Tuesday, June 9, 2015


This past weekend, I was at several pool parties, in which white, black, Asian and whatever all got along fine with no problems. But then that at the same time comes two stories, one in which black people acted like animals and another in which their were made out to sound like animals, both of which made the news. The Met-Life Stadium riot was caused by unruly black teens intent on rushing the gates to a Chris Brown concert (why is anyone still listening to that ass?) and the cops there acted reasonably. Cut to McKinney Texas and another scene involving racist white people and the douchiest cop ever, Eric Casebolt, and the tides turn.

Depending on which channel you watched, say Fox compared to ABC, or what newspaper/internet site you read, the situation was either caused by unruly black teens causing havoc, rushing the gates of the pool without permission, ala Met-Life stadium or racist white people started the whole thing which was exacerbated by belligerent cops who made the whole thing worse. Careful study of eyewitnesses, video and other sources, strongly suggest the later was what actually happened.

Casebolt, a 40 year old Navy veteran and on the force for ten years is now on administrative leave due to video that show him manhandling an unarmed black teen girl, pointing his gun at several black people for no reason and even, and I am not making this up, did a barrel roll at one point for no apparent reason. He says he tripped but the video says different. The town is 75% white and 11% black, something the middle class white families apparently don't like. I have lived in the past in predominately black neighborhoods and if they were working familes or section 8, they were fine. Those that lived in projects however were thieves and degenerates, with gunfire being the norm in those areas. These black people seemed to be the former as listening to them talk in various interviews, many came across as intelligent, reasonable individuals.

This is from heavy.com

He returns to the area where a group of teens, including the teen filming the scene, are standing, and grabs one by the arm, twisting him down to the ground while the teen, who is black, appears to be speaking calmly to another officer, who also seems calm. Casebolt runs off and detains two other black teens and curses at a group of black girls, telling them to leave.

Casebolt yells at a group of teens he detained, saying “Don’t make me fucking run around here with 30 pounds of goddamn gear on in the sun cause you want to screw around out here.”
After delivering the lecture, Casebolt goes up to the group of girls, and warns them not to “keep standing there running your mouths,” and tells them to leave “now.”

The video shows a 15-year-old black girl, Dajerria Becton, walking away with the group. She then stops and turns back towards Casebolt and it’s not clear if she says something to him. Casebolt charges after her and grabs her by the arm, dragging her to the ground.

As he wrestles her to the ground, two other teens approach and appear to try to stop him from detaining her. Casebolt then pulls his gun from his holster and points it toward the teens. Two other officers then take off after the teens who ran, and Casebolt re-holsters his gun. He then continues to detain the girl, holding her on the ground.

None of that is acceptable. Cops are supposed to de-escalate situations but all accounts from witnesses say the cops came in like stormtroopers, and acted like giant dickheads. The pool is a community pool and so far, no evidence has surfaced over teens not supposed to be there. All of the black people interviewed, including the one that officer asshole sat on for fifteen minutes, also had a pass. Neighbors complained that teens were coming in uninvited and that the DJ there had put out notice on social media that there was a big party going on and it was $15 to get in. The DJ, who is white, discounts all of that and has shown his social media sites that contain no such party shout out.

The reason the cops were called, by whom is still unknown, was after white people started shouting racial things at the black people, like "go back to your section 8 housing." Surprisingly, the word nigger was never uttered. A fight broke out between someone involved in the race baiting, the cops showed up, which is almost always a bad idea, and big surprise, they made things even worse, chasing after only the black people and harassing them. Yes, black people can be seen trying to get Casebolt off the innocent 15 year old girl, which if he had any real training would never involve getting his gun out and pointing at them which makes them run away. He chases two black people later with his gun out as well for no real reason.

Casebolt had been looked at previously for racial profiling but the case went nowhere because, you know no cameras equals cop innocent every time. This is from the police website about Officer Casebolt:

Eric Casebolt is an instructor trainee at Executive Self-defense and Fitness, LLC and has been a Police Officer since 2000. During his career in Law Enforcement, he has received in-depth training on impact weapon deployment and expandable baton, firearms, electronic control devices (ECDs), ground fighting, Positive Assertive Control Tactics-Dynamic Threat Response (PACT-DTR), handcuffing, joint locks and pressure point compliance, armed and un-armed self-defense. He has a strong working knowledge of human behavior, indicators of deception, criminal behavior, the development of situational awareness, and experience in the use of all levels of force. He is a certified Advanced Texas Police Officer, an Instructor in Police Vehicle Operations, a Field Training Officer, and a certified SWAT operator. He has trained in several different disciplines of martial arts, but now exclusively trains in Krav Maga combat arts, Arnis, and ground fighting.

If the above is true, which it isn't, he should have been able to handle the situation better. I know people who are experts in Krav Maga and ground fighting (I have no idea what Arnis is) and those guys could put a man three times their size on the ground in seconds. This ass couldn't control a 15 year old girl. In other words, he is a terrible cop.

The news is spinning this every which way and we the people are becoming more and more racist toward each other because the powers that be want it that way. If we spend our time fighting each other, we won't see things like the TPP coming until it is far too late. Black people need to clean up their act. White people have to stop acting like every group of black people are armed thugs who are going to rape your daughters. The 1% are the true monsters and we better start seeing that and soon or else we are going to turn on one another while the rich sit back and laugh.

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