Sunday, January 24, 2016


Two weeks in a row for top spot as the beleaguered governor of Michigan continues to dig his own grave and expose the utter hypocrisy, and even racism, of the modern day political system. Mind you most of the blame goes to the deregulation pushing of the Republican party mentality but the EPA and Democratic run cities like Detroit aren't much better. Let's see those runner ups as I have a Patriots game to watch.

10)Madonna- This woman has not had a good few past months. Last month she got into an unwise court battle with her 15 year old son over visitation rights. Not the ex-husband, her son! You can only guess how that turned out after a judge ruled he had to return from England and he said bite me. Then she took it out on her fans by showing up late for recent concerts in the south, one of which fans said she was visibly drunk at. And she wasn't ten or fifteen minutes late but two and half hours. If I had kids at home, which most of her fans do, I'd be pissed and I would expect more than some left before it even started. Maybe it's time for the material girl to pack it up and go home. For whatever sexist reason, as bad as it is watching someone like Mick Jagger parade around stage, it's worse for older women. I recently saw Debbie Harry perform, and while her voice still sounded amazing, watching a woman old enough to be my grandmother belt our rock hits seemed wrong and disturbing. After a certain age for any performer, male or female, it's time to quit. Madonna, this may be your clue.

9)13 Hours- There was a time I really liked Michael Bay movies. Bad Boys and Armageddon, while not masterpieces by any means, had a certain charm to them and the directing in them was solid. Since those days, he has gone on to direct disaster porn/toy merchandising crap like Transformers and not funny drek like Pain and Gain. His latest 13 Hours may be his worst yet. Not anti-Hillary enough for the right wing loon crowd and too political for the left, this film tanked so hard Fox kept trying to sell it all week on their "news" network. If there was ever a movie I would not want to see it's anything about BENGHAZI. The words "WAY too soon" and "Don't care" come to mind for this nonsense.

8)Ta-Nehisi Coates-  Some black people finally did what so many groups do and over-reached to such a point that sane black people rebelled. After the Oscar debacle (more on that later), it has become apparent that too many black people are unwisely supporting Hillary Clinton, including this noted author and idiot who seems incapable of understanding the ramification of his actions. First off, any black man saying he wants repartitions for slavery, as this dick has, has to first live as a slave for up to one year to fully appreciate the sacrifice his ancestors made for him to live in one of the greatest countries in the world. If you never lives as a slave, you get nothing. Your reward is you don't live in Africa which is mostly a cesspool. You are free to leave whenever you want. But even worse, when this ass brought up the subject to Bernie Sanders, he rightfully dismissed it as never going to happen, unless you want to see how bad race relations are going to get. He, like most Millennials, had a hissy fit over it, causing rapper, and my new hero, Killer Mike, to tell him to shut the fuck up and get with the program that Sanders is the best man for the black community and he is not wrong. Black people better wake up that fact or expect no change in the status quo, or even worse, of they vote for Hillary.

7)Snowstorm Jonas- The weather dumped an inch of ice two days before a monster storm in the DC area, snarling traffic for hours. Then a blizzard hit dumping over two feet of snow, and way more up here in MA as we went from a coating to half a foot, crippling the region. NYC saw record snowfall as did the Philadelphia area. And just like clockwork, all the global warming deniers came out of the woodwork screaming about how it's fraud and forgetting that it is winter. Morons.

6)Des Moines Register- This week the Iowa paper picked Hillary and Rubio as their respective picks for president. If they tried, they couldn't have picked more establishment candidates. If I was in the area, I would have cancelled my subscription because this proves they either have no idea what they are doing or are corporatism shills. Either way, this paper should be used to wrap fish and train puppies because it certainly isn't readable anymore.

5)Anjali Ramkissoon- Another person caught in video assaulting an Uber driver while drunk, this one was slightly different as the perp was young, wicked hot and, this I can't believe this, a doctor. The video went viral when she tried to steal someone else's ride, and then she went ballastic and attacked the driver and threw all his stuff from the car into the street. She was fired from her job after this as who wants to go see a doctor who is either a loon or an alcoholic. What is wrong with people today?

4)Debbie Wasserman Schultz- This corrupt bitch is getting it from all sides, with serious deliberation to her stepping down. Considering what a piss poor job she has done so far, that should be a no brainer. It may not make any difference because she is facing her first ever primary opponent, a local democrat who has had with her. I don't know hos popular she still is in her area, but here's hoping she gets thrown out on her ear, Cantor style. It came out recently she is accepting huge amounts of money from Big Pharma to keep weed illegal, a big policy of hers. Hmm, I wonder why. Someone take thus cow out of office and keep her out. She is every bit as bad as any Republican out there.

3)Sarah Palin- Your son gets arrested for beating his girlfriend and you claim he has PTSD and Obama did it. Classy. Unfortunately, facts matter and it turns out everything you said is a lie. He served under Bush not Obama, who also started said war back in 2003, served only a year and never saw combat. I actually know some people who served in the same area at the same time and guess what? None of them have PTSD. As a matter of fact, unlike today's clusterfuck where soldiers are exposed to daily bombing threats, things back then where a lot more peaceful. The longer we stayed, the more resentment built, thus the reason to get the hell out of there. But idiots like Palin can't see that. Then she gave a nonsensical speech supporting Trump which was spectacularly parodied on SNL last night. If you haven't seen it, Google it. It's hysterical. She isn't.

2)Oscar racism- Talk about opening a can of worms. Black people threw a fit over not getting any nominations and started talking boycott and other nonsense. Well, like every other company out there, the Academy bowed down to public pressure and is set to make changes in the rules that will make no one happy, mostly because they won't work. Black people are a minority group and to suggest equal footing made white people lose their minds because affirmative action for the Oscars is going to fail. Adding extra spaces to Best Actor or Best Picture is just going to guarantee that even lesser known white people are going to be nominated. Getting rid of lifetime membership will decimate older voters voting rights, and oddly enough, complainers like Jada Pinkett Smith, who would also lose her status due to lack of nominated roles. If you really want to change the Oscars you have to have more people working behind the scenes, have a theater cutoff number such as 500 screen minimums, and convince black film makes to stop making just films about black people. Mexican directors don't make just films about Mexicans and look how many Oscars they are winning. This is making white people mental and not without cause as being called a racist when you certainly aren't, is racist. Let that one sink in.

1)Rick Snyder- This ass has tried to make it seem like he had no idea that black people were being poisoned in Flint Michigan all week. The blame game caused a local leader and an EPA guy to lose their jobs but this goes much higher than that and Snyder's recently released emails haven't helped. They demonstrate that he did know, didn't care and should be brought up on charges for negligent homicide. The fact this went on for two years as his administration did everything they could to deny the water was unsafe is unbelievable. This is why deregulation and smaller government is a terrible idea as it will lead to this happening everywhere. Even worse, it already has. According to some researchers, vast swaths of land have terrible water, contaminated with heavy metals and other problems. Obama gets his share of the blame for this for lowering water standard allowing for this kind of garbage in our drinkable water. Republicans however are leading the charge in making us very unsafe everywhere. Almost everywhere in the North East that isn't MA has terrible water, especially almost all of NY and PA, some of which may be because of fracking. The point is a lot of us are drinking water that is harmful to us. We riot over the fact that black people are being shut out of the Oscars, but black people being poisoned in Flint doesn't? We need to wake up to what is important and demand that this ass running Michigan into the ground is arrested for murder. So congratulations Rick Snyder you are indeed the murdering douchebag of the week. 

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