Monday, February 11, 2013


Last night the Grammy's aired which had some great moments (the Bob Marley Tribute, Clarkson and Underwood with solid performances, and The Black Keys with Dr. John), dull moments (some of the telecast was dreadful) and the just awful (LL Cool J was a terrible host, some of the bands performing were just as bad). The worst moment was the ending which, instead of some star studded spectacular with great people gathered, was LL Cool J desperately trying to recapture his youth by signing very poorly to songs nobody has ever heard of. Really, you couldn't do Mama's Gonna Knock You Out? By the way, much like Timberlake, your new stuff sucks. Also, at your age, it's real hard to pull off the cool rapper image without looking like someone's dad boogieing down to music from the eighties. And he licked his lips a record 28 times during the telecast which makes me think he is part lizard. Some critics really liked it, meaning that A.O. Scott must be busy in other venues as well because that performances SUCKED. It was embarrassing. Half the people out there at the end belong to the AARP, and I have feeling, nobody knew who most of them were.

Then came this news today that Pope Joey Ratz, aka Benedict 17th, was stepping down due to "health reasons." I put that in quotes because I find it ironic that the documentary, Mea Maxima Culpa, just aired, which proved that the current Pope knew much more about the pedo scandals than he had previously admitted as he was the guy in charge of all allegations. All charges world wide landed on his desk only. Interviews given since then have shown a man denying any allegations that he had foreknowledge of these scandals, which is odd as he WAS THE FUCKING GUY IN CHARGE! So much for papal infallibility and for that reason alone, he may have been instructed to leave. At least they didn't kill him like some popes.

According to the prophecies of St. Malachi, the next pope will take the name Peter 2, a name not used since the first pope. It will also start the end of the world as this is the final pope on the list, at least according to Malachi. There is some debate as to whether the last entry is even from St. Malachi and, while his prophecies over the centuries have all come true, there is the distinct possibility that all of them were self fulfilling as every pope elected would know about the list before hand and could make sure the prophecy fit them before taking office. We all know that for the most part, prophecies never come true. We all witnessed the Mayan one eat it just a few months back.

Talk of who the successor is already in the air including a Hispanic or Black pope which is not out of the questions as those are the only areas where Christianity is growing. In Ireland, which once had a 96% Catholicism rate and huge Church attendance has dropped dramatically and Church attendance is down to 4% capacity in many places. That is a free fall, almost all of it fallout from the pedo scandals that ripped through Europe recently. Much like the US, Europe watched their faith fall apart and now most are left with nothing. Way to go Vatican. If the next Pope can't make any headway in updating the clergy, they will not be around much longer and St. Malachi may be right about this being the final pope.

The LAPD shot up another truck wounding the white driver who in no way, shape or form, looked like alleged cop killed Chris Dorner nor was the truck he was driving the right make or color. The other incident yesterday, which contained two Hispanic women not Asian as had been reported, shows that the cops sprayed ammo everywhere, including nearby houses and trees. This reminds me of the NYC case where cops fired wildly into a crowd of people injuring eight. Crack shots these guys aren't which makes me nervous as many are ex-military.

Recently I read Dorner's manifesto which paints a very different picture from what the LAPD is telling us. His work is intelligent, thoughtful and not deranged. I've read many manifestos from many psychos and trust me, a lot of them go off the rails in the first sentence. This was not the case. He describes a culture of racism within the ranks where blacks hate the Hispanics and whites, Hispanics hate the blacks, whites hate everyone, the lesbians hate men and the Asians try not to get involved. Sounds like everywhere. He also spells out corruption charges and seems to be telling the truth. Because of this fact, the LAPD has decided to reopen the case but I expect them not to find out anything they will be telling the public anytime soon. An independent investigation is needed and stat. I, and apparently many others, don't trust the LAPD or police in general. Dorner is coming across as a hero while the LAPD is looking worse by the minute.

It has also turned out that the officer he accused of assault has a history of brutality charges including one by an elderly woman. She sounds like a peach. There is currently a 1 million dollar award for his capture but, from all looks, they intend to kill this guy on sight. He so far has led them on a false trail to San Diego and Big Bear and I am shocked he hasn't struck again. That will probably change at any minute as this guy appears to have every right to be pissed at the people who destroyed his life. He recently called the police captain to taunt him about the death of his daughter. That is some cold shit. This guy is going to strike again, which for once, civilians don't have to worry. If you are a cop though, you better sleep in your bullet proof vest.

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