Monday, January 12, 2015


Our very way of life is under attack from all sides and it looks as if a lot of people out there are starting to wake up to the fact that the current level of censorship we are seeing from just about everyone and everything is hitting fever pitch and we do not like it. And let's be clear, free speech isn't under attack from just Militant douchebags and the North Koreans but also from the hyper sensitive cry babies NYPD and even Obama himself.

Let's start with the elephant in the room and say in one loud clear voice we will not give in to terrorism and truth be told, if the Muslim faithful want to continue this suicidal attack on the West, it will end beyond badly for them. There is literally no scenario where any attack by extremists gets what they want and some wind up with a huge war and even genocide, two things I would like NOT to happen. Violence does not solve anything, except when it does. I know that sounds contradictory but what it means is the same as what Patrick Swayze's Dalton says in Roadhouse, "Be nice until it is time to not be nice." And the Muslim world is rapidly approaching that horizon which could result in the extermination of their religion and perhaps even their race, neither of which I would approve of but may happen regardless of my feelings.

Freedom of speech is not part of their lexicon and the attitude toward anything they don't like is to attack and kill it, which is very 7th century of them. The fact that established countries like Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Saudi Arabia are the root cause of a lot this says more about how to fight this than just words.

First off, every single publication should be publishing pictures of Mohammed which anyone reading this will see this blog is chock full of today. Props to the NYT and Fox News for doing just that and a HUGE FU to the Washington Post and NBC news for blurring said images out. Everytime you do this, you are appeasing people who hate us and emboldening others to do more nonsense on Western values.  Many are saying "Free speech has limits," and "I am all for free speech but...." What a bunch of cowardly pussies as free speech demands courage not appeasement. When did we turn into a bunch of Neville Chamberlains? The only time free speech is not allowed is shouting fire in a crowded theater or publishing obviously incorrect information but that's it. If you want to shout NIGGER from your blog, more power to you. I won't be reading it, but it's your God given right to do just that should you wish.

North Korea had a fit about free speech and what happened there? Did studios and theaters stand up and say we will be showing The Interview coast to coast 24/7? Nope, they ran away like a scared five year old and hid under the bed until that "scary man" Kim Jong Un went away. Nevermind the fact that North Korea has been making these threats for two generations now, let's let the people in charge of free speech be babies. Free speech matters and the people running these places should either know better or be replaced stat with people who do.

The worst part is that it is no better here. We have several states where it is illegal to film police for any reason. Several more will not allow investigative journalism at places that process our food. The NYPD wet themselves after the mayor had the gaul to tell his half black son to not make any sudden movement around the police, as if that wasn't sound advice. Obama and Eric Holder bugged various reporters in what should have been an arrestable moment for our beyond stupid AG who should be behind bars by now. This dick made us the laughing stock of the planet for inexplicably not showing up for a unity march in Paris, even though he was there at the time. I am sure that there was some PC nonsense reason for all of this but further proves what giant pussies we have become here.

Free speech matters and we need to start defending it. Had this been tried as little as forty years ago, there would be rioting in the streets. Today, everyone is too busy addicted to their IPhone to care. We have become a nation of self obsessed narcissists too enamored with ourselves to see anything that is going on beyond a few feet in front of us. And it has to stop.

The end result otherwise are a police state here and down the road and a genocidal war with a race too stupid to realize they are poking a very angry bear. There is word that more attacks may be on the way, here and abroad. If Muslim terrorists decide to start attacking soft targets, say a mall in Minnesota or a college football game in Oklahoma, there will not be enough bleach on Earth to wipe away the blood of Muslims that will ensue soon after. American are a panicky, easily frightened, armed to the gills people who will shoot first and ask questions later. There is no chance of Sharia law ever being implemented here and a 100% chance of Muslim bodies stacked up like cordwood in the streets. I repeat, I DO NOT want to see that. The death of innocent anyone is anathema to me. However, I also understand human psychology and can foresee a time when some Muslim dick goes too far and the general public rises up and tears anyone they even think is Muslims limb from limb.

Stand up for free speech and be heard. The other result is too horrible to even comprehend.

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