Sunday, January 18, 2015


Proving I do not play favorites, our President hit new lows this week in not sending a high level representative to Paris even though Eric Holder was already there and then pandering to democrats in a preview for the beyond worthless State of The Union Address (Why is this still a thing? If I want to be lied to, I'll ask my fiancée how I am bed) where he states that he wants lower taxes for the middle class, which he could have done at any time but waited until he has no chance of implementing it now. What a dick. Let's see those runner ups.
10)Muslim Bashing- Look, I get it. Muslims are far from popular right now. It doesn't help that they are constantly misinterpreting their own book, worse than just about anyone else and that's saying something. Here's three thing that are NOT in the Koran: 72 virgins, women must wear bee keeper outfits and a ban on images of the prophet Mohammed. None of that is in there anywhere but morons who can barely read have been told it is and thus the protests. But on the flip side has been a truly stunning lack of understanding about Muslims in general and unnecessary hostility has arisen in it's place. This week, Duke University was going to the do a call to prayer from their church only to get a LOT of hate for it. Nevermind the call to prayer is actually quite beautiful and not all Muslims are evil, people got their panties in a bunch and the University backed down to racists. Just as bad was reaction to Nancy Pelosi's nomination to the Congressional Security Council of an elected Muslim American,  and you would have thought she nominated Osama Bin Laden for the post. The right screamed bloody murder about it, even though there is zero chance this guy is a terrorist. Get a clue people, not all Muslims are bad just as all Christians are not good.

9)George Zimmerman- Speaking of tools, the Zimmster got himself arrested AGAIN this week, this time for chucking a bottle of wine at his now former girlfriend. First off, what idiot is dating this jerk? While I still believe he deserved to get off from the charges he was originally accused of, I also don't like him. And what part of do not do anything to cause the police to look at you again do you not get? This is his third arrest since the trial which says loads about his character. He'll be sharing a jail cell with OJ any day now.
8)Metlife- I was watching TV last weekend when I noticed what can only be described as one of the worst commercials ever. Metlife has been associated with Peanuts for decades now, especially the popular, uber-recognizable Vince Gauraldi song that everyone of any age instantly knows. So what did some brain dead ad executive do? He turned that song into some barely recognizable, superslow version that was putting me to sleep. I used to pay attention to this ad everytime that song came on but this time it barely registered. Some one needs to be fired over this because this ad campaign sucks. 

7)Sandy Hook Parents- I feel bad for these people losing their kids the way they did but this latest lawsuit, of which there are several, is really starting to piss me off. First, a group of victims decided to sue the gun manufactures because of the gun used as if it was their fault. You don't sue Buick when a drunk driver plows into you so why should this be any different? Now they are suing the local school district for not having bulletproof glass, which would have been hugely expensive and never would have been approved as it would have decimated the local budget. This is greed not loss. Get over it already and move on.
6)Free Speech in France and Saudi Arabia- We have been inundated with Je Suis Charlie and I agree with this. However, much like the Duke call to prayer, free speech depends on who is speaking it. France arrested a French-Muslim comic for joking about the attacks and also made some very questionable anti-Semitic remarks. He has every right to say what he wants just as the rest of us have every right to protests his sorry ass outside of his shows and harass any idiot paying to see this dick. However, arresting him for this is too far. Saudi Arabia was no better when they sentenced a blogger to 1000 lashes for "insults to the religion of Islam." For the next 19 Fridays, this guy is publically flogged for this. And these guys are our biggest allies why? Oil. Saudi Arabia has done more damage to Islam than just about any one else, due to their ultra-conservative Wahhabism beliefs. This is why radicalization happens and we continue to not only support them but there is some evidence to support the fact that we are subsidizing them (to the tune of trillions) to use cheap oil as a weapon versus Russia and Venezuela. We need to get off oil and contrary to what you have heard, we could do it this year if we really wanted. And there's the problem, no one in charge wants to.

