Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I'll be the first to admit that the US is terrible at getting news out. The government holds back loads of crucial info, the news media uses rumor as fact trying to beat their competitors to the big scoop, and countless blogs spread disinformation totally muddying the waters. But none of that compares to the Malaysian government which is proving to be utterly incompetent when it comes to getting ANY information about the missing plane thus far.

As reported here, Malaysian officials told reporters in no uncertain terms that one of the people using a stolen passport looked like Italian football player Mario Balotelli who happens to be black. When pictures came out the next day, we find the two suspects are both Iranian. How can you possibly mistake a black man for an Iranian? You can't unless you are blind.


Meanwhile, the Malaysian military is still in charge of the investigation, meaning outside sources such as the US or China have been unable to offer more than just search support. Their official statements are worse than anything we have here and that includes Fox News and CNN. One source says the plane was way off course, while another denies that's true at all. That is not how to search for something this important when every second counts. The Malaysian government has proven itself utterly incompetent of heading this search and other countries should be leaning hard on them to give up the reigns because, at this rate, we'll find Amelia Earhart before Flight 370.

Everywhere but in this country, much has been made about loved ones calling their relatives cell phones who were on the plane and getting a ring instead of straight to voice mail. I am still unsure as to the veracity of this claim. Some say the phone will go straight to voice mail if turned off (like mine does). Others say the phone will ring if it searches for the closest cell tower, which if the plane did go down in the water, would cause this effect. If anyone out there knows, post it in a comment below. Either way, the US media is treating it as just another "conspiracy theory" that doesn't deserve our time because they are too busy showing us video of Justin Bieber's deposition and apparent audition of douchebag of the year.

The fact that NO debris has been found is extremely troubling at this point. Assuming it went down right after it's course correction (which is still unexplained as well), there is no way someone wouldn't have seen something by now. The French flight, 447, that went down in the Atlantic in 2009 took five days to find the debris field and two years to find the actual wreck. We're on day six in an area not nearly as big as the Atlantic and still nothing. That seems to fly in the face of reality. The area is one of the biggest shipping lanes in the world and the waters off the coast are no more than 200 feet deep.

The most troubling aspect over all of this is when you add up all the components, terrorism is still the most likely scenario, no matter when you hear. Two Iranians with stolen passports and one way tickets get on board, their tickets bought by a third Iranian. That man, only known so far as Mr. Ali, wanted the cheapest seats and didn't care which flight, which would suggest the plane may have been the ultimate target and not anything else. We keep hearing how none of the people have any ties to terrorism but one has to question that logic knowing everything we know now.

We know the transponder was turned off. We know the flight took a sudden, unexplained turn. We know there was no further radio contact. Rumors abound that the flight also dove below radar range at some point after all of the above, suggesting someone took this flight. The fact that no debris field has been found strongly suggest nefarious purposes.

If the flight was taken, who did it? It could be the Iranians as radicalized youth are all the rage right now and the two on board were 18 and 19. It could be the North Koreans, just cause they are nutty enough to do something like this. It could even be Chinese separatists who recently killed 28 in a knife attack in Yuunan. The minority Uyghur population has decided to go the terrorist route, threatening China and Buddhists which is incredibly stupid unless you have real desire to die. Videos have surfaced recently over this promising more attacks, with one group so far taking credit for the disappearance of Flight 370, but is most likely not true. The reason why is that whoever took this plane had to have had state sponsored support for an undertaking of this magnitude.

If the plane was stolen, it had to have cell phone jammers smuggled on board to prevent anyone from texting what was going on. It had to have had a place to move the plane to and camouflage to prevent it from being seen. The hostages had to be eliminated, or if useful kept which would be worse than death. Some of the women could be sold as slaves and the 20 tech experts on board used as slave labor. Anyway you look at it, this would be a very expensive, very difficult crime to pull off, assuming Flight 370 didn't veer off course for some other rational explanation that hasn't been thought of yet.

It is extremely suspicious that in today's day and age of GPS, we do not have the ability to find that plane's last known co-ordinates. I can track a tagged turtle throughout the Galapagos Island region with it's GPS signal on my home computer but a huge 777 can just freaking disappear? That's odd.

If the plane was stolen, depending on who took it, we could be in serious trouble. If someone took it bent on world destruction all they would have to do is line that baby up with the crippled Fukushima plant and rain radiation down on half the planet. In such a scenario, the entire West Coast of the United States would be uninhabitable within a week not to mention the complete destruction of all of Japan and neighboring states. Millions would die. If such a things happened, expect a nuclear war soon after because someone is getting bombed and North Korea and Iran may be first on that list even if they had nothing to do with it. Pray the plane went down in the ocean and this aircraft isn't seen again crashing into something really bad and guaranteeing a race war between Muslims and everyone else.

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