Thursday, March 27, 2014


For the umpteenth time this year, yet another major corporation has been found liable of criminal activity and instead of any executives facing jail time, we see a paltry fine and a tepid slap on the wrist. Bank of America has agreed to pay $9.5 billion in fines to settle lawsuits filed by FHFA on behalf of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. They claimed that BoA committed fraud to the tune of $57.5 billion dollars in residential mortgage backed securities. This flies in the face of the DOJ who say the ENTIRE fraud for ALL banks was only $95 million. This proves Eric Holder and the DOJ have purposefully and illegally misrepresented the total amount as there is no way BoA would be paying such a huge fine if it wasn't true. BoA has now paid over $50 billion in fines and lawyer related payments.

Isn't it terribly convenient that the DOJ has set a number for fraud WAY below what it really is while simultaneously avoiding any jail sentences for anyone committing crimes of theft to murder? Try any of this as an individual and you will see serious jail time, perhaps even the death penalty. If you are corporation however, you are exempt from such penalties even though the Supreme Court has ruled them the same right as people. If they are indeed people, then they should be prosecuted like people and not corporations but no AG has even attempted that yet mostly likely due to the fact that we officially no longer live in a free society.

The worst part is I cannot even just blame the Republicans, who do have their fat little fingers in the pie, but Obama for allowing the DOJ to behave like the Gestapo and ignore laws they should be prosecuting. The DOJ has allowed Toyota to escape criminal charges this past week for literally knowing that their product was killing people and no issuing a recall. Duke Energy was writing the laws for environmental protections that led to a huge disaster. Freedom Enterprises poisoned the local water supply and instead of being met with an angry mob, has continued to exist beyond all rhyme or reason. Have we become so stupid a people that we can no longer see the danger staring us in the fact anymore? The fact that some of you are still voting for Republicans say we have passed that milestone and are now swimming out into open waters.

Now it's not just Republicans killing us, but some democrats as well. Obama is one step away from being the last black president for a while, because I have a feeling people are going to start burning him in effigy when the economy starts to slide hard, which all signs point to. Housing has fallen for the eighth straight month which is not due to "bad weather," as we keep being told by our worthless media. Anyone who watches the news, see if anyone notices the vast discrepancy between what BoA paid and what the DOJ alleges. I am willing to bet, not one newspaper or TV station notices it, just here which is why my readers are smarter than 99% of the population. Likewise, no one is talking about the housing market starting to slide as investors have started to drop out of the market due to rising prices, which has seen a 7% increase lately. As no one has any money and talk of a raise is seen as communism to the right, the economy is going to crash and crash hard soon. Chances are near 100% of a major market correction this year, which if it occurs in September could result in a huge increase in Republican seats, perhaps even enough to overcome an Obama veto and then we are all screwed because everything the GOP will try will only make things worse.

The long and the short of this is the United States appears to be toast because no one wanted to stand up authority, like I do here, and say ENOUGH! OWS failed. The Tea Party is filled with lunatics. The reasonable of us have been quieted by a Soma taking populace more interested in Billy Dee Williams dancing badly on DWTS and Kim/Kanye's upcoming wedding to notice our house is on fire and the firefighters are not coming. If any of you out there like having a society in which electricity is available along for food and water better get off their lazy asses and start protesting in front of Congress and the White House like other countries have done. This time DON'T LEAVE until we get what we want: the resignation of the President, Congress and the Supreme Court with early elections to be held soon to get new blood in there. No more parties, just ideas. If we don't get rid of the fascists that have now officially taken over, there is not going to be a country left.

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