Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It was another banner day for mankind as police violence continues to rise exponentially, the younger generation continues to defy logic how they haven't all accidently killed themselves by now and because of rampant distrust of everything, no one believes a word coming out of the FBI or the Malaysian government's mouths anymore.

Let's start with the police. In a rare bit of good news, Illinois has decided to join the 21st century and has struck down an idiotic wiretapping law. In it, they made filming any police officer a crime for whatever reason they felt like. This led to a stunning level of corruption within the police force who had no reason to check their behavior and used it to put innocent people in jail. But the State Supreme Court there struck it down calling it unconstitutional. Here's hoping that anti-filming law in Idaho against farms goes the same way.

But recently, cops have gone a murder binge, killing several unarmed people for no apparent reason. After one case in which a homeless man was shot in the back, the cop reportedly yelled "Boo Ya." afterward. Classy. Charges are still pending but, as always, will probably get dropped. The FBI was cleared of killing a suspect, Ibragim Todashev, 27, whose story changed more times than any fact about Flight 370, no small feat. If your story changes more than once when a homicide occurs, and you are not a cop, you are going to trial. However, if you have a badge they give you a medal and hearty congratulations. I do not believe for one second anything that was said here. If you read the transcript of what they said happened I swear they contradict themselves in the same paragraph. "It was knife, no wait it was a gun, no it was nothing, no it was a broomstick, or maybe a metal pole. Either way, I had to shoot him," was the general gist of it. Our DOJ sucks.

Generation Wuss continues to defy explanation as to why they are not protesting in the street over tuition costs, lack of good jobs, women's reproductive rights being taken away bit by bit and a general loss of self respect. Instead, everyone today seems more attuned to their smart phone rather than the destruction going on all around them. I watched a video today taken at American University in which almost none of the students could name ONE US senator, or even how many US senators each state has. Even worse, a majority of those that could answer not one of the questions were women. If you ever wanted to know why Republicans keep wining elections it's because mouthbreathers like this do not vote and then bitch when everything comes tumbling down. The fact that these idiots were even in college was even sadder. I could name both my Senators since I was six years old. Listening to Frieda Fashionista spout off about her Gucci purse is much more maddening. Young people better wake up and start realizing they are selling themselves down the river if they don't get more active in politics. If I hear one more ditzy bitch say she "doesn't like politics," I am going to vomit blood. Fine don't vote but don't be surprised when the GOP turns back the clock and makes you barefoot and pregnant and that's it. College will be a thing of the past for many, men and women, at this rate and considering how brainless they seem now, maybe that isn't such a bad thing.

Flight 370 is still missing and thanks to the fact that nothing we are told about turns out to be true, conspiracy theories about this will last forever. It's Osama Bin Laden all over again. I'll admit, I expected him to have been dead since 2002. But then, allegedly, Seal Team Six killed him in Pakistan years later. The problem with this is, no proof was ever offered, so even I have to have some skepticism that it was all a lie, mainly because the US government lies on a daily basis. As I have zero faith in them, I have to accept the fact that this may be yet another lie. Now mind you, I think what they said happened, did indeed happen that way, but because they have been so deceitful and conniving, I cannot say with any degree of certainty that there wasn't a cover up.

This is why Flight 370 is going to have the same issues. It doesn't matter if video surfaces of the plane crashing into the ocean, a suicide note form the pilot is found and wreckage is brought up from the depths, some will still question the official theory. Right now, it seems the most likely explanation is the older pilot killed everyone on board, in a real dick move, flew the plane until it ran out of fuel and then ditched it in the ocean. I would like to point out that of the three suspected suicides done by pilots, all three were Muslim. That is not a settling matter. But some will cling to whatever theory they come up with because the authorities have ruined any credibility by giving out false facts. The best way to ruin a society is to constantly lie until your public no longer listens or cares. Malaysia may learn that the hard way in the coming weeks.

All signs point to a major problem down the horizon and if the GOP wins back the Senate, which has a 60% chance right now, things are not going to get any better. If you don't start getting interested in politics now, things could take a drastic turn for the worse. Stop voting for Republicans and start voting in primaries to eliminate democratic corporatists. We need more people like Liz Warren and Bernie Saunders. We can make a difference this November but only if lazy democrats get off their ass and vote. The alternative is a coming theological fascism that few will like living under.

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