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Never in my life I have seen more time being devoted to a pointless, media driven story that may actually have ties to organized crime. I'll say it to the cheap seats: THIS STORY IS GARBAGE! I'll go into greater detail about that later in the article when I plan on spitting venom on the idiots propagating one of the most worthless, logically unsound arguments since the music industry forced Kanye West down our throats. Let's see those runner ups in a pissed off week.
10)Marc W. Henrickson of Grove College- This ass posted an op-ed piece in this week Telegram and Gazette and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no way he should be teaching economics to anyone. The article went to rip apart Tom Piketty's capitalism book in what can only be described as amateurish and provably wrong. An obvious supply side economic guy, which is odd as that philosophy has been absolutely disproven, he goes on to demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge about the subject he claims to have a PHD in. The best was his laughable claim that unsustainable wealth has never brought down a society before (I guess the French Revolution never happened in his world) and that this wealth gap is not getting worse, using the old adage of "'numerous studies" or "noted economists" without once referencing who these people or studies are, and that is most likely because they do not exist or are written in crayon. This dick is every reason why our kids are stupid beyond words and why voodoo economics is still thriving.

9)President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina- For all those feminists who wrongly claim that if women ran things, there would be no war, no corruption, just peace should take a long hard look at this story ignored by the MSM. Last week, a federal prosecutor said he had damning evidence against the current leader and, of course, was found dead a day later. The original theory was suicide, but new forensics suggest he was shot in the center of his forehead which is an odd way to kill one's self. Did she have this man killed to protect herself? All of this stemmed from allegations that Kirchner had shielded Iranian operatives from the worst terrorist bombing in the nation's history back in 1994, a case that has been over run by serious irregularities and pretrial cancelations for no apparent reason. It certainly looks suspicious.
8)Motorcycle Flash mobs- I have a lot of friends who ride motorcycles and worked the circuit for several years doing leather repairs so don't think I am against these types of vehicles. What I am against is morons speeding down the road at light speed, having witnessed one guy break his head open on the pavement after a huge wipeout, only to shocking walk out of the hospital the next day. In Miami this past MLK day, riders decided to ignore red lights, speed limits and a ban of ATV's and dirt bikes on highways to "celebrate MLK day." It is stunning that no one got killed speeding through a busy intersection willy nilly. It's not like cops on Miami do not have better things to do than scraping people off the asphalt.

7)Liam Neeson- This guy is one of my favorite actors and whose latest, Taken 3, was actually pretty good beyond the hyper kinetic editing. But when he shoots his mouth off about the "gun problem" in the USA all I can think of is one word: hypocrite. Every single poster of his from the past five years has him holding a gun and 90% of his movies contain him shooting people. Do not bitch about the same thing bringing you in millions every year, dumb ass. Keep to making good movies and keep your trap shut about things you not only don't understand, but profit well from. Sigh.
6)James Rhein of Middletown, NY- Few stories make me laugh as hard as this one. Seems James Rhein decided one day that his home, one he shared with his wife, was costing too much to fix up. So what was his grand plan? He went and rented a bulldozer and razed the place to the ground, all of their stuff still inside, as well as gas and electricity still on. This guy had enough brain power to make all of the arrangements to wreck said house, but didn't bother with anything, including telling his wife what he was up to. I am guessing a divorce is also in his future to add to his upcoming trial for criminal mischief.

5)Austerity- Contrary to what douchebags like "professor" Hendrickson say, austerity has NEVER worked in the history of mankind, yet we keep doing it. Greece followed this path for six years to which to rich got richer and the rest of the country fell into dire poverty. Well, today Greek voters said enough and voted in it's first leftist government in decades with an overwhelming victory by a people who said no more. This puts them into a head on collision with the Euro who may demand more austerity to which they will tell them to Fuck off, which is the correct answer here. We are hearing the exact same bullshit from the right and the rich in this country which will be the next two on my list.

4)Jamie Dimon and Jeff Green- The DAVOS group met this week which is the equivalent to a meeting of SPECTER with Blofeld overseeing the whole thing. During the evil part of the conference, which was most of it, they talked about income inequality and how it was destroying the world. Then they went to a catered lunch with 45$ hot dogs and barrels of expensive caviar. The best was Jamie Dimon explaining why they didn't need to change anything which flies in the face of reason of how bad things are. The winner was Jeff Green who literally told people that were not rich that they had to do with less. Does the phrase "let them eat cake" mean anything to you? As Greek voters show, if you run them into the ground and voting is still possible, things can still changes when you fail to convince the masses that their shit pies they have been eating are delicious still. You two suck balls.
3)The clown car of Republicans running for President- Not having learned anything from the last two elections, a dozen or more Republicans are all looking to run which makes those of us who write for a living, or tell jokes, giddy in anticipation. Long shots like Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and, my personal favorite, Lindsey Graham, have all said they are looking into it, which is funny as they have a zero percent chance of winning. Even better, Sarah Palin, Ben Carson and the Donald have also hinted at running which is a writer's wet dream. Ted Cruz has got the crazy vote sewn up, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush both suffer from too much name recognition, and heavyweights (pun intended) Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee have as much chance as me winning. All of this will split the vote again and we may have a repeat of last time where the flavor of the week wins out, only to replaced when they make some unbelievable gaffe. 2016 looks terrible between this and whoever wins out over Hillary.

2)Unvaccinated kids- I have a science degree, know several doctors and can read just about any scientific study and tell you whether it is a good study or not. All of this points to no discernable issues with vaccinations and zero evidence that they cause autism. I actually know several people studying this specifically and the common conclusion in the scientific community say the fact we are having children later in life may be a huge factor in the rise of autism, not vaccinations. Because of people allegedly better educated than others falling for this crap, we have to recognize that having even a Master's doesn't protect some people from acting like idiots. Ohh, you read it on the internet, it must be true. An outbreak of measles at Disneyland hammered this point home as that area is one of the least vaccinated groups in the country. And this isn't Appalachia or Compton, it's a highly affluent area filled with dumb white people. Now hundreds are infected by a disease that was all but gone since 2000. This is that lack of trust I have been telling you about that is destroying our society. When doctors are no longer believed, the Rubicon has been crossed.
1)MSM and Deflate-gate- Way too much has been made about this story that is total bull. Yes, I live in MA and I legally must write good things about the Patriots, but even if this had been the fucking Dallas Cowboys, I would still defend them. Allegedly, two pounds of pressure was missing from 11 or 12 balls on the Patriots side. This was fixed at halftime. So, the Patriots played worse with the balls in the first half, than with the fully inflatable ones of the second half and may have resulted in the interception Tom Brady had in the second quarter. Wouldn't sabotage be the more likely answer as a deflated ball cannot be thrown as far and that is exactly what happened in the first half? Physics are not part of these stories as countless articles and news casts keep repeating the lie that these balls are easier to throw. They aren't and physics proves that. Physics also proves that these balls may have lost air due to simple atmospheric conditions, and concurred by several scientists asked about this. The real reason all of this is being blown out of proportion is Vegas. For some inane reason, when the teams were first announced, the Seahawks were 2 and half point favorites. 80% of the bets then went for the Pats, meaning the casinos and bookies of the world stood to lose a fortune if the Patriots win, perhaps even into the billions. This is a rare mistake and to do it for the Superbowl is unheard of. I wonder if they are not using their influence to cause as much commotion as possible to pray that Seattle comes out ahead. Anyway you look at it, this story is crap and the media is overdoing it again. So congratulations MSM you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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