Monday, January 19, 2015


The Patriots put an ass whooping on the Colts yesterday in a blowout, beating them 45-7 in a contest that was never in question. Of course as it is the Patriots, cheating came up as no one could ever be this great without it right? Deflate-gate, as it is being called, suggests that the Pats deflated the balls to make them easier to carry and throw. Nevermind the fact that the laws of physics state a ball with less air is also less aerodynamic, the Patriots would have no way of switching the balls out (the refs do that) so that the Colts would have the same advantage.
Allegedly, a ball was weighed by a ref and it was found to be less which could be because of the awful weather and not cheating but why let that get in the way of a good story. It would also have to explain why the Colts couldn't run, couldn't pass, couldn't block or do literally anything that a football team need to win a game. Did the Patriots perform some voodoo ritual to achieve this? Please! But because the Pats go caught "cheating" before (they taped signals from the opposing teams to read what they were doing), everyone assumes this is that mini-scandal all over again. This to me sounds like sour grapes over a team firing on all cylinders.

The Seahawks are going down come Super Bowl Sunday. Sorry Deadliest Catch crews but this one is not going to be like last year. We are still coming to grips with two loses to the dreaded Giants, one ruining a perfect season. Brady needs a fourth ring to tie Namath and Montana. Deal with it.
Meanwhile, in news that actually matters, China's stock market today is crashing hard, down 8% mainly due to huge losses on the derivative market thanks to Switzerland's surprise de-peg of the Euro. For hard proof that our stock market is based on lies, it rose almost 200 points Friday, ignoring the fact that one of the largest currency exchanges shut down as it's stock declined 80% in pre hours trading and never opened all day. Had it been allowed to sell, the Dow would have dropped at least a 1000 points with it. Instead, Wall Street ignored all the facts that say "look out below" and went on a feeding frenzy. This, combined with huge losses on the energy market, may spell doom for the derivative market, a true black swan event, which in turn will decimate the world economy.

Should the derivative market fail, hundreds of trillions of dollars will come due, to which there is not enough money on Earth to actually pay it back. Some are suggesting this move comes as some countries prepare for the end of the Euro, a move that would stagger the world. It is not entirely out of the question as this currency is being hampered by horrific austerity policies that have made things worse. Instead of asking the rich to pay more out of their swollen numbers, they instead went after the poor and middle class which had little money to begin with. It was noted today that half the world's wealth is owned by 1% of the population which is unsustainable, unless you're some sort of adjunct economics professor, like Mark W. Hendrickson of Grove City College in Ma, who claimed in an op-ed piece this week that economic inequality never destroys civilizations, except for the dozen it so times it provably did. And this ass is teaching kids stuff that is not only wrong, it's dangerous. It would be the same as if a History Professor started teaching about the great Wazoo race of the country Narounmbo or any science teacher showing creationism as fact. This dick needs to be fired and as he doesn't have tenure, should be. Income equality destroyed cultures like Rome or France. What a fucking tool to say the wealth gap is no big deal.
Luckily the stock market is closed today but tomorrow may be a big shock if negative interests rates, now seen throughout Europe, come here. Many see this Swiss move as the same as rats leaving a sinking ship, which the Euro may now be, as the decisions made to save said currency are impalpable to the elites, which would have give up at least a third of their ill gotten gains to survive. As they are completely unwilling to give up one penny of their wealth, and the poor and middle class are beyond tapped out, disaster looms. With a possible end to the derivative market, and with it bank deposits as the most recent Cromnibus bill put the banks losses bank on to FDIC shoulders which is why we had to bail them out to the tune of tens, perhaps even hundreds of trillions of dollars, in 2008 as the world economy was going to collapse if we didn't give into their demands, we are screwed. Worse, some of you out there, like Hendrickson, see no problem with this, as well as voters who for some inane reason voted back in 90% of the incumbents with a current approval rating of around 10%. That is some world class stupidity people and we will all pay dearly for it.

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