Friday, March 23, 2012


Tracking a trillionaire will be a daunting task, not the likes of which is the fact these people don't want to be found, and they have more money than God to achieve those goals through subterfuge, deceit, intimidation and even, murder. So just to say it again, I am not suicidal, I am not a purveyor of kiddie porn, a drug mule, a gay prostitute, nor any other smear anyone could level against me. So let me show how easy it would be to hide hundreds of billion of dollars in today's world.

Forbes released its annual list of the richest people on Earth last November and in it we see the number of them has tripled in ten years. How has your salary been for the last decade? Mine has been going steadily downward, like almost everyone else I know. As a matter of fact, I can only think of a handful of people who have actually gotten a raise, rather than a reduction.

The list had the usual faces on it like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. The odd part about this list is the fact that in it, almost everyone had seen a significant uptick on their fortunes, thanks to the inexplicable rise of the stock market entering into very shaky territory once again. That which rises too fast, usually has an equally spectacular fall. It has risen too fast due to super computers and speculators gaming the market. Today Apple experienced a flash crash typical of computer involvement when one makes a mistake. Human involvement was blamed, the "fat finger Syndrome," which is actually impossible considering the number of times an investor would have to make the same exact mistake. No the problem was computer error, which mixed up some number sequence in it's high speed calculations and sent the whole thing spiraling out of control. This is the same thing that happened in 2010 where again, no mention of these super computers ever comes out of the MSM mouth.

But let's take some random multi-billionaire like Eka Tjipta Widjaja, the palm oil king of Indonesia, whose net worth is said to be $8 billion dollars. How do we know that he's worth that? Because that's what he tells us he's worth. Right. And he hasn't hid anything away from tax collectors or prying eyes? Please. So these Forbes numbers right off the bat are questionable as we have no real reason to believe they are accurate. Would you tell the IRS that instead of being worth eight billion you have a net worth of 8 trillion? Of course not. And neither is anyone else.

Let look at a true bit of audaciousness that happened two years back that go no press. In July, 2010, hedge fund manager Anthony Ward bought one billion dollars worth of cocoa, 240,100 tons of it, cornering the market and making a killing in the process. He now controls seven percent of all chocolate production on Earth. Here's the kicker: his net worth is supposedly $55 million and that is only after the purchase. How does a man worth less than $55 million dollars buy one billion dollars of cocoa? Go into a bank and ask for a loan, say 10 million dollars, and see how quick they throw you out. Either he get the greatest loan in the history of banking, showing favoritism toward wealthy clients whether their idea has merit or not, or Anthony Ward is worth significantly more than he is letting on. As a hedge fund manager with a company with 1.5 billion dollars in assets, it's possible he used company funds for the bet, which could have exploded in his face if the cocoa crop went bad which is prone to happen, but this would present great risk and certain jail time if exposed, even today. I suspect his net worth is much greater than he's letting on. As hedge fund managers go, that kind of net worth seems way to low for the average. He is almost certainly worth billions, if not trillions more.

Two families keep popping up which we'll explore in a column for next week. The Rothchilds and the Rockefellers are estimated to have net worths in the trillions. But how reliable is it? Stay tuned for more info.


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