Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Right now the Democrats have two confirmed running, Clinton and Sanders, and three others, O'Malley, Webb and Chaffee, have strongly suggested they will also try. The funny part about this is, just like the Republican nominees, this will be a battle over money versus ideology. If money wins, Hillary and Bush are the nominees. If ideology wins, it's anyone's guess but, according to most polls it would probably be O'Malley versus Walker, not that that is any great shakes either.

But on the other side of aisle, every one and their brother seems to be running, with almost all of them having no shot at the grand prize. This week we saw the addition of Ben Carson, the Uncle Tom of the GOP and a Tea Party/Religious wing nut disciple, throw his hat into the wing. He was quickly followed by Carla Fiorina, the former HP CEO who laid off 30,000 people while driving said company into the ground and Mike Huckabee, who has the best chance of these three but whose overly religious dogma will scare away the secular population. Currently, Fiorina polls below three percent in Iowa and Carson around 7 percent. Carson's numbers have dropped four percent since he entered which does not bode well as that means a lot of people are taking a closer look at him and say "no thanks."

Speaking of that poll done by Quinnipiac, the top Republican by a mile right now is Scott Walker, the Koch funded douchebag who is currently driving his state into the ground with right wing ideas that were proven failures years ago. But he lead nine points over the next fool on the list, or fools I should say as Marco Rubio, Huckabee, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are all tied for second. Notice who isn't on that list: Jeb Bush. His numbers are worse than Carson, polling at around 5 percent which means the Bush name may indeed be political death for anyone seeking higher office. If these numbers stay steady nationwide, he'll be dropping out before the primaries, like most of the idiotic right will be.

But will his money make a difference. He will be able to outspend most of his opponents, especially with Super Pac money, just like Hillary. But much like Bush, Hillary's trust worthy rating is dropping by the day, simply because she seems incapable of handling scandals any more. She mishandled the whole email issue and actually made things worse the more she talked about it and the more we were let on to. Benghazi was much the same way with that one statement "what difference does it make," coming back to haunt her as badly as the "dead broke," and "I was shot at in a war zone," ones. Who does her speeches, Brian Williams?

This country is increasingly run by corporations, for corporations and if President Obama gets his way, the TPP will be the law of the land and then we have no rights left at all. When Republicans join with the President over the objections of most of even the most corporate Democrats you have to laugh every time some moron calls Obama a "socialist." I wish.

We need real change and right now the only candidate who is actually behind that is Bernie Sanders. He is a true progressive and while I think he has a snowball's chance in hell of actually winning, he is as of right now, the only candidate to vote for. He has remained true to his principles of helping the middle class for his decades in government and that says something. He is a man of principle, of substance, unlike Walker, Cruz, Bush and Clinton who are all phony beyond words. Anyone voting for anyone different has no right to bitch when everything goes belly up because the next president is either going to make the tough decisions to get us on the right track, or will disfigure this country worse than an aging porn star and the epic plastic surgery she wants to get.

The Republicans have a huge uphill battle ahead of them. They stand to lose some Senate seats, possibly even control if they continue to push ideas that most of America does not want. The House is so rigged that insane asylum may be harder, but not impossible, to wrench control from. Recent polls say that 90% want higher taxes on the rich and corporations, and over half the country want gay marriage and legal pot. Their answer to this will be a campaign run on some idiotic bullshit that most of this country won't fall for, just like the last two Presidential races. You have to run on ideas that people want not what you want them to believe. We are not all that gullible. Some are, but not all and that may make the difference in what at this point is almost certain to be a Democrat winner, whoever that may be. I just hope it is anyone but Hillary.

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