Tuesday, May 12, 2015


In a shocking FU to the President and Republican corporatists, the TPP was show down in flames today. I would like to personally thanks people like Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren for their tireless rants against this awful, awful trade pact. The fact that the President and the Business Republicans were on the same side, says lots about why I hate Obama. Every time someone calls him a socialist, I laugh in their faces as it shows they have no idea what that term means.

The final vote was 52-45, meaning we have 52 traitors in Congress right now and any idiot voting for them down the road, is just as much a traitor as they are. This TPP law was something that would have given corporations sovereignty over nation-states in horrifying ways, including the possibility that gun control could even be part of that. So for all you gun enthusiasts out there who keep voting for the GOP regardless of how good they are should realize they just voted to possibly give up ALL the guns down the road if this bill passed today. Great job guys.

Mitch McConnell called the loss shocking and incredulously said Democrats who blocked the bill did so because of special interests. The only special interests here were the American people, dumbass, the only special interests that should concern you. How many times do Republicans have to fuck you in the ass before you finally say enough instead of MORE LUBE PLEASE? Lately, they aren't even using lube and a giant spiked condom as well and none of you seem to care. Really?

Every democrat voted no. Almost every Republican voted yes, with three abstaining for whatever reason. Here's what Bernie Sanders had to say about this plan:

Sen. Bernie Sanders ran down the litany of bogus claims made by supporters of free trade in the past and said, “And now … the administration says trust us. Forget about those other trade agreements. The TPP is special. This time it will be different. This one really will create jobs, despite the fact that every major organization representing the working people of this country says the exact opposite. The TPP would force American workers to compete against desperate workers in Vietnam who make 56 cents an hour. We have got to do better than that‎.”

And this guy is not polling at 100% why? Here is a man of principle, of looking out for the little guy over corporations for his extensive career. Anyone not behind Bernie is an asshole. If you want to burn the country to the ground, be my guest, but do not expect me to go along willingly to your planned suicide. I like my life, and things like electricity, supermarkets and cars. I do not want to live in some dystopian hell like the GOP is forcing down out throats. They want to kill things like SS, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, welfare, infrastructure repair, gay rights, abortions, and a zillion other things that will bring ruin to us. Does no one remember the last time the GOP controlled everything they ran this country into the ground? And a lot of democrats, like Hillary, will be no better. Can we please choose a President that actually has our best interests at heart?

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