Sunday, April 27, 2014


It was a tough one this week, between Putin seemingly trying to start WW3 and the Obama administration and newly minted corporate shill for the FCC, Tom Wheeler, singlehandedly destroying this country, the Internet and, most likely, the world economy. I had to go with Obama who lied AGAIN about protecting net neutrality (seriously have we had a President who was a bigger liar than this asshole) and Tom Wheeler who just gave corporations complete control over everything. Let's see those runner ups in an increasingly bleak world.

1)The Police- This week we got stories about ANOTHER shooting in Albuquerque, this time of a 19 year old girl, a Texas police officer caught on film tripping and pushing students who rushed a football field after a big win, another Texas cop who shot himself in the leg after trying to kill a pit bull who was later filmed by local news playing happily with several small children and not an ounce of aggression seen, and the NYPD unwisely going on social media to ask questions from the public, who responded with picture after picture of police brutality, including several of questionable stops and even the frisking of pets. And that is just a sampling of what happened this week. If anyone wants to know why guns are becoming more and more prevalent, the rise of the warrior cop is certainly one of them.

2)Georgia- On the flip side of the gun argument is this act of utter stupidity where the state now allows guns in places like churches, schools, airports and bars. I am all for ending gun free zones but allowing drunken idiots to carry weapons into places where alcohol is served is a recipe for disaster. We can start the clock as too how long it is before someone gets shot in a drunken brawl. I say Tuesday.

3)George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld- Here's something that never gets reported by our increasingly lousy media outlets: these four are all wanted criminals. You read that right as all four have been indicted for war crimes abroad and if they leave the country, will be arrested and brought to trial at Nuremberg for charges. This of course has gone nowhere, as the US is not going to extradite any of the four and as long as they stay out of Europe, they will never see a trial. However, the ICC is going after them in civil court now and the case is in front of a judge in Northern CA as we speak. If he rules against the President and his cronies, they will be extradited to Nuremberg anyway where they will also face both civil and criminal charges. Funny how none of that made the news and yet we still think we live in an open society. You don't.

4)Pot studies- There has been a plethora of studies saying that pot is bad for you and it should be treated like the devil it is. Unfortunately, for those is us who can actually read and understand these reports, I can saw they all have one thing in common: they are junk. The brain scan study touted by anti-pot crusaders has been ruthlessly eviscerated from experts in the field and the French study about pot causing heart attacks was every bit as worthless as every single second hand smoke study I have ever seen. It came down to, did you smoke pot, did you have a heart attack, and that's it. No other causes such as lifestyle, weight or other factors seem to have been weighed in. The fact most of these studies are being written by anti-pot people is rather telling as well. Can we please stop and admit that while smoking weed is most likely not great for your health, it's far less dangerous than cigarettes or alcohol, both of which are legal? Can we please create a new industry for a country in desperate need of new revenue and good paying jobs. Legal weed is a way out of this deep hole we have dug ourselves.

5)Michael Pineda- I live in MA so I have to hate the Yankees as it is the law here. However, even Yankees fans have to admit that Pineda crossed a line by blatantly cheating in a game this week. After almost getting caught a few weeks ago cheating against the Red Sox with pine tar on his hand, this week he didn't even try to hide it by having a huge smear of pine tar on his neck. Did he think because he was black, it wouldn't show up? What a moron. This loser got tossed from the game and a ten game suspension. Good.

6)Cliven Bundy- I have defended Cliven Bundy on this site as I still feel the Federal Government is overreaching and demanding taxes in places they have no business demanding them and then using brute force when they don't get their way. However, regardless of how the right wingers are trying to spin it, Cliven Bundy's racist statement against black people was NOT taken out of context. I would agree, I don't think Bundy is a racist per say, just an incredible stupid man who has watched Fox News and right wing radio way too much. The entire clip shows that Bundy is not the racist the left is making him out to be as he does defend Mexicans as hard working good people. However, no matter how you spin this, black people were NOT better off under slavery than now under welfare. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. This is a common theme in right wing philosophy who think any government is bad, until of course they need government like the police, fire department, paved street or schools. The problem is not government but corporate control of said government. Cliven Bundy is still in the right in some ways for defending his land and not paying taxes, but his views on black people are woefully antiquated.

7)Mike Grimm- Speaking of out of touch views, the Republican representative from NY who recently threatened a reporter with throwing off a balcony for asking questions about a FBI probe has been indicated by a grand jury of unspecified charges that will made public this week. Illegal contributions to his campaign and breaking campaign finance laws are the most likely charges and will make his re-election in 2014 unlikely, giving democrats a solid chance at his seat. This Tea Party loser needs to go, hopefully to jail.

8)The right/media versus Hillary- In what can only be described as a Cliven Bundy-like statement, the media and some right wingers have speculated that Hillary may not run as she is set to be a grandmother, or in some cases, that this was all planned out so Hillary would have a baby prop to use in 2015 and on as she seeks the presidency. Nevermind the fact that this question never came up against Mitt Romney who has dozens of grandchildren, or that Sarah Palin used baby props in her ill-fated attempt at the Vice Presidency, Hillary is being asked questions that no potential presidential candidate has ever been asked. Sexist much?

9)Russia- Putin sure seems to want WW3 as he is either conducting the largest military exercise in history or he is setting his troops up for a massive invasion. Kiev has responded by putting their military on high alert and daring him to invade. Either way the Ukrainians lose as they either get controlled by fascist Russia or fascist US. If the Russian win, they get to look forward to a devalued country where Russia runs the show, or austerity measures imposed by the West so that businesses can rape them blue. Good times either way.

10)Barack Obama, Tom Wheeler and the FCC- How can you tell Obama is lying? His lips are moving. This ass promised to protect net neutrality since 2007, even going so far as to say the appointment of Tom Wheeler, who worked for cable and wireless businesses before this job, would be a champion for the cause. But of course, that was all bull and as Wheeler has only been in office since January, he has managed to find a way to fuck us all in the ass and not even bother to lube up first. His ruling on the end of net neutrality spells the end of the internet, small businesses and the economy. Way to go, Obama. What next do you have planned, perhaps stocking those death camps you say don't exist, but do, with people like me? Everyone should be calling their congressman and the FCC and demanding net neutrality stay. The end result otherwise is a huge increase in cable and internet bills, sites like this disappearing from the web, total media control and, eventually, an end to capitalism and the economy, as small businesses will have no competition against the bigger ones which will crush them. If this law was in effect a decade ago, there would be no Facebook as MySpace would have destroyed them. There would be no Reddit, no Alex Jones, no Warmonger Report. Is this really what the American people want? I doubt it. So congratulations Obama, the FCC and Wheeler you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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