Thursday, February 28, 2013


To say that the news coming out of Washington is bleak would be an understatement at this point. Tomorrow we will pass the point of no return and, unless the GOP gets their head out of their ass, compromise may not be in the cards this time. The only good news from all of this is the "just say no," policy to anything that Obama is for is starting to have dangerous repercussions for the Republicans and some of the smarter individuals are starting to realize just that.

Polls show that if this country nose dives, most will blame Boehner, Cantor and other party heads. And is for that very reason that those individuals have been holding closed door meetings with their counterparts and warning them if they don't get their act together, there is going to be a civil war in their ranks over how things are done from then on.

The major sticking point and, one for which Eric Cantor's office is receiving hundreds of angry calls every day, is the possibility of the House holding up the Violence Against Women's Act. The Senate passed it easily last week as they are not nearly as stupid as some House members who intelligence borders somewhere between Sarah Palin and Terri Shivo. It must have reached some as only nine voted against bringing the bill for a vote. Of the nine that voted against are the usual brand of idiots like Paul Braun and Steve King, both Tea Party retards.

This just in: the bill has passed but with only 89 Republicans voting for it. The Tea Party candidates objected to new laws for the gay community, Native Americans, and illegal aliens that would now be covered under this law. These guys should just wear some white sheets and a hood and be honest about who they are. It will be signed into law by Obama.

But beyond this is the upcoming sequestration nonsense that was caused solely by the GOP demanding cuts without any idea of what the long term costs would be or how they would be implemented. Right now, even without the cuts coming, our economy hangs on a razor's edge. Not that you would know it from the wild irrationality of the stock market and what appears to be a major correction coming down the pipeline.

Massive debt bubbles are forming which could all collapse at the same time. We are looking at a stock bubble, a merger bubble, a tuition bubble, a currency bubble and a derivative bubble that could all burst at the same time, destroying the world economy and leading us into the Greatest Depression Ever. Meanwhile the Dow is inching higher to an all time record, while the economy appears to be grinding to a halt. When these two forces eventually collide, it is going to be a financial Armageddon that may lead to fifty percent unemployment, sky high prices on everything and a stock market loss of over sixty percent. Layoffs will be massive and the government will be caught flatfooted, blaming each other for the mess they both caused and life will be nothing like we used to know it.

I know this sounds terrible but evidence points to a major disaster. While the stock market is rising, insiders are selling off stock at a fifty to one ratio of sell/buy. They are telling their clients buy, buy, buy while behind the scenes they are selling everything off. The last time this happened was 2008 and we all know how that turned out.

And because out government has doing nothing to fix the problems caused in 2008, we are doomed to repeat history once again. The country needs a raise and in an upcoming column I will explain why all the doom and gloom told by the GOP about massive layoffs should the minimum wage be increased is nothing but hot air. Because we are not seeing raises even though companies are sitting on trillions in profits, the economy is dying. A new report by CNBC says that as the price for a new car averages around $30K, most families don't have money to buy one, unless you live in the DC area where the median average is double everywhere else. The reason for this is that government employees have been getting living increase raises for forty years while the rest of us have stagnated. If wages had kept up with the times, the private sector would still be making more than their federal counterparts. Instead they live a good middle class life while the rest of us are paid like slaves. And as we have no money for anything, the economy is failing.

When austerity measures start, the whole house of cards is going to come tumbling down. If people start down that path, rent and mortgages are not going to get paid, credit cards companies will collapse as no one will have any money to pay down the exorbitant debt we live in, banks will fail and the economy goes poof. We are looking down the barrel of a gun while the government is fiddling with the trigger.

There is a distinct possibility of a revolution coming. Don't let it. Stop being part of the problem and contact your Congressman about real solutions. As Cantor has shown, if enough people call, they will change their ways. The alternative is a smoking crater where the country used to be. Your call.

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