her show. Not possible, douchebags but nice try covering up a woman's serious mental illness with this throwaway diagnosis. PTSD is becoming the new "exhaustion" explanation for the rich and powerful and undermines those who actually suffer from this serious problem.

Lopez is yet another in a long line of sick people who if we actually had psychiatrists who knew what they were doing, along with a place to put these people since the ACLU shut them all down, wouldn't have killed anyone and would have gotten the help he needed before shooting a bunch of innocent people.

The world is sinking fast people. Better get a life raft before they are all gone.

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