Wednesday, January 27, 2016


People are showing signs that they have had it with the status quo. Hillary's numbers are starting to fall dramatically with black people whose support has eroded twenty percent over the last few weeks. If she loses them, she loses the primaries. This woman represents everything that will NOT present change. Sanders, and even Trump to a certain extent, represent saying to the world enough is enough.
Iowa is less than a week away and I cannot stress this fact people: YOU NEED TO GET OUT AND VOTE IN THE PRIMARIES FOR BERNIE SANDERS! I have watched some of the dumbest videos with shills trying to convince you democratic socialism doesn't work. The only problem with that is that it is completely untenable with reality as the best run countries on the planet are all democratic socialistic societies with booming economies, stability and populations happy with their way of life. Yeah, who wants that? The opposite fact is that the economic reality the US and some of Europe have been experimenting with have been dismal failures, leading to crashing economies as all the wealth is accumulating at the top, leading to our possible end. Hillary will change nothing more than a band aids worth, just like Obama did, that she keeps praising even though he is still captaining a sinking ship. We need something better or different because the path we are right now, led by corporatists on both sides of the aisle, will end badly for most of us.

Trump is winning the GOP side because of this. Republicans have wised up to the fact that the establishment has been lying to them for decades and only a non politician like Trump or a lunatic like Cruz can save them. Cruz is getting the votes from people who should never, ever vote because they must be borderline mentally challenged or epically stupid to support such a human troll. Trump, for all his faults (and he has lots), I get why people like him and why it is not so far fetched he may be our next president. I think if that happens, he will be more Hitler and FDR, but Hillary in the office doesn't give me the warm fuzzies either. A recent poll said 19% would rather pound sand than vote for her. Trump gets similiar numbers meaning if it comes down to these two, it could be a record low turnout. If Bloomberg idiotically gets into the race, some polls show he could win against either Hillary or Sanders. That is frightening if we have another Ralph Nader moment that gives four, maybe even eight, or President Trump. To be honest, I doubt the country would last that long with him in charge.

One of the smarter things he has done is skip the next debate. Much like Ronald Reagan did before Iowa in 1980, Trump will not be attending, most likely that is. That air of doubt is brilliant because it makes him the center of attention until Thursday and sucks the wind out of everyone else. If he doesn't show, will people watch? If he does show up, which I think is unlikely, all eyes are on him. He has no reason to show up as he has a comfortable lead and looks to be a lock for the nomination. The GOP is going to have a fit over this. If it does come down to Trump versus Hillary, She will raise more money from dark sources than anyone else as corporate America will shower her with dough to destroy Trump which is the most likely scenario. If comes down to Bernie versus Trump, which is completely up to you readers, Bernie may not need a lot of money if his surge continues which it will as his message is going to resonate with many, including Republicans likely to defect. But this is only one theory and who knows how it plays. Conspiracy theory thought suggests the vote will be rigged and we will somehow get Hillary versus Rubio. It is possible.

One of the more credible conspiracy theories out there is that the powers that rule us are poisoning the people through water, food, vaccines, etc. to thin out the population. The reason this is not so far fetched is that any scientist worth his name knows there are too many people on the planet. As mankind will never willingly give up having kids the eventual outcome is a massive disease wiping us out, starvation, and/or mass poverty. If the rich have decided they don't need us, which they don't, and will have access to possibly immortality within ten years due to incredible research I have seen involving stopping, even reversing the aging process, a lot of us are not only expendable but a threat. A clever way to decimate the population, especially poorer ones, is to make them drink foul water and substandard food, ones that may even begin to have chemicals that render a lot of us sterile. It is not so science fiction to believe that those who have stolen trillions from us don't have a plan how to keep that money forever and without a lot of us around.

Flint, Michigan is just such a place. Not only did they lie about the water quality for two years, knowing full well it was unsafe, they have done nothing to fix the problem since it was discovered. What if this was intentional? Local militia groups have shown up to give out water which is EXACTLY what these people should be doing instead of hijacking a remote government building in a vain attempt to recreate Waco, which our government yesterday was only too happy to oblige in.

Ammon Bundy and several others were arrested, one killed in a shootout with police, after they left the refuge area for a meeting in another town. At least the government waited this time until they were off property and grabbed them, unlike Waco where the same thing could have been done with far less bloodshed. The idiot who posted a dashboard cam was arrested in Arizona after going home to visit his family. The stupidity of this group is breathtaking. They do know once they left the property, they were eventually going to be arrested right? When you take a hostage, even if it's a building, you don't get a time out.

Expect the remaining idiots up there to give up soon. When did this country forget how to protest because it crosses all races, sexes and ages. Maybe the water is making us stupid because there is no other explanation for all of this. Let's hope Iowa proves me wrong.

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  1. I'm still certain the RNC will pull a fast one at the convention like they did with GWB. There is no way they will allow Trump the GOP nomination. He's going to go completely loco and rally Palin and the Bundy crew and mount a third party sweep in from the Nationalist Right. Only Bernie can prevent this scourge...