Sunday, June 14, 2015


This week we had Hillary Clinton refuse to take a stand on the TPP, Republicans shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly, the IMF and Greece went toe to toe over who will blink first and yet, the Texas cop, Eric Casebolt, who acted like a giant dick at a pool party the cops were breaking up, had to get the grand prize for douchebaggery this week for reminding us all why cops need a giant kick in the ass to get with the program and stop behaving like stormtroopers. Let's see those runner ups in a weird week.

10)Pizza Hut- Pizza Hut is at best edible pizza. It's not horrible, but you would have to be stoned, starving or both to think "Yum, Pizza Hut." This week they invented what could be described as the most disgusting pizza known to man and one that only could be invented in Fat City, USA. Apparently, some brain power thought that stuffing the crust with dozens of hot dogs would be a great idea. Not only does it look frightening with 28 pigs in a blanket surrounding the pizza, hot dogs and pizza don't sound like a winning combo. I guess Americans are running out of ways to become more and more obese.

9)Rachel Dolezal- The head of the NAACP this week in Washington state was outed by her parents for not being black. Now points to the NAACP who saw this as a non-issue (the NAACP was co-founded by a white Republican in 1909) and didn't ask for her resignation, as they shouldn't have, but this does raise questions about race and identity. We look at Bruce Jenner and say "Wow is he brave." A white woman darkening her skin, ala blackface, however seems more troubling. This woman has deep seated mental issues, convincing not only others, but herself, that she is black. Who wants to be black unless hassles from cops, bad credit and racism is your thing?

8)Joyce Mitchell- This woman was a close second to Eric Casebolt for douchebag of the week due to her incredible stupidity and naivety. Allegedly, she supplied break out tools for the two murders who escaped this past week from a maximum security prison in upstate NY. She was supposed to be their getaway driver but got cold feet which was far too late to back out at that point. Her husband also worked at the jail. So, after she was arrested, she is now facing 8 years in prison, the loss of her family, and a life time of crappy jobs as she will be a convicted felon. The weird part is that this woman was heavy set, in her mid forties and had a good life which she threw away for "love." Some people are so stupid and do not forget that people like this vote.

7)American Airlines- I hate American Airlines. I haven't flown this airline since 2004 when they lost my luggage for four days and stole everything they could from it. But thanks to Obama and his dickhead ways, a merger happened that combined US Air and AA together to make one giant monstrosity that is the only way to get to Philly from where I live now. On the day I was supposed to leave, the kept delaying my flight, yet demanding I show up at the original time, which is never a good sign. A half hour after I got there, they cancelled it, making me miss my father's 70th birthday party and letting me sit there for hours as I tried to get a ride back. After getting out the next day, the way back they cancelled my flight again and had to travel to an entirely different airport just to get home. The only good news was they double booked my seat and I got there first. Travel on US Air or AA at your own peril.

6)St. Paul School District- Liberals piss me off just as much as conservatives sometimes. This is one of them. Just like the whole Trayvon Martin issue in which he wasn't arrested for having stolen property because he was black, the St. Paul School district has been dealing with "time-outs" and other worthless punishments rather than expelling unruly black students which has led to a dystopian society in action. Good kids are being beaten, no one is learning anything, and the students rule the school. Legal action is being considered by parents who see this whole thing as a disaster and want it to end. Even worse, other schools are trying this with similar results. The Bible was right about one thing, "Stay the rod, spoil the child." This is continuing with the idiotic "micro-aggression theory" that happen when any black person feels threatened such as walking into a room filled with white people, which must happen all the time as blacks are only 12% of the population. Can we all just get along?

5)IMF and Greece- These two sides are so far apart it's not even funny. Should Greece leave the Euro, our entire financial system could collapse due to bond and derivative liability. The IMF is continuing to demand austerity that hasn't worked, while the Greeks haven't done anything to stop their too generous pension program with retirement at 50 (Really?) as well as not collecting any taxes on the rich (that sounds familiar). They have until the end of the month before everything goes kablam, which is as likely as the words President Donald Trump.

4)Jeb Bush- Another awful week for the presidential nominee who will make it official tomorrow. This week, his fundraising hit a snag and he fired his two campaign managers for it. He is still the most likely candidate, setting the stage for a Bush/Hillary matchup that literally no one wants. But it is their turn apparently and that is how the whole process works. Excuse me while I puke.

3)Hillary Clinton- This shriveled crone has refused to take a stand on the TPP which is hardly surprising as her husband foisted NAFTA on us with awful results. Bernie Sanders, Robert Reich and others have called her out on this and rightfully so. She is so like Obama and that she will tell us what we want to hear but once in office is almost certain to do a 180 on everything, which should be an impeachable offense. I loathe this woman but she will probably be our next President. Whee.

2)Rick Santorium/Mike Huckabee- These two should just pack it up and go home after the week they had. Religious wingnuts have ZERO chance of the white house after Bush soured that well and the fact that the country is becoming less and less religious spells the end for these two. A meet and greet with Santorium drew exactly one person to an event in Iowa. The next day he doubled that to two. Writing is on the wall there big guy that you are not going to repeat your wins from 2008. Huckabee, already under fire for defending the Duggars, was hit again after it came out that the ghost writer on his latest book has been arrested for two counts of child molestation. You two are burnt.

1)Eric Casebolt- This ass, playing cop rather than being one it seemed, was let go this week with little chance of ever being a cop again, especially considering the media play of him barrel rolling, which is the funniest thing I have seen in years. It never gets old. After drawing his gun on unarmed teens, slamming a 15 year girl in a bikini into the ground and basically behaving like a giant dick, he was fired. Not that the police had any choice in the matter as his career was done. Don't cops realize that everyone has a camera nowadays? This guy is everything that is wrong with police today and asses like this need to be drummed out immediately as the good cops out there (who do exist) are being lumped in with this moron. His resume has to be bull as he claims to be a master of several types of martial arts known of which is on display in the video taken. Fox news and other conservative outlets have conspired to change the facts of this case, inventing some facts out of whole cloth in some cases to validate Casebolt's actions, but true investigators like me saw through the lies right away, proving that white racists started this whole thing. The black kids at the party were surprisingly well spoken and not the troublemakers the right is making them out to be. The white woman who started the fights that got the cops called was fired from her job as a subcontractor to Disney and the white asshole who called the cops has a record himself including cruelty to animals. So congratulations to Casebolt, conservatives and white racists you are all douchebag of the week.

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