Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Sorry for the spotty posting but I have a lot of work lately and a holiday weekend coming up in which all of it has to be done beforehand. I'll be posting my Douchebag of the week column tomorrow and then will return at some point next week as no one reads anything this weekend so why post.

But back to the matter at hand. When did this country become populated with people whose feelings are so easily hurt that even the lamest joke is being met with righteous outrage? A lot has been made over several things in popular culture this week, and the months leading up to it, that demand a response, especially toward Millennials whom seem to be championing this assault on free speech.

Last Saturday, Louis CK hosted SNL and during his very funny opening monologue (which the rest of the show should have been so lucky) he talked about child molestation, his kids as Israel and Palestine and mild racism. You would have thought he choked a puppy to death on live TV as the usual brand of hyper-reaction to comedy was "OH DEAR GOD. THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" Except to many of us, it is. Comedy is about pushing boundaries and Louis CK does that all the time in his stand up and comedy, as did greats before him like Carlin, Bruce and Rivers. Nowadays anyone making even the slightest crack gets piled on, making stand up nearly impossible, and as a result, not funny. Thank God for people like Louis CK, Amy Schumer and Key and Peele for keeping it real so we do not have the "Guy gets kicked in the balls for an hour show."

Also this past Saturday was the awesome show Game of Thrones and SPOLIER ALERT, Sansa gets raped, sort of, on her wedding night, and the Internet went nuts over it like it actually happened. It's a show and a violent one at that and there was nothing to glorify about it, but it did advance the story and showed what a giant dick her new husband really is.

Another thing I am sick and tired of is reverse racism and reverse homophobia both of which are becoming more and more prevalent with no outcry. When a white, straight man says something even slightly racist, like Louis CK did on SNL, it's like Hitler did it. But when Saida Grundy is continuing her anti-white screed at BU which is beyond offensive, that's just fine. I don't want some white idiot teaching classes there who is telling his students how much better white people are than everyone else, which as we all know is so not true, while this black bitch continues along with nary a protest. How is this helping anyone and why are more people, especially black people, not demanding her ouster?

And then we have heterophobia which has hit stupid levels of height. By heterophobia I am talking about the overuse of homophobia that is actually encroaching on its own form of discrimination. Two films this year came out that were accused of being overly homophobic and having seen them both cannot figure out what the hell the critics and the gay community is talking about. Regular readers know that I am all for gay marriage and gay rights and very publically say so. However, I also don't need to be told that I am homophobic because the idea of two men having sex grosses me out. Isn't the reverse also true where gay men find sex with woman disgusting, thus the reason they are gay? In the far better than expected Hot Tub Time Machine 2, two characters are forced to have gay sex which they understandably are horrified by. This is NOT homophobia, which every critic who used that term needs to look up said definition of, but reality. Straight men don't want gay sex anymore than gay men want sex with women. The same goes for Get Hard, which had a very funny scene where Will Farrell attempts to suck a dick to get used it for prison and can't find himself to accomplish it, which again everyone said was homophobic. How is this anti-gay rather than anti-straight guy not wanting to be gay? Not wanting to be gay doesn't make me homophobic, it makes me straight.

We need to stop vilifying anyone who doesn't think like us, unless you're voting for Republican morons and which case that hostility should be justified. But we also need to come together and stop singling people out for things you don't find funny. I think Larry the Cable Guy sucks but as I am not in his demographic I would never say he is a terrible comedian who shouldn't do what he does. It's just not for me and if you like him that's fine too. And thus should go all popular culture, if you don't like it, don't watch it. But don't bitch to me about how it is awful and no one should be watching it ever. Change the freaking channel for God's sake and watch something else on the zillion other channels we get.

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