Monday, May 4, 2015


I have nothing against Texas other than the dipshits they keep electing into office. I was on vacation there 12 years ago and loved the state and the people. Their politicians on the other hand? Yuck! However, much like most sane individuals out there, we also know that there are more guns per square inch there than anywhere else on the planet. You know who didn't know that? Two Muslim morons who thought they'd try a Charlie Hebdo attack. In Texas. At night. Right. And how exactly did that go? According to one police officer at the scene, it lasted all of 15 seconds. Not 15 minutes, not even a minute and a half, but 15 seconds. Wow!

This is why we need police. I just wish they would stick to shooting people like this who deserve it and not some random black man. The ironic part here, both suspects are rumored to be black men as well, a fact that will not be lost on the racists in this country looking to further exploit their own prejudices, especially after Baltimore.

Their target was what can only be described as an ill-advised "let's draw Mohammed," contest, but this is America and last I checked free speech is still free speech. The event was sponsored by avowed bigot Pamela Gellar who would love to see all Muslims dead in the street tomorrow and Geert Wilders, a Dutch right winger known for his fiery attitude towards the religion as well, although the Dutch have more reasons to hate Muslims after brazen attacks by religious dirt bags, one of which resulted in the death of Vincent Van Gogh descendent and artist, Theo. But as much as I do not agree with what they have to say or the contest they held, they have every right to do so and there in lies a huge problem for the Muslim world.

We value free speech like you value not drawing Mohammed. We are not giving up that right for you or anyone else and we will kill you over it as well. So the choice is yours guys. Continue with this outdated, thoroughly discredited line of attacks (as recent as the 19th century, images of Mohammed appeared in many Muslim countries), and face the wrath of everyone NOT Muslim which is about 6 billion people. Look what happened to Elton Simpson and his yet unnamed attacker who discovered that body armor will not protect you from cops with better weapons and ammo.

Mao once said that he would never attack this country because there is a weapon behind every blade of grass. He would be doubly shocked that in Texas not only does each blade of grass hide a weapon, there is also a cache under the dirt as well. What kind of moron wakes up one day and thinks, "Let's shoot up Garland, Texas like that Charlie Hebdo attack. What could possibly go wrong?" Dumbasses apparently forgot that unlike Denmark or France where recent attacks like this took place, everyone and their brother is carrying a fire arm of some sort. Forget about the cops, everyone from the eighteen year old out on his first date to his 90 year old Grandmother is packing heat as these two found out as they barely had time to wound the only unarmed man in town before dying in a hail of bullets.

This type of attack will not work here. We lover free speech. We LOVEEEEE our guns. And we are not giving that up for all the tea in China. So if you continue down this path, be afraid because every time you do something this stupid, you risk the wrath of a very panicky, totally lethal group that will kill anyone that gets in their way. I don't want that and Muslims definitely do not want that. If you are looking for a mass genocide to occur keep pushing because much like the police are finding in cities across the country, push too hard and you will get pushed back.

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