Monday, January 4, 2016


The stock market is nose diving today after Chinese and Brazilian earnings tanked hard, with Chinese stocks dropping 7% before they halted trading and Brazil facing it's worst recession since 1901. The ripple effect has dropped US stocks down almost 400 points at this writing at 2:45 EST. Chinese stock will drop even further in four days when they stock sale ban goes out of effect and could lead to a massive sell off, furthering crippling US stocks which look to nose dive this week and possibly beyond.

Christmas sucked for retailers who had their worst Christmas in a decade, online and brick and mortar stores alike. Because US consumers are buying less, corporations are buying less from the Chinese, thus their stock market does worse as well. It's a vicious cycle and one that won't end well for anyone.

Brazil's economy is seeing rapid inflation, the fastest in 12 years. Growth is being hampered by wage stagnation, job losses, worthless austerity measures that NEVER work and corruption within their government on a grand and public scale leading to impeachment proceedings and ongoing investigations into top level people. This is a country ready to fail. Good luck with this summer's Olympics in a failing state.

And it's not just economics that are feeding this sell frenzy but a sense that war may be getting closer by the second. Saudi Arabia and Iran are at each others throats because both government are essentially autistic three year olds fighting over an imaginary toy. Thank God neither of these two retarded countries have nuclear weapons because they would use them. Saudi Arabia killed a rebel Imam who preached against the Saudi government that Iran went nuts over when he was executed along with 46 others, almost all either Al-Qaeda or anti-government rebels. This has led to embassies being burned, ambassadors recalled and mass protests against the Saudi's for behaving like dicks. Killing someone for protesting your shitty religious nonsense is bad. The fact I have to side with equally dangerous Iranian Mullahs shows how far off the reservation Saudi Arabia has become.

Here at home, a group of militia members have taken over a nature refuge in Oregon. At first, you think why are these idiots trying to get killed, as that is what the MSM is spinning. However, when you look at the reason behind this, you start to think they have a point. Two ranchers were convicted or arson when a fire they set to clear unwanted vegetation got out of hand and burned into federal property on two separate years. Even this seems to not warrant prison as if it was an accident, as all proof seems to suggest, then why jail them? But that aside, after the got out prison, a Federal Judge said they hadn't served enough time, using some arcane anti-terrorism law as justification, and sent them back for four more years. How is that legal? Once, you've served your time, that's it. I have never heard of anyone being re-sentenced after they got out of prison. Never. So some people think this is over reach and have said they are taking over this building until they release the two ranchers. I see that as a fair and reasonable action by people being told what to do by and increasingly out of control government. This is why we have guns. Maybe this country should be reminded of that.

There is no good way out of this for the government. If they give in, they look weak. If they go in guns blazing, they set the stage for a civil war. Their best bet is to wait them out and do nothing, something officials are horrible at, just like Ruby Ridge and Waco. This could end badly for all if they so much as sneeze in the wrong direction.

This world is falling apart and it only January 4th. Whee.

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