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I was going to write about the best films I saw for 2014 but got side tracked with work and now have to write a quicker column. So instead I want to bring up politics as we seem to be having a repeat of the 2012 presidential campaign. Republicans are entering en masse and each one seems crazier than the next. Even the more sober of the two, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, both have the stink of past losses and failed presidencies to deal with while the loonies in the Tea Party nominate psychos like Ted Cruz and Rick Perry. Waiting in the wings are certifiable loons like Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump, making me and every other person who writes comedy clap their hands together in glee. This is going to get ugly fast.
On the left, we have presumed nominee Hillary Clinton with no real contenders to throw her off her game. That's what happened eight years ago when she had it all sewn up until Obama crashed the party and took the nomination from her. It is entirely possible that anyone from Liz Warren to Joe Biden could do the same. She is very vulnerable regardless of the inevitably surrounding her.

The worst part is no matter who we get, chances are it won't matter. It doesn't help when Idiot America refuses to vote for the best candidate and just goes along party lines regardless of how piss poor the person is. Republicans are far worse than democrats with this, as seen in the latest election here in MA, where Martha Coakley lost again because she was and is a terrible candidate and the left isn't as stupid as those on the right to vote against their own self interests.

This was seen most recently when Mike Grimm won a house seat on Staten Island even though it was near 100% certain he was going to jail, not to mention the fact he threatened a reporter on air with bodily harm. Now mind you, the democrats ran a terrible candidate against him, but in that case, no one should have voted for either idiot, which will be my position should 2016 come down to another Bush versus Clinton match-up. Why does the right constantly vote for people with a R next to their name no matter how terrible they are at their job? The same thing happened in CT where voters inexplicably voted for John Roland for governor twice, and then after going to jail for corruption, voted for his successor Jodi Rell. How dumb is that?
Proving that democrats are no better, Virginia takes the cake with a special election in which they voted for a former democrat now independent, Joseph D. Morrissey even though he was in prison at the time. This is from

The former Democrat ran his re-election campaign while on work-release from prison, where he was sentenced to serve six months in December after entering an Alford plea to a misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He pled guilty while maintaining his innocence in order to avoid felony charges that stemmed from a sexual relationship he allegedly had with his underage former receptionist.

All that legal drama apparently wasn't much of a deterrent for Morrissey's constituents, although it's worth noting that only 6,720 ballots were cast in a district of about 53,000 registered voters, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The Virginia State House has threatened to expel him and the police are still looking into him for falsified court records as well as looking into further relationship information about the politician and his teenage assistant. We should also have a law that if you fail to get a certain percentage of the vote according to population, we get a do over. Less than 7000 people voting is a sign that they didn't care for any of these idiots.
Editorial cartoon on climate change
The politicians we have voted for continue to amaze me in the ineptitude. Obama has had a truly awful hit or miss year in 2014 and got off to another stellar start in 2015 by not sending anyone to the rally in Paris, even though Eric Holder was there in Paris at the time. He is hardly the populist we all wanted him to be, having failed to indict anyone from the bank failures or the torture programs which are literally war crimes regardless what the lawyers keep telling us. I may not like the Geneva convention but anti-torture statutes are a must have still.

On the flip side we have Republicans taking credit for any good economic news even though they have done everything they can to sabotage the recovery. They are still pushing a Keystone pipeline which is a terrible idea. Worse, they keep pushing these government studies that say there won't be any problems from it, even though said studies were funded by pro-Keystone pipeline entities. The Senate is getting read to vote on a referendum on whether climate change is really happened as if that is how science works. And these are the guys some of you yahoos put in charge.
2016 will be here sooner than we'd all like and it looks like another clown car of awful Republicans and a handful of democrats who will also pander to their rich donors and not to America. Any way you spell it, disaster looms and a lot of it is our fault for not demanding more.

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