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One of the final gasps of any society is the breakdown in trust that occurs when mankind's evil side overtakes his better judgement. Tell me that isn't happening after spending ninety seconds on the Internet. In just the past few days, several wildly inaccurate conspiracy theories and dubious science scenarios have been plastered everywhere. Whether it be rapper B.O.B., who said he had "proof" the world was flat, or Iran's Ayatollah calling the Holocaust a fake, to people who still think the president was born in Kenya and is a secret Muslim. When does respecting someone's belief system cross from needed tolerance to ridicule? The way it has to be is everyone is entitled to their own belief system but no one is allowed to force their nonsense on anyone who doesn't want it. And if your belief system allows prejudice, hatred or absolute backward thinking, the rest of us get to treat you with complete disdain. No one should be made fun of if they are religious. At the same time, believing the world is only 6000 years old is retarded and it has to stop.

This week, rapper B.O.B sent out a bunch of unfortunate texts which I can only hope is actually a brilliant hoax into seeing how gullible white people are. But the most likely explanation is B.O.B is borderline mentally challenged for actually thinking the world is flat. That is actually an insult to the mentally challenged as even they know the Earth is round, so I apologize in advance for that. He also thinks the moon landing was faked. Where to even begin with this utter fool? You can't see the curvature of the Earth because you aren't high enough but pictures from the Space Station show a curved Earth as well as centuries of history which proves this. He does know we can circumnavigate the globe right? The moon landing obviously happened because you can see the lunar module remnants with a powerful enough telescope today, not to mention moon rocks which is physical proof we went there. This is what the the truly stupid are infecting us with, provable nonsense that is making others out there dumber.

Then there is the Ayatollah who today said he thinks the Holocaust was fake, a common theme in conspiracy sites everywhere. They are poorly researched, anthropologically unsound, and have an obvious anti-Semitic reason for existence. The Holocaust happened. I have talked personally with numerous survivors of said tragedy and they all tell the same story, a sure fire sign of being true. Individual eyewitness testimony is worthless, but dozens telling the exact same story is another matter. The Germans kept meticulous records about everything including the death camps and their locations. Original blueprints to places like Auschwitz and Dachau exist online that can be seen today. The same can be said for the record books containing the names of most of the Jews who died in the ovens. The only part of the story that may be untrue is the number of deaths that may be over-inflated from six million down to 1.5 million, but either way that is way too many innocent Jews to have been killed. It happened. We know it happened. Stop convincing people that it didn't. Get a new hobby or something like The I Hate Jews club where at least you will be honest with yourself about your real purpose in life. It is "religious" leaders that this dick that is going to get us all killed.

The list goes on and on. Obama is gay/Muslim/Kenyan? Nope. The world is 6000 years old? Ugh. Vaccines cause autism? No proof. The Boston Bombing was a false flag and Tsarnaev is actually innocent? Not in a million years. Adam Lanza was a hoax and none of the children even existed in a school that wasn't open at the time? Beyond stupid. Yet each and every one of these lives on on the internet and beyond. And it is getting out of hand. People don't know what to believe anymore so when real news happens, it gets lost in the din of all this crap instead.

The big story was the death of a Bundy militia member in a "shootout" with police as they idiotically put all their leadership in one place, unprotected, on a desolate street out on the public eye away from the building they captured weeks ago. These guys are morons. Eyewitness testimony has suggested that the victim, once seen interviewed under a blue tarp on TV, was shot in the back and unarmed. Going for a Mike Brown defense, the FBI countered with their version which said he came at them guns blazing and they have the video proof for that. If true, this goes away quick and the Bundy militia finds themselves in real trouble. If the video does NOT exist, this will continue to be a conspiracy theory, just like Mike Brown's death has, regardless of the fact that proof says he was charging the officer at the time of his death. But people still say "hands up, don't shoot." The same will happen here unless the FBI does have conclusive proof that what they said happened did happen. Trust between the public and cops is gone. That is a telling problem.

