Sunday, April 6, 2014


This wasn't even a close one as the worst Supreme Court in the history of this nation made yet another bone headed decision based on a reality that just doesn't exist. Anyone doubting the lack of intelligence in the conservative base look no further than five judges that just officially killed any resemblance of democracy left. You now live in an oligarchy. Enjoy. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Ivan Lopez- I am sick to death of nutbags filling innocent people full of holes. The latest tragedy took place at Foot Hood, which has now seen two such shootings in just the last few years. The last one was a religious psycho while this time was more of your average run of the mill lunatic that roam our streets with impunity since we got rid of all the housing that once would have kept them off the streets. Now this guy was a special type of nuts as he wasn't suffering from PTSD, less mankind is becoming so pussified that a car backfiring starts triggering random acts of violence. He never saw combat or was ever injured but appeared to be suffering from some undiagnosed mental illness, which may have not been helped as it appears he may have been on some sort of SSRI's which are the one common dominator in almost all shootings for the past few decades. Are these pills causing some to react badly to the medication, ala The Reavers in Firefly? Is mental illness increasing in this pitch black world? The fact that these types of scenarios are not playing out on a world wide scale suggests, that for whatever reason, people in the US are going insane at a higher level than anywhere else. Why?

2)Robert H Richards IV-If anyone wants real proof that our justice system is rigged toward the rich and the media is a bought and paid for entity, this story is it. In a shocking bit of Alfluenza, this heir to the DuPont fortune was given probation for raping his three year old daughter. He was also accused of sexually assaulting his 19th month old son. The judge said the unemployed trust fund idiot "wouldn't fare well in prison," and was worried about his treatment by other prisoners. BOO HOO! So prison is fine for a poor person but a rich person gets to back to his mansion? The corporate news made no mention of this anywhere as well. Shocking. And the Supreme Court just guaranteed this will happen more and more. Way to vote Republican dumbasses. You've killed us all.

3)Personal Audio Inc.-More and more companies are buying questionable "patents," and then suing anyone who violates this legal form of piracy. Personal Audio is saying they invented the podcast method and have said anyone who uses podcast owes them money. Nevermind the fact they didn't invent the thing or had any input in marketing them, they just bought a patent of an idea, and are now suing Adam Corolla for millions of dollars. If it works, expect them to start suing everyone. This occurs in print as well as some vultures buy patents on material and sue anyone who uses them, in full violation of copyrights law as written right now. This company sucks as does anyone who works for them.

4)Albuquerque PD- This deadly police force killed another person this week who also was unarmed, in what can only be described as serial murders at this point. The DOJ has continued to drag their feet as more and more people are being killed. The trainer at the police academy there, Jack Jones, is actually teaching new recruits to be much more paranoid than they need to be and is one of the big reasons for this rash of questionable shootings. He needs to be removed at once and most of the police force should be up on charges by now. Do not expect the DOJ to do anything soon so anyone who lives there realize that the gangs are probably less dangerous than the local police force, Act accordingly.

5)FBI- Another group of worthless individuals who seem incapable of doing just about anything correctly. This week, these brainpowers started an investigation into High Frequency Trading (HFT) after a 60 Minutes piece and a new book stated that the stock market is rigged. Unfortunately for the FBI, this is old news for most of us. This site reported on this exact fact some two years ago and pretty much nailed everything that was going on. If  a guy with no resources other than an Internet connection and a few people I know who work on Wall Street can figure it out, then the FBI should have been on top of this before even me. But when the corporate media and Feds finally come around, it's really old news. It would seem the only reason they are getting involved now is because of the press and people waking up to the fact of what most of us already knew. The game is rigged against us and the rich are stealing from us at levels unheard of in human history. As long as we keep voting in democrats or Republicans who allow this, nothing will change. Start voting smarter.

6)Ebola- Ebola Zaire, one of the deadliest diseases known to mankind is spreading across parts of Africa and has killed almost a hundred people so far. Three cases of what might be Ebola have been found in Canada and the US, although experts are saying it is Lassa or some other hemorrhagic fever, but even if it was Ebola, there is no way they would ever tell us until they have to. I've seen first hand the disease preparation plan for CT and even the guy in charge of it told me the plan is seriously flawed and would probably never work. It won't as it didn't in New Orleans where they had all the problems an outbreak would have to a lesser extent and it failed miserably during Katrina. If Ebola does start to spread across North America, be prepared to spend a lot of time indoors and away from others.

7)Hobby Lobby- The hypocritical assholes are the worst. They are currently waiting a decision from the Supreme Court about religious rights being granted to corporations because they don't want to have to pay for certain types of birth control they object too. Should the ruling go their way, corporations will have carde blanche to deny whatever they want for "religious purposes." Mother Jones has uncovered the fact that while Hobby Lobby doesn't want to pay for birth control they object to, they have no problem investing in companies that make said products. That's right, Hobby Lobby owns a lot of stock in companies who make the exact same birth control products they object to so they have no problem making money off it, just distributing it. What a bunch of losers.

8)Colin Chisolm III and Lady Andrea- For all of those who complain about poor people gaming the system, these two are the real culprits when it comes to fraud. These multimillionaires somehow managed to get food stamps, welfare and Medicaid while living the high life in a mansion with a yacht. They are being accused of stealing around $167,000 while touring the world. When their fraud was found out they tried to escape to Europe in their yacht but were foiled by authorities after being found in the Bahamas. Hope they like prison. Oh wait they're rich. Enjoy the probation they will most likely get. Weeeeeeee!

9)Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich- After only a few weeks as CEO of Mozilla, Eich was forced to step down because of his support for anti-gay agendas. Many, including Bill Maher of all people, have accused the "Gay mafia," of taking him out and free speech proponents are mad as hell that someone could be fired for this. Here's the thing. In this country you have every right to say or believe what you want. I have every right to think you an idiot for said beliefs and voice that as well. That is what happened here. People seem to forget that in many states, you can be fired for being gay. Now that pendulum has swung the other way, if you have anti-gay beliefs, you're going to get stomped. Just ask Duck Dynasty whose rating plummeted after their anti-gay garbage. Gay people are people. Period. If your anti-gay, keep it to yourself. Ask yourself this: If Eich had been a member of NAMBLA, wouldn't the outcome be the same? Or if he was grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan? What's the difference between these reprehensible forms of thought and anti-gay beliefs? Isn't being anti-gay at this point, no different than being a racist or supporting child molestation? It's time to stop hiding behind the Bible and accept tolerance as Jesus would have wanted you to.

10)Supreme Court- America is dead. Long live the new monarchy. Or so sayeth five conservatives on the high court who just killed democracy and gave all the power to oligarchs like George Soros, the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson. Awesome. They fuckwads struck down the amount of candidates any one person can give to any political party, making the new limit is around $3.5 million per donor. There are ways around this as well as Super Pacs allow unlimited funds so now every race is going to have millions thrown out it by the greedy rich who will now be imposing their views with no way to stop them. According to the Supreme Court, corruption only exist if someone with a twirling mustache gives a big bag of money with a dollar sign on it to a politician as it is all caught in tape ABSCAM style. Nevermind the fact that giving any candidate lots of money means lots of influence that person has over said candidate, that's not corrupting at all (roll eyes and sigh here). Way to go Supreme Court, you've stabbed the US in the back and it was fatal. Things are going to get so much worse now. Congratulations Supreme Court you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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