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UPDATE 4/8/13:

Here is a link to the latest on this story and an actual list of names of people who are hoarding huge sums of money in offshore accounts:

25 years ago, Forbes published their list of the world's richest people. On that list were 140 people. This year found 1,226 with a combined worth of $4.6 trillion dollars, a number that gets bigger every year. But how accurate is this list? Imagine you have an endless supply of money. You would hold the power of a nation as an individual with the capacity to buy or sell anything on Earth. More importantly, you could hide your vast wealth as any funds you hold could be distributed among shell companies, private banks and even hidden hoards of it buried in secret bunkers that you control. How would any of us know what any of these people are actually worth?

The existence of Yohannes Riyadi and Wilfredo Saurin, two names the FBI states are fraudulent names used in a scam against the FED, cannot be so easily dismissed. According to testimony given by Lord James of Blackmore to the House of Commons, 15 trillion dollars was given to HSBC through men rich beyond the dreams of avarice (who here knows where that quote is from?). While the FBI and others may differ on who gave it to them, the existence of said money has never been debated meaning it had to come from somewhere. The where question is the big one that no one wants to answer, if it is actually true because so far Lord Blackmore is the only one who's mentioned it. Does that mean it's all a lie? I doubt it but let's further into it all the same. As Sherlock Holmes says, "whatever evidence cannot be eliminated, however fantastical, must be the truth."

A rumor spread today that Lord James died a week ago under mysterious circumstances. Problem was, it wasn't true. It's this kind of misinformation that muddies any water people like myself are trying to swim in. I should state though that if you ever hear of me swinging from the rafters with my pants around my ankles, I am neither suicidal nor this sexually adventurous. If I didn't shoot myself writhing in agony as my back seized up and left me a bedridden cripple for almost a year, nothing will make me taste gun metal on purpose.

According to Forbes, there are now billionaires in 85 countries. The US has the most at 425, with China and Russia falling below a hundred each. Overall, 460 billionaires got richer, 441 got poorer and another 180 held steady. But are these numbers accurate? How would we even know?

There is a lot of disinformation out there. So let's look at the first thing to make sure of its authenticity. Was 15 trillion dollars given to HSBC? What is the evidence for it? We have Lord James of Blackmore's testimony. We have the FBI saying the whole thing is a scam. But here's the real problem I have with that: I can find no evidence that what is being said wasn't true. There appears to be no credible evidence that this money did NOT go to HSBC as Lord James has said. The web site White Hats have shown what they think is happening and are the ones who gave the proof in the first place to him.

If it is true, and so far I can find no one who is debating the 15 trillion dollars as a reality, then maybe my theory about secret trillionaires may be also a reality. Could the Bush family be behind it as some have claimed, using the Wanta funds to usher in a new era of unimaginable wealth? Here's the kicker: as the money doesn't really exist on the books, it wouldn't have the same harm as say a country printing up that sum of money and unleashing out on the world causing hyperinflation. This money would exist in cyberspace, able to plucked away when needed, and with that money, the power to force it into any economy with no questions asked.

As for evidence, if what White Hats says is true, then the money comes from the highest levels of government. It also shows what a puppet Obama has to be to dance for the bankers to get his coin. A document from their website, while very blurry and hard to read, purports to show the transfer going through JP Morgan Chase and CEO Jamie Dimon from Homeland Security. If this is true, it means our government is working against our interests and is in fact a threat to America. The ramifications for this are staggering, if accurate.

More on this as becomes available.

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