Thursday, January 8, 2015


Much like the Republican voters in this country, Muslim militants have crossed that fine line from doing something stupid to doing something lethally stupid. Quick note that terrorism has NEVER worked in getting your way and usually results in said group being hunted down and killed. What do these retards think will happen if the general public starts seeing ALL of them as terrorists? Let's see those runner ups in this shortened week.
8)Chris Christie- The fat man really stepped in it this week. Was he caught in yet another government scandal? Did he steal more from the state's pension plan? Did his waist band explode and kill dozens? No, actually something far, far worse. He was caught, on camera, in the luxury box of Jerry Jones at the latest Cowboys game. Even worse, he was celebrating. This is of course a reason to seek the death penalty against him because half the state worships the Giants and the other half the Eagles. Guess which team both of those groups hate more than Hitler? If you said the Dallas Cowboys you get a gold star. To say people were livid over this would be understatement and demonstrates how dumb the general public is. Screw them over by taking more and more money from them to shower on the rich? No problem. Show support for a rival team? Get him. Man we are a stupid people.
7)Mother Nature- It is freaking cold out there. Mother Nature must be wanting rock hard nipples because they would freeze solid right now. Here in MA, it was 30 below zero last night. This of course has sent out the latest round of warming deniers, who scream bloody murder every time it gets cold and then whistle Dixie when the heat waves start in March. Stay inside boys and girls, because it's cold outside and yes, climate change has something to do with this.

6)The Oscars- Leaked memos came out today as producers rightfully worry that this year's telecast will be light on the viewers. They plan on spending millions to promote NPH but the sad fact is, most movies nominated this year are art house variety that have little impact past the few thousand people that see them. And the producers have said exactly that. The worst part is that for the most part, a lot of these films, like Selma, Unbroken and the woefully terrible Grand Budapest Hotel, might not really deserve to be up there while crowd favorites like Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America are likely to be snubbed. The awards will be announced on the 15th and I expect a lot of disappointment, and soon after, soft ratings for few will have seen even a small percentage of the films beforehand.

5)The economy- The last two days the Dow has soared, regaining all that was lost since the beginning of the year. The problem with this is that there has been no change in the fact that our economy rests on a perilous edge and we are doing more and more to make sure that it falls to it's death. Our traders lately seem not to understand how the economy works and are now buying solely on gut instinct and wishes rather than reality. Greece is still failing, our banks are more over leveraged than 2008 and oil prices continue to plunge, even after brief respites, like what is happening now. Our stock market is so devoid of reality that it might as well be run by Santa.
4)Louis Gohmert- One of the Unholy Three of Congress, which includes Gohmert, the now departed Michelle Bachmann and Steve King, thus called because they are the most retarded people in all of Congress. The fact that Gohmert and Cruz are from the same state, Texas, says something. This week, Gohmert tried a half assed attempt to wrest control of the House away from Boehner by announcing his candidacy for Speaker. Needless to say, that went no where fact as most people saw the stark difference between Boehner and Gohmert and said, "Boehner may be a drunk douchebag, but he's not an insane one." Gohmert lost the race along with what was left of his marbles. No reward is being offered for their return.

3)Republicans- In office all of one day, the House passed several bills that have little chance of getting to the President, and even if they do, Obama has promised to veto all three of them. One is of course the keystone pipeline one, which has already been targeted for a veto long before today. Another bill would change the definition of a full work week to 40 hours, which critics rightfully say will just make people work harder for less money and benefits and does nothing to protect anyone but Big Business. The last one slashes Social Security for those on disability with their usual mantra of "If you want it, you have to pay for it," which only ever applies to stuff they hate and never anything else like corporate tax cuts which they still say "will pay for themselves," regardless of the fact that it never has. If you want to see what a GOP controlled world would look like, just remember what the country looked like in late 2008 when the economy went into free fall and a democrat had to come in and rescue it, sort of. These guys are just like the militants and are going to get a lot of people killed.
2)Conspiracy theorists- Everything is a conspiracy to these people. Global Warming? Hoax. Newtown shooting? Never happened. Satirical Newspaper attacked in France? Must be a false flag orchestrated by none other than Israel. Enough. Bad things happen and false flags are rare. This is certainly not one of them. How do I know? It wasn't big enough. A false flag event should start a war, make a stock soar, something readily seen. This has none of that other than a vague Boston Bombers feel (brothers killing heathens) which was also NOT a staged event regardless of the idiotic web pages devoted to that. All this did is make people madder at Middle Eastern people and if war was what they wanted, they would kill tens of thousands dead with a direct link to say Iran or North Korea and use that as an excuse to go after them. This was none of that. Stop hearing zebras everytime you hear hooves. They are fucking horses already.
1)Militant Muslims- The quickest way to lose a battle or a war, according to strategy masters like Sun Tzu, is to lose the hearts of minds of your enemy and your own people. There is a reason Vietnam was lost at home because the people didn't support it. These kinds of attacks are having a very similar feel. The people attacked are rightfully pissed at the morons doing this shit while moderates at home are rightfully concerned that they may be wiped from the Earth for their brethren's inability to understand reality. People in Europe already HATE Muslims and with good reason. They acted with kindness, the way a lot of European people are, and opened their borders to immigrants. Then these ingrates got there and were pissed that these Western societies dared to have Western ideals and they threw a fit about it. Now a full 25% of any given population in Europe is rapidly anti-Muslim. That's millions of people and why a lot of countries have strong political, right wing blocs, ones that are growing after this attack. If you want peace, ask for it. If you want war, keep it up. This will end badly if you continue when the world rises up and commits genocide to eliminate the problem once and for all. I do not want to see that happen, but if you keep killing infidels, the infidels will rise up and fight back and they outnumber you six to one and have nuclear weapons. Stop terrorism as it is a fantastic failure. Just ask the Japanese who discovered quickly that if you Kamikaze the enemy, soon after, you will have NO pilots left. So congratulations Muslim Extremists you are indeed douchebag of the week, and by the way, JE SUIS CHARLIE!

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