5)Black Lives Matter protestors- It had not been a good week for black protestors. There was some minor uproar from black writers about the possibility of Angelina Jolie playing Cleopatra in an upcoming movie, saying erroneously that she was black. This shows a stunning lack of knowledge of history, which is every bit as bad as saying Jesus was black as he wasn't. He wasn't white either but Middle Eastern in appearance, assuming he ever actually lived at all. Cleopatra on the other hand was GREEK, or in other words, white and this has been known for some time now. Open a book already guys. And then came the Ferguson protestors to Boston, who truth be told were not black but mostly women, Asians and a few hippies. First the tied up traffic on two major highways, stalling traffic and nearly killing a few people in ambulances who couldn't get through. They went on to say they did this protest in the Boston area because they wanted to highlight the fact that white people come into Boston to work and then go home to the suburbs which is NOT true. Boston is one very white, very expensive city to live in where few blacks live, and certainly not any poor ones. If they wanted poor black people, they should have gone to Dorchester. But the best was after they got arrested and the media is hounding them for comments, they cried and whined about their "mistreatment," and how they needed to got to the hospital. They lost all support in this town and laws are being drafted to make blocking a major road a felony. Thanks guys, because of your idiocy, you are making legitimate protests that much harder. And they wonder why I call the younger generation, Generation Wuss.
4)Bill Cosby- The once great comic is now facing criminal charges from an alleged attack at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. Supposedly he has evidence he was no where near the place at the time of the attack, which may be true and this could be about money, but the fact that over two dozen women have come forward already makes it look believable at face value. His show in Worcester was recently cancelled, which the promoter was thrilled with, as who wants to be associated with him. NBC slammed the door in his face and said they will never work with him again. Time to retire Bill and pray you don't see the inside of a jail cell where you probably belong.

3)The Malarkey's- If you have a last name that literally means bullshit, pulling off an elaborate con is probably not a good idea. In 2004, their son Alex was in an auto accident and "died," where he went to heaven and met Jesus. They wrote a book about it and made a lot of money about this "true" story. The only problem was Alex actually had felt guilty about the lie and came clean that he and his dad, Kevin, made the whole thing up. Poor Alex is still a quad, but he gets points for saying too many people do not read the Bible and live up to the expectations inside. Alex did and good for him. His douchebag father on the other hand is going to get sued up the yin yang.
2)Republicans and Voters- This week we saw John Boehner and Mitch McConnell rev up their base about thing that will never pass like the Keystone Pipeline, the 40 hour work week and defunding the DHS. They are still acting like a minority party, not realizing that as the new majority, they actually have to try to pass bills that will pass, not get shot down in the Senate or vetoed. Mike Huckabee went off on Obama for daring to have his kids listen to Beyoncé, gasp! NWA she's not. But the worst were voters in Virginia who voted for a former democrat, now independent, Joseph D. Morrissey running in a special election for the Virginia Senate. Problem is, he's in jail at the moment for pleading guilty to possession of lewd images concerning his underage secretary who has been rumored to have been sleeping with him. He has threatened to sue if they vote him out of the Senate, but that seems like a longshot at best. It's voters like this why things are so fucked up in this country.
1)Obama- This guy has not had a good week. He started off by inexplicably not sending someone to the Paris rally, not even Holder who was already there. This made the world really bash us and rightfully so. But the kicker is his asking for a middle class tax cut in his upcoming State of the Union address, or what I call  the "let's lie to the American people for an hour and a half." speech. There has never been one good one of these in my lifetime. Here's what makes my blood boil about this. He has had six years to enact any of these provisions and could have easily done it way back in 2009. Instead he waits until there is zero chance of it's passage in a Republican controlled Congress and is now just a talking point designed to make the democrats look good, even though most of them are just like Obama and couldn't care less about this. All they want are your votes and this is blatant pandering. It reminds of Clinton, after leaving office, saying he thought pot should be legal but did the exact opposite for eight years in power. They must think we are all stupid to not know better. So congratulations Obama, you are indeed douchebag of the week. 

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