Then there is the fact that the Iowa caucuses are being administrated by Microsoft, a huge Hillary Clinton supporter. This has not been lost on Bernie Sanders who said he will independently have the ballots counted as he doesn't trust the result not to be stolen. I have written about many cases in the past where ballot issues appear to have been intentionally done. Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004
have enough irregularities to suggest manipulation happened, both of which gave the presidency to Bush. His brother Jeb was governor of Florida at the time and Diebold, a huge Bush supporter, operated the voting machines in Ohio which may have been the reason exit polls were so far off. Three Cuyahoga election workers were arrested for tampering with ballots in 2004. Funny how that never made the news. Here is a list below from the Cuyahoga's own website that shows that in every county, more people voted than actually lived in town. Kerry lost by 13,000 votes in Ohio. This list says otherwise:

Bay Village - 13,710 registered voters / 18,663 ballots cast
Beachwood - 9,943 registered voters / 13,939 ballots cast
Bedford - 9,942 registered voters / 14,465 ballots cast
Bedford Heights - 8,142 registered voters / 13,512 ballots cast
Brooklyn - 8,016 registered voters / 12,303 ballots cast
Brooklyn Heights - 1,144 registered voters / 1,869 ballots cast
Chagrin Falls Village - 3,557 registered voters / 4,860 ballots cast
Cuyahoga Heights - 570 registered voters / 1,382 ballots cast
Fairview Park - 13,342 registered voters / 18,472 ballots cast
Highland Hills Village - 760 registered voters / 8,822 ballots cast
Independence - 5,735 registered voters / 6,226 ballots cast
Mayfield Village - 2,764 registered voters / 3,145 ballots cast
Middleburg Heights - 12,173 registered voters / 14,854 ballots cast
Moreland Hills Village - 2,990 registered voters / 4,616 ballots cast
North Olmstead - 25,794 registered voters / 25,887 ballots cast
Olmstead Falls - 6,538 registered voters / 7,328 ballots cast
Pepper Pike - 5,131 registered voters / 6,479 ballots cast
Rocky River - 16,600 registered voters / 20,070 ballots cast
Solon (WD6) - 2,292 registered voters / 4,300 ballots cast
South Euclid - 16,902 registered voters / 16,917 ballots cast
Strongsville (WD3) - 7,806 registered voters / 12,108 ballots cast
University Heights - 10,072 registered voters / 11,982 ballots cast
Valley View Village - 1,787 registered voters / 3,409 ballots cast
Warrensville Heights - 10,562 registered voters / 15,039 ballots cast
Woodmere Village - 558 registered voters / 8,854 ballots cast
Bedford (CSD) - 22,777 registered voters / 27,856 ballots cast
Independence (LSD) - 5,735 registered voters / 6,226 ballots cast
Orange (CSD) - 11,640 registered voters / 22,931 ballots cast
Warrensville (CSD) - 12,218 registered voters / 15,822 ballots cast

The county has said this was software glitch. Or is it possible these are the real numbers that we are not supposed to see? It would explain why exit polls were so far off in 2004. Exit polls, if done correctly, have been shown to be accurate within one percent. There was no reason to find fault with the study, so the only explanation is fraud. For this to have happened in multiple states has been estimated at 250 million to one for it be chance. You have a better chance of winning Lotto.

Lastly we have the Planned Parenthood videos that have now not only been proven totally fake, but charges have been leveled against the people who made them. In Texas. That is hysterical. How many on the right have been crowing about these videos for weeks now? No one has been nut shot as hard as Carly Fiorina got this week when all that hoopla about seeing the video turned out to be pure propaganda and explains why she is polling dead last right now. Abortion is a personal choice and no one else's issue. End of story.

Conspiracy theories continue to gain traction and the time has come to start making fun of people whose grasp on reality is moronic. Let's start with all the candidates running for President not named Bernie Sanders. Feel the Bern people because sanity is much needed in the White House.

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