Monday, January 18, 2016


These past few days saw both the Republican and Democratic debates happen with wildly different results. One was a joke with terrible candidates, the worst moderators yet, but on a night when some might have been paying attention, while the other saw a front runner sink herself before a national audience playing to a televised audience of no one. For the latter they might as well as have put it on Christmas Eve at 3 in the morning for all the attention it was going to get. How bad were these two debates? I didn't even watch either because one was just sad and the other was on after an NFL playoff game (Fuck you very much Pittsburgh for blowing the game in the final minutes) on a holiday weekend. A test pattern would get more viewers.

So let's start with the idiot parade known as the GOP debate. Moderated by Neil Cavuto and some bimbo too stupid to know better, they asked the most inane questions and had zero follow up no matter how dumb the response was. Here's a hypothetical example:

CAVUTO: Senator Cruz, how much do you hate Obama?

CRUZ: With the heat of a thousand suns. That Muslim, Kenyan bastard has been a disaster to this country and is leading the fight to kill every first born in this country.

CAVUTO: Good answer.

That was the sum of the entire debate. No matter how stupid someone said something, and there were some doozies, the moderators failed to even attempt a clarification, making anyone who watched that debate dumber than when they started. How is that good for anyone?

Cruz is a boob. Trump is a fool. And the rest of the numnuts are barley able to breath on their own without someone reminding them too. Can someone please tell Carly Fiorina it's all over and no one likes her? Or that Ben Carson has a less chance of winning than me? Why stay in when there is zero chance of winning?

From what I read of the aftermath, Trump and Cruz did the best and everyone else should just pack it up. Bush is sinking hard, Cristie and Kasich are coming off more blowhardish than Trump, as if that was possible, and establishment characters like Rubio are barley hanging on. This is a bad year for establishment politicians.

Just ask Hillary how this week turned out. Her numbers are dwindling faster than 2008 when Obama lapped her. Now Bernie is looking to do the same. Her idiot daughter, the epitome of white, rich privilege, lied about Sanders health care plan so badly that even Republicans came to his defense. He wisely snubbed that in the butt by releasing his plan how to pay for it, by raising taxes a little on the poor, some on the middle class, and a lot the richer you got. I love it, mainly because it would actually work. It would drive down prices, make health care affordable somewhere between 40 and 80 dollars a month, which compared to my 500 a month sounds much better, and eliminate deductibles and co-pays. Only an idiot would look at this and scream SOCIALISM at it. It blunted Hillary's attack this week on how it would be paid for because he spelled it out and 170 economists wrote that they supported it as well. According to them, it would save this country trillions in lost health care spending.

Even the most ardent Hillary supporter saw that she lost this debate hands down. Other than going after Bernie on guns, none of which adds up to a hill on beans, she was on the defensive on every other subject. She couldn't defend herself as a protector against banks when she has taken in millions from them. The same for Big Pharma, Big Agro, and every other major company out there which is backing her. Meanwhile, Bernie has taken zero dollars from anyone not a little person and raised almost as much money as her. That is telling.

Unlike the GOP debate, moderator Lester Holt actually did a good job asking effective questions with even better follow up ones. Too bad no one was watching who didn't have to.

The point of this is that the GOP is going to nominate one of two morons and, on the other side, thankfully, Hillary's star is starting to tarnish. I can only pray that people get out to vote in the primaries and help make Bernie Sanders the nominee because if I see it comes down to a Trump/Clinton contest, a may have to figure a way off the planet because it won't be here much longer.

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