Monday, June 15, 2015


Right now the Dow is down about a hundred points, which is simply incredible because it started the day down 200 and, by all rules of logic and reason, should have been headed further south. But it isn't, even though many of the world's stock markets took a similar tumble and future's planet wide don't think it will be better any time this week. But as the market is rigged beyond belief, anything is possible. What isn't however is that a reckoning may be coming because the world powers have conspired to change nothing even though the world almost ended in 2008 due to their greed.

Dow theory suggests a downturn may be coming, just due to market forces beyond the control of the elites. A separation of Dow Industrial and Dow Transportation at the magnitude is at now historic levels by any means which has some economists say that this portends to bad news for the economy. Other economists differ saying the two have meant something in the past but modern ways of shipping and manufacturing have changed costs. Both seem accurate so I have no idea if this means anything or not.

What is more direct is the fact that our economy is stalling, which may be the one reason why the Fed hasn't raised interest rates yet. We have never gone this long in American history with interest rates this low. If the recovery they say is happening is indeed happening, then why isn't raising interest rates on the table? Probably because they know the stats they are giving us are not true and if they raise interest rates, the economy will stall. If they don't raise interest rates soon, we will be in negative growth territory soon, with bail ins and for fee bank accounts, like the EU is experimenting with and the economy will stall. Good job guys.

Everyone was applauding the latest economic news that showed stronger consumer demand. What they didn't tell you is that the gains were minuscule, in the .1% range, and that the biggest raises were in clothing, which is really cheap due to slave labor, and auto sales, which are currently selling 47% of at 80 month loans, or repos waiting to happen which have skyrocketed this past year.

The whole Greece matter is finally making some take notice, thus the downward trend of today's world stock's. Talks have collapses, the EU is talking about a take it or leave it ultimatum, and there seems to be little hope Greece will accept such a demand. By the end of the month, Greece could default, which has never happened before to such a prominent country that is part of the EU. Ukraine is also facing a similar scenario, but that would be akin to Argentina defaulting, which they have done at least twice in the past few decades, as they are not as interconnected as Greece is to the EU and thus a possible shakeup of the bond and derivative market. No one knows exactly what will happen if Greece falls. Maybe it will be like Argentina but then again it could be like the Lehman Brothers, which started the whole 2008 fiasco. We just don't really know.

Tomorrow the TPP is back up for a vote, I think because the MSM has ignored this story to the detriment of mankind. If you want hard proof the media is working against you, that should be it. Even our so called free press is playing down how bad the TPP will be if passed, the worst of which would be the loss of millions of jobs, higher prices for food and medicine, possible gun bans, more illegal immigration and a complete break down of food and environmental safety laws. Why is this passing again? Oh that's right, rich people want it to pass. Our democracy is dying and if we don't stand up to onerous bills like this, we deserve what we get. Be heard people because the Nazi's are coming and this time they are draped in the flag and holding the cross (thank you Upton Sinclair). It's passage is iffy as they have to convince over a hundred people to change their vote which is just as hard to sounds. But, knowing how government operates, it would not surprise me if they did. With no news about it anywhere, it's hard to tell. The MSM is too bust talking about the new princess is England, Kim K's butt or some other inane crap. Pray this doesn't pass because if it does, America dies with it.

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