Sunday, March 16, 2014


In all my years on this planet, I have never been as disgusted with mankind as I am today. In the past week we have watched grand stupidity from both the left and right in politics, a plane that is missing due to rank incompetence and penny pinching, an economy on the brink, and a massive war about to begin. Yet the news still can't get beyond Justin Bieber's video deposition which proved what a massive dick he really is. Let's see those runner ups in a truly depressing week.

1)Dudley, MA- In local stupid news comes these next two gems. First off, in Dudley this week, it came to light that the animal control officer quit over lack of equipment, training and pay. He is the second to go in a year. Turns out, unlike every other surrounding town which pays anywhere from $22-000 to $46,000 a year to their animal control people, Dudley pays a miniscule $400 a MONTH, plus the person has to use their own vehicle and equipment. I'd quit too as this is a 24/7 job which pays less than a waitress with no tips. What a joke. When someone gets hurt because of this, they are going to sue the town which is going to cost them a hell of lot more.

2)Deborah Hilton- My ex used to run the Community Voice Channel in Bolton, CT for many years. While she could be a passive aggressive bitch at times, she worked her butt off for this job, including helping to build the new studio. I was there running wires on my weekends to help out and this was long after we broke up (we still remain good friends by the way as she is married to my former roommate and I live with her husband's ex-girlfriend). But then came Deb Hilton, an accountant and right wing blowhard who managed to get my ex fired for trumped up nonsense and then took over her job. I had met her in the past at a party at her house and really disliked her. Turns out my instincts were right again because as soon as my ex was out the door, she started to steal from the company. This went on for eight years and almost $400,000 later she got caught. She tried to fake being sick by checking herself into the hospital in a some sad, pathetic attempt to avoid prison after she was found guilty, but the judge saw through the charade and threw her into jail for eight years, one for every year she embezzled. That makes me very, very happy. Yet another Republican who cannot stop breaking the law and blaming everyone but herself for the problems that ensue.

3)Justin Bieber- This spoiled punk's video deposition for an attack his bodyguards did on some fan was released this week in which he came across as a real jerk. He winked at the camera, avoided questions clumsily and, in my favorite part, said "You Tube was detrimental to his career," not realizing he meant to say "instrumental" instead and had to be corrected by a lawyer. What an ass. Are his 15 minutes up yet because I don't know how much more of this loser I can take?

4)Florida Voters- There were no winners this week when, in a special election, the GOP won a narrow victory over the democrat running for a house seat. The right hammered her on Obamacare even though she had zero to do with it as she wasn't even in office yet and then went on to crow about how they would capture the Senate because of this. Nevermind the fact that this district hasn't gone to the left in 60 years and gerrymandering gives the GOP and advantage in House races, according to them it's clear sailing to the White House in 2016. That delusional. While the Senate is still up for grabs, 2016 the tables turn and they face a real chance of losing the Senate, House and Presidency. Ouch. As for the left, less than 40% of registered democrats bothered to show up to vote, which had they, would have given them the win. If you don't vote, the democrats have no chance of stopping the right's advances and the eventual fascist state they want. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Once the right is gone, we can start getting rid of the democrats we do not like next.

5)Target- In yet another example of rank incompetence and utter greed, it came out this week that the breach of their security was larger than thought and, was warned two weeks prior that a major breach was occurring, to which they did absolutely nothing. Why are we paying CEO's millions of dollars to do a job a retarded monkey could do? I could get better results by having a chicken peck at lights then the decision making going ons at the upper levels.

6)McDonalds- Yet another huge company doing terrible things. The corporation is facing lawsuits from several states in which employees are saying the fast food joint is cheating them out of the meager salary they already make. Some say they only get paid when people are in the store, not paying them for work done, making them work overtime with no pay and other slave like options. Much like Walmart, their greed is being subsidized by the taxpayer and this should not happen in a free country. We need to start demanding better from out leaders.

7)GM- Another company doing terrible things to pad the bottom line. Turns out some of their models may turn off while being driven which also de-activates the air bags which has led to numerous deaths over the years. Instead of a recall, they decided it would be cheaper to pay any fines and/or lawsuits that arrive rather than fix something that is killing people. That is psychopathic and the head of GM should be brought up on murder charges. I find it sad that in China, he/she would have been executed for this. Here he gets a slap on the wrist and little else.

8)Republicans- Someone needs to tell these asses to shut the hell up already. McCain and Graham have proven they are not fit to be in Congress as they seem to want to start a war with Russia forgetting the largest nuclear arsenal pointed at us. The pundits are calling Putin strong and Obama weak, which is perhaps the least patriotic thing I have ever seen. Obama may be a dick about a lot of things, but weakness is not something I would use to describe him. Jimmy Carter he isn't. Rand Paul showed his double dealing by publically saying he wants state rights and pot legalization but then, just to stick his thumb in Obama's eye, helps pass a resolution calling on the right to sue him and the DOJ for allowing pot to be legalized in CO and WA. The worst was the Georgia senate which was the first to pass legislation demanding a new Constitutional Congress which they hope will lead to a Christian Nation. The fact that 3/4 of the US would also have to vote for it makes it highly unlikely but still, is this what we really need to worry about right now?

9)The World- The end may indeed be near and we have all asked for it. The missing plane was either a suicide in which the Captain flew his plane every which way to mask the fact it was a suicide or it was flown to another location for reasons unknown. We know so little about this because the Malaysian government has been wholly incompetent in releasing facts, patrolling their air space or even in collecting evidence. Why take a week to check out the pilots? We know the co-pilot was deeply religious and the captain was a political activist whose wife and kids left him the day before. This is the kind of info that should have been known some time ago and the fact that we have wasted so much time and effort in places we know the plane isn't now is something. If the plane was hijacked, many have said it could never pass over Indian airspace without being spotted. Turns out the Indian government routinely turns out their radar to save money. This is the same excuse used as to why the missing plane had no GPS system.

Meanwhile, we appear to be headed for a full blown conflict with Russian and, perhaps, China. We have given Russia until Monday to back down from the Crimean conflict but that shows little sign of happening. When we start sanctions on Russia, they have said they will respond by dumping US dollars and seizing American interests within their borders. If China joins in, the result will be hyperinflation and the destruction of the world economy. China and Russia have been stockpiling gold for just such a scenario and may be better equipped to weather the storm than the US or Europe. That is when bullets will start falling as they always do and WW3 is on. The fact that there is a missing plane in all of this, someone could start a war on purpose if it somehow winds up in a place where one side or the other mistakes it for weapon. If they hit Fukushima, it's game over planet. So congratulations world, the end appears to be in sight if rationality doesn't take hold soon. We are indeed douchebag of the week.

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