Sunday, January 10, 2016


If there was ever a more obvious example of why I loathe Republicans it has to be this ass who is governor of Michigan. Because of typical GOP nonsense and their insane desire for NO regulation and giving all the money to rich people, hundreds of thousands of people have been exposed to lead  in the water of Flint, MI, all because some douche wanted to save money on the backs of public health. The fact that he hasn't been charged with a crime says lots about this country. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Chipotle- The fast food Mexican restaurant is now being investigated for criminal actions over a norovirus outbreak in California. Exactly why there is an investigation is unknown at this time, but the fact remains that it is abundantly clear the food at this establishment is highly unsafe. Sales have dropped 30% as well as dropping stock options. The big question here is why is it not 100%? What moron is still eating there? The same can be said for Taco Bell which serves people mock food. They can barely call their product meat. Yet America is too stupid to realize when they are being poisoned and continue to eat at places that all but tell you to get ready for a long trip on the toilet.

9)TSA- This week, video surfaced of the TSA groping a ten year, white girl for almost two minutes because she had a juice box in her carry-on. Even worse, TSA told the father who was filming the whole thing to stop as it was "illegal," which according to TSA's own website, it isn't, as long as you are not interfering or filming video screens, which he wasn't. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see this girl and her family were no threat. This is was supposed to be stop yet here it is front and center. This kind of crap makes no one safe and further devalues our civil liberties.

8)Brian Encina- The dick cop caught on dash cam abusing Sandra Bland has been fired and is facing criminal charges for perjury. Good. Now mind you, Sandra Bland was a fool for mouthing off to him in the first place, which is NEVER a good idea no matter what the cop is pulling you over for, but that should never end in a death sentence. Encina escalated things at every chance he had, the typical cop with a chip on his shoulder mentality, which led to all of this. Then, even worse, he lied about how it all went down, somehow unaware his car has a camera on it. I hope he goes to prison.

7)China and the economy- What a crap week for stocks, for which China was only part of the problem. China's economy is WAY overvalued and have been playing fast and loose with their policies for some time. But sooner or later, it all comes crashing down, and it finally did this week. However, even when China rallied on Friday, US stocks continued to slide for the worst opening week in American history, losing over a thousand points this week. Christmas was so bad, a lot of major retailers are closing stores and laying workers, like Macy's who are losing hundreds of stores and thousand of jobs. The fact that for the first time ever, there are none, not ONE, cargo ship traveling between Europe and the US right now says loads. No one is buying anything anymore and this is why our economy is sinking. You can't have a consumer economy when 99% of the public is no longer consuming. Expect this to get worse.

6)The Bengals- Way to lose a playoff guys. They had the game in the bag when they fumbled on the Steelers' 26 with around a minute and half left. Then, thanks to not one, but two personal fouls, this let the Steelers win with a field goal in the final seconds. Ouch. What was more shocking was a Steeler coach was on the field at one point during their rally, yet was not flagged for that, which he should have. The refs this year have been the worst ever. Better luck next year for the Bengals.

5)Tonya Couch- The mom of the despicable Allfluenza fugitive got a big dose of reality when she complained about the conditions at the jail she was being held in. She better get used to it, because she is facing three to ten for obstruction of justice. This is not a smart woman. She fled to Mexico and didn't think she would be caught pronto, not even getting rid of their cell phones which anyone who has watched any TV or movie ever, knows the authorities can track them anywhere on Earth. Next time pick a country with no extradition treaty dumbass.

4)Paul LePage- The governor of Maine is a racist ass and most likely has little chance of re-election. Sadly, even the most racist statements won't get you in too much trouble with the GOP electorate which says loads about them. This week, he said black people with names like D-Money and Shorty are driving up from CT and NY, dealing drugs and going home, but not before knocking up young white girls. He actually said that. There was little notice of this from the press as Trump says stuff like this on a daily basis and he is still the front runner. Stop voting Republican people. Democrats may suck, but they aren't trying to kill us all.

3)North Korea- Just when you thought the world couldn't get even less safe, the midget from a failing state tested another nuclear weapon, this time claiming it was a miniaturized hydrogen bomb. If true, it means they are that much closer to ICBM's. However, no one seems to think they actually accomplished this feat due to atmospheric testing. Either way, Kim Jung Un is a dangerous fool at a time when countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey are all being ruled by loons as well. This cannot end well.

2)Germany- Just missing out on the top spot, Germany saw a slew of sexual assaults on New Year's Eve, almost all committed by Muslims. Twenty people were arrested, but some like the mayor of one town said women should keep men at arms length to prevent rape, as if that works. Worse, Germany says they are going to take another million, of ten million expected refugees coming next year, which will make things worse. Germany still hasn't recovered from Turkish migrants who arrived 50 years ago and still do not speak German or have assimilated in any way. What do millions coming bring then? This will propel more hatred toward Muslims, a far right government and eventual attacks from both sides. Good luck with this.
The mentality that led to the Flint water crisis
1)Rick Snyder- In a stupid attempt to save money, Flint, Michigan was allowed to stop getting their water from Detroit and use local water sources instead. What they didn't seem to understand was that years of NO regulations had poisoned the local water and attempts to clean it up before people drank it actually stripped lead from aging infrastructure and led to high levels of it in the water. Then, the government tried to cover all that up and told people the water was safe when it certainly wasn't. Thanks to some scientists who didn't believe it, they tested the water and found out it was undrinkable, leading to hard proof. All of this was Rick Synder's fault and typical GOP crap about regulations stifling innovation when in reality those regulations keep us from dying young. But rich people do not care about that, as profits matter more, thus thousands of children that will have serious issues for the rest of their life because of this. Snyder should go to jail for this but most likely won't because the press and the government is with them and the American people are too stupid to know better and keep voting for assholes like this. So congratulation Rick Snyder you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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