Sunday, May 17, 2015


Not that you would have heard this on our corporate controlled news, but the nation ending TPP passed the Senate this week with 66 traitors officially declaring this country dead. Should it pass the House, which it most likely will, meaning Tea Party assholes there are paying the average citizen lip service rather than standing up for what they were elected for, corporations will hold all the cards and you the average person have none. In every sense of the word, you now live in a neo-fascist state, otherwise known as a Corporatocracy, which the definition of is this: a term used as an economic and political system controlled by corporations and/or corporate interests. It is a generally pejorative term often used by critics of the current economic situation in a particular country, especially the United States. This is different from corporatism, which is the organization of society into groups with common interests. So thanks to every dumb ass out there who voted Republican these past few years, along with Obama and 12 democrats, you just ended democracy. Congrats. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Nancy Gordeuk- The principal of TNT Academy in Georgia this week was fired after a serious racial attack during graduation ended her tenure there. Caught on video, after she ended the ceremony early before the valedictorian gave his speech, she lost it when parents started leaving, and even though people of all races were heading out she shot out at one group shouting, "Look who's leaving? All the black people." After which all the black people did leave as who wants to be around someone that racist. The funny part about all of this is that she is still the owner of said Academy, so she will still make money but I also have a feeling that there will be a lot less black people next semester.

9)Norm McAllister- The first term state Senator from VT and a Republican, which can't be that big a surprise, was arrested this week for sexual assault and human trafficking, although the latter has been dropped for now. Apparently, this "saint" was trying to trade rent for sexual favors, a huge no-no nation wide. When the women shockingly didn't go for it, as he's a thousand years old, he then suggested sex with other men on his goat farm. Some other more gullible woman however, unnamed for obvious reasons, has been doing this since 2013, thus the rape charges. Taped audio conversations back up what the women claim, and his resignation is not expected, because Republicans fight tooth and nail and usually have to dragged kicking and screaming away which is exactly what is going to occur when the State Senate votes to expel him, which they will. What a loser.

8)Saida Grundy- This newly hired professor at BU this week set off a firestorm with some of the most racist tweets I have ever seen. If you thought Gordeuk was bad, that was a walk in the park. And here's the twist: SHE'S BLACK! Here a sample of what she wrote: "Why is white America so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?"  and "Every MLK week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses. and every year I find it nearly impossible." Where is Al Sharpton calling for her to be fired? Where are the black people protesting outside her office? Oh that's right, they don't care because black people are every bit as racist as some white people, more so in a lot of ways as that racism is prevalent throughout their society in ways that are certainly not in white society. Yes, our cops and justice system may be racist, but that may have more to do with economics than race. But this "I hate whitey" shit has got to stop. And this bitch needs to go.

7)Republicans- These assholes are single handedly destroying this nation and a lot of you out there are helping. Besides the onerous TPP, which I will go into at the end of this column, these dickheads had the gall to cut over a billion dollars from the Amtrak budget the same day as a preventable accident, had they had the funds for infrastructure upgrades. So in all reality, the GOP killed eight people this week with more to come as their asinine ideas are going to kill millions down the road. If they ever repeal Obamacare, at least 27 million people will lose their insurance and millions will die as a result. These fuckwads are worse than Hitler and the Nazis as they only attempted to kill six million Jews. Anyone voting Republican at this point is a traitor to this country, no better than the Tories that sided with Britain. Their polices are proven failures. How much more do you need to not vote for these dorks anymore?

6)Republicans in Wisconsin- Speaking of stupid Republicans, which seems to be a prerequisite at this point, the State House members voted to basically strip poor people of ninety percent of what they could buy with food stamps. Besides the usual soda, chips and shellfish that always seems to pop up whenever this crap comes up, they also banned spaghetti sauce, nuts, cheese, peanut butter, organic fruits and vegetables and other house hold staples that are either healthy and/or affordable. This was so wrong on so many levels I do not know where to start. The worst part about all of this is that it has no hope of passage as the Senate refused to even look at it last time and even if it did pass, SNAP is a federal program which requires a waiver from them, which they will never get. Talk about wasting everyone's time and money over nothing.

