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The only reason I voted for Obama in 2012 was because the alternative was somewhat worse. And thus the cry of voters over the last fifty years where we were given two crappy choices and told to go blow about it. Democracy is an illusion and in reality you actually live in a neo-fascist state whose only difference from regimes like Hitler or Pinochet is that it lacks a strong central dictator character. See my previous column about 14 signs of fascism in the US for proof. Corporations have become that entity and with laws like the TPP, they seek to have total global control. Our President and 99% of the Republican Congress have committed treason for even attempting to pass this onerous law, but because of our passive, corporate controlled MSM, and a zombified public too enamored with shiny objects to care, this trade pact will be back and next time could pass if the ten corporate democrats who voted against it can be persuaded, or bribed, to change their vote to a filibuster proof majority, which right now it lacks.

There is coming a time when every person with a gun needs to march on Washington and stand outside the halls of power fully armed, daring them to do something to a million people pissed at how we are being treated. I see that happening as much as the words, introducing your next President Bernie Sanders, because the idiot public is far too stupid and timid to attempt this. But that is why I write sites like this so you dear reader can be better informed than your neighbor.

President Obama has done something no President in modern times can say: he dissed his own party to join ranks with the opposition. When was the last time you saw something like that because never would be the answer. This proves that Obama is a corporate stooge who should be impeached, along with most of Congress, for high crimes and misdemeanors. Anyone voting for anyone who supported this policy should be tarred and feathered and considered just as much a fascist traitor as these losers. What's so bad some have asked? Well, let's take a close look at our liar president and his right wing stooges.

Obama has lied to us in the past during the South Korea trade pact that instead of creating the 100,000 jobs he promised, we lost over seven times that many instead. Now, President Bullshit Artist says that 650,000 jobs would be created. He might as well have said a gazillion because the net gain will be zero and he knows it. Much of the TPP is devoted to copyright  and patent protections that will build more barriers than tear down, not to mention that American workers will be competing against Vietnam and other low wage places that will drive jobs away faster than an Iggy Azalea/Britany Spears song (that song is horrifically bad).

It will, according to just about every expert out there, drive up the import deficit, just like NAFTA and the South Korea pact did. Why would this one be any different? It's like they think we can't read. The South Korea deal increased exports only by one billion dollars and increased our trade deficit by 12 billion dollars, costing US workers 750,000 jobs. This one will cost jobs in the millions.

The awful ISDS laws are the worst part of this which is the one that gives companies sovereignty over nation state by letting them sue for the smallest provocation. Obama has said he will no let this trade pact change our laws, but we can see that these laws already are, here and abroad. This is from Agenda21news:

ISDS would allow for­eign com­pa­nies to chal­lenge US laws — and poten­tially to pick up huge pay­outs from tax­pay­ers — with­out ever step­ping foot in a US court. Here’s how it would work. Imag­ine that the United States bans a toxic chem­i­cal that is often added to gaso­line because of its health and envi­ron­men­tal con­se­quences. If a for­eign com­pany that makes the toxic chem­i­cal opposes the law, it would nor­mally have to chal­lenge it in a US court. But with ISDS, the com­pany could skip the US courts and go before an inter­na­tional panel of arbi­tra­tors. If the com­pany won, the rul­ing couldn’t be chal­lenged in US courts, and the arbi­tra­tion panel could require Amer­i­can tax­pay­ers to cough up mil­lions — and even bil­lions — of dol­lars in damages.

If that seems shock­ing, buckle your seat belt. ISDS could lead to gigan­tic fines, but it wouldn’t employ inde­pen­dent judges. Instead, highly paid cor­po­rate lawyers would go back and forth between rep­re­sent­ing cor­po­ra­tions one day and sit­ting in judg­ment the next. Maybe that makes sense in an arbi­tra­tion between two cor­po­ra­tions, but not in cases between cor­po­ra­tions and gov­ern­ments. If you’re a lawyer look­ing to main­tain or attract high-paying cor­po­rate clients, how likely are you to rule against those cor­po­ra­tions when it’s your turn in the judge’s seat?

If the tilt toward giant cor­po­ra­tions wasn’t clear enough, con­sider who would get to use this spe­cial court: only inter­na­tional investors, which are, by and large, big cor­po­ra­tions. So if a Viet­namese com­pany with US oper­a­tions wanted to chal­lenge an increase in the US min­i­mum wage, it could use ISDS. But if an Amer­i­can labor union believed Viet­nam was allow­ing Viet­namese com­pa­nies to pay slave wages in vio­la­tion of trade com­mit­ments, the union would have to make its case in the Viet­namese courts.

Recent cases include a French com­pany that sued Egypt because Egypt raised its min­i­mum wage, a Swedish com­pany that sued Ger­many because Ger­many decided to phase out nuclear power after Japan’s Fukushima dis­as­ter, and a Dutch com­pany that sued the Czech Repub­lic because the Czechs didn’t bail out a bank that the com­pany par­tially owned. US cor­po­ra­tions have also got­ten in on the action: Philip Mor­ris is try­ing to use ISDS to stop Uruguay from imple­ment­ing new tobacco reg­u­la­tions intended to cut smok­ing rates.

This isn’t a par­ti­san issue. Con­ser­v­a­tives who believe in US sov­er­eignty should be out­raged that ISDS would shift power from Amer­i­can courts, whose author­ity is derived from our Con­sti­tu­tion, to unac­count­able inter­na­tional tri­bunals. Lib­er­tar­i­ans should be offended that ISDS effec­tively would offer a free tax­payer sub­sidy to coun­tries with weak legal sys­tems. And pro­gres­sives should oppose ISDS because it would allow big multi­na­tion­als to weaken labor and envi­ron­men­tal rules.

So why are the Republicans and Obama behind it? Because they are beholden to the corporate class and the money behind them. This is why voting in the next election is so important because if the GOP gets control of everything, this country is lost. The government claims to have never lost an ISDS law so why complain? Because it gives corporations immense power to tilt all advantages to their favor, influencing laws before they are even written, which they do now but this would be even worse. The US worker would be truly expendable at that point.

Obama has claimed he would be pretty stupid to sign a law that would unravel all he accomplished with Dodd/Frank. He said it not me, because I do think he is pretty stupid to be behind this law at all. The TPP would enact regulatory ceilings that could give banks even less oversight and even worse, future presidents could amends this pact to destroy all regulation should they so desire. That sounds fun.

We've heard this will stop China from growing influence but would be the equivalent of stopping a charging elephant with a pillow. Regardless of this trade pact, they will seek their own agenda and the TPP won't even come close to stopping that, even using provisions in it for their own advantages.

One of the biggest lies our President has spun is that this deal is not secret at all, except that it very much is, with no one who has seen it allowed to talk about it. How is that an open discussion? You can read it when you pass it, they say. FU, comes to mind. When he keeps coming down hard on people like Warren and Sanders, vocal opponents of said law, you have to wonder if Obama shouldn't change his party to the moderate Republican he has been for six years.

This law sucks and so does anyone who voted for it. But the GOP will continue to get the dumbest people alive to vote for them and as a result, this country may have precious time left. Stop being a tool and start fighting back. Your survival depends on it.

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