Thursday, June 4, 2015


I will be busy with a big project until next week, so don't expect a new column until Wednesday of the next week. This site makes me nothing and I have to eat so this is something that has to happen even if some of you miss me and my insight.

Tomorrow will be a big day as it is the first big moment when we see if the grand experiment with the EU either lives or dies depending how the issue with Greece is resolved. They have until Friday to pony up 300 million Euros and another 1.5 billion later this month. Chances are quite good, they won't be paying which could send the world economy into a tailspin. Or nothing may occur as this has never occurred before and no one has any idea what the final outcome will be. Fun. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Paul LaPage- The governor of Maine is a real douchebag who is determined to send the residents of that state fleeing as if it was on fire. The latest thing for this ass to do is eliminate concealed carry permits which even as a rabid 2nd amendment supporter, I find troubling. Not everyone should have a gun and even fewer should be carrying them around wherever they feel like it, especially into places where alcohol is served. He is also attempting to eliminate the state income tax, a move that has been proven to decrease revenue severely when implemented, and is throwing a tantrum because the Democrats, and a lot of his fellow Republicans, in the Senate won't go along with it. He has decided he will veto every bill that comes across his desk until they give in, otherwise known as blackmail. Once again we have a Republican moron who screams about unpaid liability to social programs but has no issue losing $1.5 billion in revenue that is also not paid for. This guy is a dick and so is anyone still supporting him.

9)Lindsay Graham/Rick Perry- Two more candidates for the GOP which at this point has almost no chance of winning as everything they keep preaching, most of their base is not happy with. Cuts to things like social security and raising the retirement age, both bad ideas, have been roundly derided within GOP ranks, yet these morons keep going with it. These two have almost no chance of being President but either they are delusional or are really desiring a position on Fox news.

8)Alabama- What deranged fool thought that celebrating Jefferson Davis' birthday was a good idea? Alabama of course. Nevermind the fact that the South lost, this was a racist war fought over whether slaves were people or not. Anytime you see some ass with a confederate flag on their car you should be legally be allowed to force them off the road, drag them from their car and kick them in the nuts until they pass out. The Civil War ended in the 19th century and with good reason. Stop being racist America.

7)Kathleen Wiley- I always had a HUGE problem with the Ken Starr report which somehow went from Whitewater, which may or may not have been illegal dealings, and somehow morphed into a witch hunt over which women of America saw Bill's cock. Paula Jones and this bitch always seemed unreliable and with her latest hit piece, in which she says Hillary is unelectable (she isn't) and that Bill is showing signs of dementia (he isn't), you have to wonder how much of her original story was true, which I think was none of it. She saw a chance to make a buck and used her notoriety to do just that. From her past statements, this woman is a liar.

6)Mike Huckabee- Fresh off his unbelievable support for the Duggars, who themselves have been digging their grave all week defending Josh Duggar as a child molester, comes this latest video which has douchebag making fun of Caitlyn Jenner and the transgender population. He makes some ill-advised joke how he would have been transgender in high school so he could have spied on women in the locker room. Funny. Oh wait it isn't. And while I still question whether Bruce Jenner is doing all of this to stay relevant in the public eye and make a ton of money on the process, thousands of others are transgender and we shouldn't be making fun of them. Making fun of Mike Huckabee, whose chances of becoming President are falling further and further behind because of this kind of speeches, is fair game.

5)TSA- Why are we spending billions of dollars every year to "make us safe" when year after year we find that everything they do is failing spectacularly? After a 2013 report that said agents were getting through security 90% of the time with contraband, we spent over $600 million in new equipment and training. The result of that: the TSA now fails 95% of the time. Great job guys. Just great. We'd be better off hiring WalMart greeters to run security with numbers like this. The fact remains that the TSA is a giant waste of money that could be better spent just about anywhere else. Can we please go back to the days when airlines were responsible for security and get rid of this government monstrosity?

4)Republicans- A new poll this week showed that the entire GOP Presidential group is failing to catch on with anyone. The top leaders are Rubio, Walker, Carson (WTF America!) and Bush. The least favorable candidates were Trump and Christie by a lot, followed by Bush and Paul. The fact that Rand Paul, easily the best candidate for the GOP is so far behind, says lots about GOP voters and how much they want to lose come 2016. Bernie Sanders continues to skyrocket upward and no longer looks like a candidate that can't win, which Trump and Christie definitively are. As no one is really paying attention yet, the GOP is an open field for who wants to lose to whoever the democratic nominee is next year.

3)Police- Police killings are at an all time high right now according to a new report. Statistics say they will eclipse 1000 by the year's end, almost double the number from last year. REALLY? And then you wonder why people hate cops. Studies show the number of people shot by police is way under-reported when journalists look into nationwide shooting stories. Right now 2 people per day are being killed by the police, a number that is way too high. Germany killed 3 people last year, we were over a hundred times that number. This year we will be over three times as high. This is not acceptable. The fact that less than one percent are ever charged with a crime and most of them walk away scott free says lots as to why police trust is at historic lows. If the police keep pushing with these kind of numbers, an armed society will push back and violently at that.

2)Usama Rahim and his idiot brother- A black Muslim, two groups not very popular in white society right now, tried to attack several cops in Watertown this week with a knife, which everyone knows is much more powerful than the guns every cop carries. That's common knowledge right? After he was rightfully blown away, his Imam brother, lied that his father was talking to Rahim when the cops killed him by shooting him in the back, all of which was easily proven untrue. I don't know what mosque this douchebag works at, but he should be fired from his job for this, as lying about terrorists, brother or not, while disparaging cops for doing their job correctly, is reprehensible, especially coming from an alleged man of God. Usama was under surveillance 24/7 and still had plans to attack police in the coming days. How come Muslim terrorists usually turn out to be the most incompetent boobs out there but we continue to pretend that they are the equivalent of a James Bond bad guy?

1)EU/IMF- Tomorrow is D-Day for Greece and some in the IMF and EU are saying a default will be no big deal. Except for the fact that no one on Earth actually knows what will happen as a Greek default has never happened before for a unified currency. There is $72 trillion in bonds, which are currently tanking across Europe, and $1.5 quadrillion in derivative loses that could happen which would swamp the world economy. Then again, maybe they will come up with some kick the can down the road idea that puts the collapse further on. Right now, there is no deal, nor is one likely, and if some are saying "what's the big deal?" collapse could happen with some of their blessings. Awesome. Word has just come out that Greece will NOT pay anything tomorrow and instead lump sum it later this month, which is, quite frankly, impossible. If they can't pay $300 million now, what chance do they have to pay $1.5 billion in a few weeks? As expected, a kick the can down the road approach seems to be in the works, with few happy over that, especially Greek people which have demanded an end to the worthless austerity programs that have not worked at all. If this goes badly, expect new elections and an even further left wing government. So congratulations EU/IMF, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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