Thursday, May 14, 2015


Here's a list of ten fuckwads "democrats" who will vote to fast track the TPP and end this country as we know it:

Ron Wyden Oregon 202-224-5244
Michael Bennet Colorado 202-224-5852
Maria Cantwell Washington 202-224-3441
Dianne Feinstein California 202-224-3841
Claire McCaskill Missouri 202-224-6154
Patt Murray Washington 202-224-2621
Bill Nelson Florida 202-224-2023
Tim Kaine Virginia 202-224-2023
Heidi Heitkamp North Dakota 202-224-2043
Mark Warner Virginia 202-224-2023

Every single one of them should be removed from office tomorrow either through recall efforts, impeachment or even standing outside their offices demanding their resignation. These traitors just sold us out and to be honest, other than Claire McCaskill who I am stunned to see here, the rest are giant douchebags who should have been fired years ago, such as that CUNT Feinstein who can't die soon enough. I will dance on her grave when that shriveled crone finally goes to hell.

If I sound more pissed than ever it is because I am. These ten, along with the entire GOP, with perhaps only Rand Paul and Richard Burr knowing better (we will have to wait until after the vote is announced to see who we should be burning in effigy), have just sold us out and officially ended nation states as we know it.

Once the TPP passes, corporations will have all the power and the ability to end things like environmental laws, affordable medicine, gun ownership and even a livable wage. We know this because corporations are already using ISDS laws in other countries to stop minimum wage raises and public health warnings. Enjoy living in a hell hole where millions may die because of this. Congratulations America, your idiocy in voting in the worst possible candidates has officially bitten us all in the ass.

We are now all slaves to the corporate powers than control everything, something they have been fighting for over a hundred years now and we have set the clock back to the latter part of the nineteenth century when robber barons ruled the world. This is what we can expect from RINF news:

On Wednesday afternoon, May 13th, a catastrophic failure became clear to the few honest Democrats who were determined to stop Obama’s disastrous ’trade deals’ which are actually going to transfer regulatory sovereignty away from elected government officials as at present (who are answerable to voters), and instead move these powers into the hands of international corporate cartels, which will have the final say over the safety of our air, water, automobiles, and other products, and of the environment, and of workers’ rights (and which regulations will become answerable instead to the controlling stockholders in those mega-corporations). Mega-corporations will set international standards, which none of the signatory nations within the TPP and TTIP will be legally able to exceed without paying heavy penalties to those corporations for violating those corporations’ ‘rights’ under these trade-deals. The current ability of individual nations to establish their own standards will disappear, except to the extent that international corporations allow.

You now live in the Corporate States of America where votes don't matter (thanks in part to Citizen's United) and corporate rule that guarantees all of us to live and die by profit margins. This is from writer Eric Zuesse:

For several months now, I have predicted that if no House Democrat would introduce a bill of impeachment against President Barack Obama (for whom I voted, incidentally), then Republicans on November 4th would elect not just one but both houses of Congress, and the closeted conservative Obama would be having a field day during his final two years signing into law lots of pro-big-business, anti-worker, anti-consumer, anti-environmental, legislation, which Democrats in both the House but especially the Senate have thus far been blocking. And, now, on Election Eve, this nightmare seems finally to be coming true. ….
It didn’t happen; and so we’ll get an all-conservative Government: Obama’s final two years in office will be spent signing conservative bills into laws that the majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate have, heretofore, blocked: laws reducing the cost-of-living adjustment in the Social Security formula, and approving the TTIP and TPP international trade deals that grant international corporations the power to control the regulations regarding the environment, consumer protection, drug safety, food safety, and virtually all regulatory matters. Republicans and Obama have wanted to transfer those national regulatory powers over to international corporations, but House and Senate Democrats did not; and, now, because there wasn’t a single House Democrat who had the courage to introduce a bill of impeachment against Obama, we will have a Government that is Republican in the House, Republican in the Senate, and Republican in the White House except on women’s issues, where Obama actually has been a Democrat. He hasn’t been lying about that one.
Obama, much like Clinton was, has been a center right Republican which means we having had a true left leaning president since Carter, and while his foreign policy was some of the worst of any modern president, his economic plans for the country were far better than any president since which have been all corporate fueled. Obama also may now be considered the worst President in the history of this nation because his corporate bullshit may have ended it forever, something only Bush before him almost accomplished. Way to go, douchebag. He may have single handedly prevented another black man for being in the White House for some time. I'd sooner vote for a hamster at this point than another corporatist stooge, race be damned.
Right now the only choice for president is Bernie Sanders. Here is a man of principle, who NEVER lies to the public and when was the last time you could say that about a politician? Certainly not Obama who can't go five minutes without his nose growing.
Republicans are literally killing hundreds of thousands every year, yet proclaim some unholy alliance with anti-abortion morons who do not seem to care what happened after the fetus is born. Their refusal to expand Medicaid, which would have cost them nothing, are driving millions into the poorhouse and thousands every month into an early grave. That train accident in Philly yesterday was caused by Republicans who have refused to spend one dollar on infrastructure, actually voting to cut money from Amtrak on the same day the accident happened. Eight people are dead because proper safety equipment wasn't involved.
With the advent of the TPP, this is going to become more and more prevalent. Bridges are going to collapse, our environment is going to be even further poisoned and millions are going to live in grinding poverty as the fat cats live large on our hard work. The GOP needs to be exterminated and any one still voting for these assholes and their democrat corporatist counterparts should be beaten within an inch of their lives because of it. We have finally reached the tipping point. If we don't stand up and soon, it will be far too late to do anything about it. Time has run out. It is your choice America with what to do about it. You can roll over and die or fight. I have feeling the former is what many of you will choose. If that's the case, enjoy dying young, losers.

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