5)Republican voters- Here are two prime examples of Republican idiots who are killing us all. First off, there is Monte Hanson, a Montana Republican who shot a bartender and his dog over a drink and religious nonsense. After drinking a disgusting drink called a red beer, which is tomato juice and beer,(excuse me, have to hurl), Hanson had a fit when he learned it was Clamato juice, an equally disgusting drink combining tomato and clam juice (lunch coming up again) which he shouldn't drink because of outdated Jewish rules against consuming shell fish. This was done in the past to prevent people from dying from food poisoning which they accomplished by telling people God says so. Anyway, dickhead went to the guy's house and shot him and his dog. He survived, the dog didn't. Dick. Hope he likes jail and good luck with kosher meals there. And then there is king high asshole Luis Lang, the very definition of stupid Republican moron. Apparently because President Blackenstein created a slightly better health care system, which it is, Lang said HELL NO and refused to sign up or even get health insurance in general. What this dork didn't realize was that paying out of pocket for minor stuff is no big deal, but if you get sick, like he did with diabetes and a series of mini strokes that really destroyed his health and now, his bank account, as he is tens of thousands in debt, you are screwed. This is the very definition of to cut off your nose to spite your face. Now because he lives in South Carolina that has refused to expand Medicaid, which he would need as he can no longer work, he's doubly screwed, and best of all, he voted for all of this. And who does he blame for all of this? Obama. Yeah, it's his fault and not the idiots you put in office, dumbass. I truly hope you die and soon.

4)Jeb Bush- Talk about a crap week, this guy has been savaged from all sides, after he gave five different answers to the question "Would you invade Iraq knowing what you know now?" First it was yes, than that he'd have to think about it, then two side stepping answers blaming Obama, which caused a 19 year old college girl to bitch slap him on national TV with the fact that his brother caused ISIS not Obama, before finally saying yes he would not do what his brother did. Liberals pounced, GOP candidates pilled on, and his numbers plummeted this week. He still has access to lots of money and a terrible field of what appears to be every single prominent Republican on the planet running and he has got a huge uphill battle.

3)Roger Goodell- The Commissioner of the NFL stepped in it hard this week when he announced he would be over seeing the appeal of Tom Brady's suspension, even though he is the one that gave it out. Even people who think Brady is guilty, which there is zero evidence of, regardless of what everyone now "knows," mostly because our MSM is utter garbage, are speaking out against this, including ESPN, all of the owners in the NFL, the players union and 99% of the country. Why does this guy get to be judge, jury and executioner? He has been a joke at this job and if he doesn't step down here, expect a flurry of lawsuits and possibly his tenure with the NFL (not for long). He represents everything wrong with the country as we have yet another person totally terrible at his job at the top, but somehow keeps it anyway, while those us actually good at what we do, get fired on a regular basis for nothing.

2)MSM- The TPP passed this week. It appeared on no news casts, no newspapers anywhere. I had to find it by actually going to the Senate website to realize it passed with 66 votes on Thursday. Instead I was treated to hours of the Boston Bomber getting the death penalty which seems to matter a whole lot less than this. Our media sucks and this is why: getting the truth from them is near impossible. MSNBC ratings are down to 25,000 viewers because one can only watch so much Lock Up. CNN and Fox are also struggling as the former is incompetent and the latter has the demographic dying off in larger and larger numbers. Sites like this are the best way to get what is really going on anymore.

1)Everyone who passed the TPP- Barack Obama may have done what Bush only tried to do: end this country once and for all. If my prediction is right, and on this subject my accuracy rate is over 90%, this country will be completely controlled by corporate interests within ten years. This means more environmental problems, massive offshoring of jobs, higher drug costs and no minimum wage hikes, the reverse actually as this law may get repealed down the road depending on who the next President. If we get someone like Scott Walker, he will finish us all off. If the law goes through, which it appears it will, corporations have the right to sue using a suspect arbitrator while the rest of us have no means to do so. It officially makes corporations above nation states, giving them all the power and we the people none. The USA is dead, long live the Corporate States of America. You voted for this America so revel in what will certainly be a huge drop in living standards, even less money for the poor and, eventually, an all out civil war. So congratulations to all the politicians who made this happen as well as Idiot America which voted for it, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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