Thursday, January 29, 2015


I am astonished to this day that anyone votes Republican. Now that is not to say that the Democrats are a beacon of hope. They suck almost as hard. However, as of right now, even then most corporate Democrat is not hell bent on turning this country into a feudal state complete with fiefdoms and serfs. That is exactly the end game of the GOP and, mote importantly, the Koch Brothers. Thanks to the end of Citizen's United, we no longer live in a democracy and the people filling that void left over are these two assholes.
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I noticed something this week while watching PBS News, which can be both an excellent sort of news channel and crappy shills a second later. It's a lot like Fox News. On a quick side note, will someone call CNN and tell them just to stop. JUST STOP! Their coverage lately of just about anything is sophomoric at best and it's really starting to piss me off. And Don Lemon needs to go away, really earning his worst newscaster award, barely beating out Sean Hannity who had a fit about it, even though that award seem accurate, too. But I digress.

Anyway, while watching the PBS news last night, they announced a piece about the Koch Brothers. Knowing full well that the Koch Brothers fund said newscast, I was waiting for some puff piece about these two demons. I was not disappointed. What followed was a fifteen minute bit about how great these guys were and they were not subjugating democracy in any way. The funny part is how unconformable Gwen Ifill looked during the entire interview, as if she knew she was trying to sell Hitler votes to the Jews. "He loves Jews, Really," Retch, retch, retch.
She was not alone in what appears to be a full court press this week, with Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Republican pundits everywhere screaming that democrats are "obsessed" with the Koch Brothers who are only acting like every other American trying to get their point across and the proposed billion dollars to be spent in 2016 is no big deal. Except it is and it is killing our country bit by bit. We can see with our own eyes how bad these two dick-noses have been by promoting an agenda most of us do not want, like the elimination of Social Security, the minimum wage and the Postal Service. I like all three a lot and would like to keep them thank you. My so called "agenda" is that I do not want super rich assholes telling me what I can and can't do and keeping me in grinding poverty at the same time. The only people buying into this are stupid beyond words.

Want proof? Here's a good story from

As if we needed more proof of the power of money in politics, another field experiment, released in 2014, found a link between campaign donations and post-election Congressional behavior. Joshua Kalla and David Broockman, both University of California-Berkeley graduate students, worked with the liberal CREDO Action activist group to analyze politicians’ responses to donors in comparison to regular old constituents. Basically, the research team sent 191 members of Congress one of two emails: The first email asked the Congressperson, or their most senior staffer, to meet with “local campaign donors” about co-sponsoring a bill; the second email asked the Congressperson, or the senior staffer, to meet with “local constituents.”

Just 2.4 percent of the requests to meet with local constituents were accepted, while 12.5 percent of the requests to meet with political donors were granted. Taken with that aforementioned 2012 study by Powell, this gives unfortunate empirical evidence to what many Americans might already suspect: Money affects all spheres of politics, from campaigning to legislation to simple meetings.

This proves that congressman are more likely to meet and take orders from, large corporations who will be beholden to their interests. The Koch Brothers will be no different, pushing forward and agenda that even most Republicans do not want. Look at what the GOP has attempted to do so far: limit abortion to 20 weeks, a bill limiting gay rights and a heavy push for a pipeline we do not need. Funny how all that talk about jobs and job programs, and much like the last few decades, have NO idea how to create jobs with zero proposals. Yet, people are still voting for this. Unbelievable!
The rise of political money is reaching epic heights and some people out there, hard core idiots that is, are still fighting for this as if money equals free speech. Money drowns out free speech but giving rise to a huge unequal playing field. If this was football, the 1% would all be steroid pumped gigantors while we have a team of 90 pound weaklings all carrying hundreds of pounds in dead weight. In other words, the way things are, we cannot win. And unless we start addressing this problem, we will sink further and further into fascism until we reach a level we can't escape from.

On a quick side note, Ghostbusters announced their all female remake of the classic film and, of course, the misogynists have come out in droves. Ghostbusters is one of my all time favorite films, I hate, hate, HATE remakes, and even I can't wait to see this. Mellissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and, my favorite choice, Leslie Jones will be joining director Paul Feig in what I hope will be a laugh riot. Rumor is they are trying to get Bill Murray to play the villain which would make me very, very happy. The original cast was never going to get going, especially after the death of comic genius Harold Ramis, so I am thrilled to see a new take on it, especially from talent like this. Jones is fantastic, elevating every SNL sketch she is in, starring in her first big movie and all at the young age of 47. By the way, I almost fell over when I found out her age last year as she in no way looks 47. She is a real talent and I look forward to see her riffing with her co-stars. This also goes to show that fame can hit you at any age. Sure, you are far more likely if you are young and beautiful, but every now and then, someone like Jones comes along and makes anyone struggling to get noticed, believe they can make to. Keep up the good work Leslie. We love you.

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