Monday, March 24, 2014


Nate Silver has recently said that the Senate is likely to go Republican this year, a fact while I am in agreement of, also find completely insane. If anyone out there can articulately explain why anyone would ever vote for the GOP please place a comment below because I sure as hell can't find one. The best recruit right now for the GOP has been Obama's unbelievable resistance to any proposal that even has a whiff of leftism, to which the right calls him a socialist, Marxist Muslim from Kenya. Obama could not be more to the right if he tried which has disillusioned his base, put the democrats on a suicide run come November, and emboldened the crazies to make outlandishly untrue statements about the Commander in Chief that borders on racism.

I will give Obama some faint praise for ratcheting up matters on Ukraine, for which the left is completely in the dark about, victims of the country that called wolf one too many times. We have not had a reason for war in decades, perhaps all the way back to WW2. Korea was iffy at best, Vietnam was based on the sham that was the Gulf Of Tonkin, and both Gulf Wars were based on faulty intel. The first war said babies were being taken out of Kuwaiti hospitals and burned alive which turned out to be so not true. The second said WMD's were about to be used against Western targets which also not true. Now we have the whole Ukraine matter which the left is saying stay out of. But for very good reasons we shouldn't and cannot, lest the entire world see America as a true paper tiger.

Let me give you an example form my own life. I was raised Roman Catholic. The Bible said to turn the other cheek and never fight back. Sounds good on paper but in real life, this turns you into a literal punching bag. So I learned martial arts instead, beat the holy hell out of the next person that tried something and I never had a fight again throughout high school. That is the real way of life. Force is sometimes the only way to make someone back down. And Ukraine is that to a T.

Most people don't realize that the US, UK and Russia all signed a treaty years ago letting Ukraine know that if they got rid of all of their nuclear weapons, all parties would respect their borders. Guess who violated that treaty recently? What this means is that getting ANY country to stop nuclear programs will never work as our treaties mean nothing on the larger scale now. Had Ukraine has nuclear weapons, Russia would never have invaded. North Korea and Pakistan are still standing because they have nuclear weapons. The ultimate message for this now is that unless you have nuclear weapons, your borders are not safe no matter what reassurances you get from any larger nations. You might as well write it on toilet paper. Putin's actions have damned the world as nuclear proliferation is going to happen regardless of what we do which also means, much sooner than later, some nutbag is going to get into some third rate country with nukes and be mad enough to use them.

Unless we stand up to Russia right now and let them know in no uncertain terms that is not to be accepted, the world will end. That is not hyperbole but a fact. If too many nations start a nuke program, as many are likely to do now, they will get used at some point and that could start an all out nuclear war between everyone. Ukraine doesn't sound so insignificant now does it?

The worst part is due to the greed of the money junkies, we have little we can do against Russia as they hold all the cards. They still possess a great deal of US debt and there have been rumors of back door deals with China to remove the petro-dollar as the world's currency. If they succeed, the US will become a third world nation overnight, with riots, hyperinflation and, most likely, martial law. If this occurs before November the GOP could win in record numbers with enough people to change US law regardless of the President's veto. Say goodbye to your freedoms then because this country will become defacto fascist at that point, which is exactly what the Koch brothers want as they would wield all the power.

The Supreme Court is going to rule soon is unlimited donations to candidates is allowable, and if upheld, will turn candidates into billionaire puppets. The destruction of the US will be complete then.

We also found today that according to the Malaysian PM, Flight 370 crashed somewhere into the Indian Ocean. The sad part is, while he may be right, I don't believe him. The reason being is that everything said so far by this government has been contradicted down the road by someone else. They have offered no proof of why they think this, furthering my doubt that this anything more than a way to offer some sort of closure, even though they really have no idea what really happened. Until concrete proof arrives, I will hold my judgment. That being said, I still think it is just as likely the pilot committed suicide as a hijacking, but without proof, it's all guess work and call me stupid, but the word of a guy whose government has lied, lied, and lied some more, I need more than this to call it a suicide yet. There is also the possibility that this will get some sort of TWA 800 explanation that defies logic. Time will tell.

All of this suggests that we live in a time where nothing can be believed, everything is unreal and even basic facts like evolution and the age of the Earth are being debated. We certainly do live in interesting times don't we?

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