Sunday, March 23, 2014


How this douche still has a fucking job is beyond me. Any other person at any other job would have been fired years ago but Holder keeps on going like some deranged Energizer bunny. His DOJ was on fire this week with several rulings that reek of cover-ups and collusion with big business that truly show who runs things in this ever growing fascist state. Let's those runner ups in another sad week of douchebaggery.

1)WTC security- This week a 16 year old teen climbed all the way to the top of the new WTC building without ever being spotted by any security, supposedly the strictest on Earth. Might want to recheck your strategy because if a teen with no help from anyone can get to the top of the world, your security sucks. One guard was fired over this. At least in this instance, some one was held accountable which never happens anywhere else it seems.

2)Malaysia- These guys are some of the most inept people in charge of anything anywhere. Their news briefings have been laughable, they contradict almost any piece of information given out and this week hit a new low after one anguished mother slipped past the security holding the families hostage to speak with reporters before being dragged away by security forces. Not a good image for the ruling party. Families are starting to revolt for being treated like prisoners and not kept in the loop about anything. I have a feeling in the next election, these guys are all going to get thrown out on their ear. Still no word about missing flight 370 either, but suicide or hijacking are the only two explanations that fit. Another idiotic theory about lithium batteries exploding has sprung up which with current data is still not possible no matter how the press spins it. Logic is dead in the world and this case proves it.

3)Fred Phelps-  The founder of the despised Westborough Baptist Church died this week meaning he is most likely in a much warmer climate. Enjoy hell you bigoted bastard. As the church still continues on with your equally deranged offspring and moronic followers, save some room for them next.

4)Susanne Atanus- Proving once again that Republicans would vote for Hitler if he was on the ballot, this week, Atanus won the primary for the 9th district in Illinois, horrifying the GOP who wants nothing to do with this person. Why you ask? Because she is a raving loon who has ZERO chance of winning come November. According to Atanus, same sex marriage, abortion and civil unions are the reason for climate change, autism and dementia. She actually said that. The democratic incumbent can pretty much take the rest of the year off, because this woman is a walking poster board of who not to vote for. By the way anyone actually voting for this horrid woman should be put to death themselves for being too stupid to live.

5)Russia- Putin thinks it's 1939 all over again as Crimea was illegally annexed by Russia this week. And for all of you out there, including the press, who say it was voted on and passed, only a portion of the country voted on it. The ENTIRE nation gets a say, which they didn't, in violation of several international laws. It's the same here as if Northern California voted to leave the country without anyone else in the country getting a vote in it. A happy slap fight has emerged between Russia and Obama as tit for tat sanctions with little bite have been placed on both sides. This could still emerge as a war if Russia starts grabbing more land, something that hasn't been done there since the 1940's. This needs to be watched closely.

6)Syria- For some unknown, insane reason, a Syrian jet flew into Turkish territory and when it refused to turn back, was shot down. Turkey has let Syria know they will punish any more cross border assaults. Swell.

7)Hezbollah- After an attack on Israeli soldiers on the Syrian border and firing rockets from the Gaza strip into Israeli, they got hammered by several missile strikes that did a hell of a lot more damage to them then they did to their enemies. Syria is ratcheting up the tensions on ALL of its borders lately and are using Hezbollah as a proxy weapon. Another place where things could get ugly fast.

8)The economy- All signs point to a major bust soon of the economy perhaps as soon as mid-April. Several economists say there is almost a 100% chance of a stock market nose dive this year as there hasn't been a major correction in over two years now, which has never happened before. But when you rig the stock market, as leaked NSA documents suggest, this is what happens. Unemployment is still around 25%, inflation around 11% and none of that is being mentioned by the government or media who continue to use falsified data. New research says that if you are out of work for longer than six months, which is going to be about 75% of anyone looking for a job, your chances of finding a good job after that drop to 11%. That's sucks. Our economy will not continue much longer like this as the housing market looks to be collapsing again as investors are dropping out of the market now that prices have begun to skyrocket in places like Seattle, New York City and San Francisco. Meanwhile, Detroit, Memphis and other depressed areas are getting hammered with foreclosures going way up in these areas for incredibly cheap homes. We did nothing to fix any of the problems, thanks in part to a Republican party who could not have cared less and an Oligarchy not willing to part with one red cent. We are so screwed.

9)Barack Obama- While he has gotten slightly better addressing the whole Russia thing, it's still baby steps for a serious problem. The best thing he did was drop Russia from the G-8 which is now the G-7, a smart move. And while he is light years ahead of the Republicans who want to start WW3, he also has to be a lot tougher than he is being. Obama, if you are reading this, grow a pair. Be like JFK already and stop channeling Jimmy Carter as that didn't turn out good for anyone.

10)Republicans- As usual, they have accomplished little while screaming about nothing. Rush Limbaugh tore apart an idea for a museum dedicated to woman's achievements saying they already have such a place, "it's called a mall." How are women not lynching this fat bastard from the nearest light pole? How is he still on the air spreading this kind of hateful garbage? For God's sake people, I know it's hard work but can we please stand up for something like getting this ass out of media once and for all. John McCain is still foaming at the mouth to attack Russia. GOP voters put yet another unqualified person on the ballot in Illinois, damming any chance of winning there. Why is anyone still voting for this party that has told you they want you dead?

11)DOJ- I have to go back to days of Jimmy Carter to come up with an Attorney General that wasn't a total scumbag. Is this job that hard to fill that we keep getting loser and loser after loser? The latest to hold court is Eric Holder, who could quite possibly be the worst Attorney General of all time. When you are following Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft and Janet Reno and beat them handily, you are a disgusting human being. First, they drastically altered the amount of mortgage fraud banks had stolen from one billion dollars to $95 million. They blamed over zealous prosecutors but more research suggests a much darker reason. We know that the DOJ put mortgage fraud dead last on things to prosecute. Leaked documents from Wells Fargo demonstrated a wide problem of training people how to falsify documents, which according to the DOJ, is business as usual as no charges have been filed nor are they likely to. Then, they released a report that cleared the FBI in the shooting death of a boxer from Chechnya who may or may not have had ties to the Boston Bombers. The story started off as he had a knife, then a gun, then a metal pole, then he was unarmed before the lone officer had to shoot. Nevermind the fact the FBI rules state that TWO people should be interviewing someone in their own home at all times, which did not happen here. The story was all over the place and it really sounded like they were trying to railroad this guy when something went wrong. But its all moot as the DOJ cleared the shooter who said he was attacked by a metal pole. Sure, whatever. Lastly, and most importantly, the DOJ has given all corporations the ability to kill whoever they want with no criminal repercussions. Toyota was fined a paltry $1.8 billion dollars for knowingly selling cars that could kill you with no criminal charges filed. GM is facing similar charges and we all know how this is going to wind up. So congratulations Eric Holder and the DOJ you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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