Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This week incompetence has risen to epic levels. We still can't locate Flight 370, not because of lack of trying, but because everyone involved seems to have the attention span of an infant. Obama is racking up so many mistakes at this point he should just as well switch parties and declare himself a Tea Party Republican. The Republicans have done equally bad, nominating people in various states that they now have no chance of winning while telling poor people it's all their fault for being poor. What a bunch of buffoons.

Let's start with the mystery at hand. Flight 370 is still gone and due to some rank stupidity, we haven't even been looking in the right place. Conspiracy theories abound, from Courtney Love declaring she has found the wreckage using Google Earth (please!) to photoshop gone wild as some people have way too much time on their hand.

The dumbest theory so far came from Wired magazine which, if their offices were closer, I would find the author just to bitch slap him after having read his idiotic theory. Chris Goodfellow, who could quite possibly be the stupidest man on the face of the Earth, wrote this article:

Notice that this was written yesterday, meaning Goodfellow couldn't be bothered to, I don't know, read ANYTHING about the subject before mouthing off in what can only be described as an assault on the English language and logic abound. If there was a fire, as he so "expertly" theorizes, pilots would have had plenty of time to let air traffic control know. Plus, no fire would burn for seven hours with everyone dead on board and not plunge into the sea. This "startlingly simple answer" is only so if you are mentally challenged and cannot even piece together a logic puzzle so easy, my five year nephew could follow it. Every bit of reasoning he has in this piece is so not possible, I am amazed the editor was dumb enough to publish it.

There are only two explanations that fit the data we know. Either one of the pilots committed suicide and did so by heading deep into the Indian Ocean toward Antarctica, possibly to mask the fact it was suicide, or the plane was hijacked by persons unknown. As twenty electronic experts were on board, not to mention the fact the plane is worth almost $300 million, money could be the ultimate reason. North Korea could have done it for the expertise these hostages would be able to provide. Anyone seeing any connection to semiconductor patents can throw it out as that rumor has been thoroughly debunked however.

Terrorism is still the ultimate reason for the hijacking and could be used in a coordinated attack using this as a massive dirty bomb while car bombs are exploded in major cities world wide. The end result in that scenario is the death of billions of Muslims world wide as people will lose their minds and kill anyone who even they suspect is Muslim on sight. This is a worst case outlook, but one that is not entirely impossible.

While this debacle continues due to the Malaysian governments complete inability to give out solid facts, many families are ready to rip them apart. If that ever happened here, the authorities would be forced to stand behind bullet proof glass to protect themselves from the wrath of the bereaved. That may be happening soon as people are at wits end with the level of incompetence they are demonstrating.

It's not much better at home. Obama is proving to be an albatross around the Democrats necks as his popularity continues to plummet due to the fact he cannot seem to understand that things are falling apart, he is partially to blame and no one wants to fix anything. His answer to rising health care costs, which are indeed skyrocketing right now, is for people not to have cable or a cell phone which in today's society is not really possible unless sitting around in the dark is your idea of fun. How about price limits of what hospitals can charge to start? Of setting a maximum wage for hospital CEO's to collect as they are the highest paid in the country and those costs are being passed on to us? Instead we get lousy, still not working websites, which just got CGI fired here in MA and RI, but which makes me wonder why they were not fired month ago. MA has the WORST website in the entire country, and having tried to use it last week, still can't get by the first page. This is inexcusable and how come CGI isn't being sued back to the stone age by now? They should be a smoldering hole in the ground by now.

Add to this the fact that either the DOJ is covering up for banks in the whole montage fraud debate  or they wildly overestimated the amount of fraud perpetrated. I lean heavily toward the former as for the past five years, the DOJ put mortgage fraud dead last on priorities. Either war, the amount stolen went from one billion dollars to $95 million, which is the equivalent of mistaking a quarter for a trillion dollars. How dumb does Obama think I am?

The Republicans meanwhile continue to spread death and destruction in their wake, like facing criminal charges in NC due to the cozy relationship between the Governor and Duke Energy. Paul Ryan called black people "lazy good for nothings" and then said he was misquoted, which he wasn't. The best was a woman in Illinois who just won the GOP primary for a house seat who believes God controls the weather and climate change is caused because of gay people and abortion. Guess who won't be losing their seat in Illinois come November? This is the only way the democrats keep the Senate and maybe even recapture the House is if the GOP keeps nominating losers like this.

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