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Think how bad you have to be this week to beat our traitor in chief Obama, the idiot right who not only committed treason but then had a fit on social issues they lost and southern sympathizers who don't understand that the civil war ended 150 years ago and they also lost, for the top prize of douchebag of the week. But low and behold the EU and IMF did this week when they may have just single handedly ended civilization as we know it. Be prepared people, it's going to be a bumpy week. Let's see those runner ups, most of which should be at the top in a normal week which this one definitively wasn't.

10)Bobby Jindal- Another entry into the joke that has become the Republican party at this point, almost all of which committed treason this week. Jindal's video announcing his candidacy was a nanny cam view of him and his wife telling his less than enthusiastic kids he is running for president. It was just as boring as he was. I love the fact that he, and others like Scott Walker, are either running or about to, even though Jindal is dead last in state's economies and Walker is 35th. It's going to be hard to convince people to let you run a country when your own state is in shambles. We already tried that with W. and that ended disastrously. This guy has a 0% chance of winning.

9)Chris Christie- Yet another candidate doomed to fail, and unlikely to win even another term as governor at this point with his approval rating in the low 30's. He missed his chance in 2008 where he might have won had he run. Now, between Bridgegate, a pension scandal, and several ongoing FBI investigations, his chances have dwindled to just about Jindals's. The GOP selection is a cast of who they will pick to lose epically come 2016.

8)Jim Webb- A democrat nominee who right now is barely registering, came out in support of the Confederate flag flying over state capitals stunning everyone who thought he could be a real threat. Not anymore as his chances of winning are somehow less then Jindal's. It's hard to be mad at a guy you've barely heard of and with Bernie Sanders on a tear, now polling at about 25% to Hillary's 50%, the rest of the democrats have a long slog upward if they want even a slight chance.

7)Sarah Palin/Bristol- People have finally had enough of this shrew as even Fox News fired her this week, actually calling her "irrelevant" Now that's not only funny but highly accurate. She is irrelevant and it is good see that even Republicans are looking at her and shaking their head. It didn't help that Bristol Palin is pregnant again, and still not married, after her last marriage to be imploded when it came out that her fiancée was still hitched. Yeah, abstinence works wonders guys. These hicks need to go away and thank God Fox has helped that along a little. I am still hoping she decided to run for president though. Her idiocy is comic gold.

6)Civil War Apologists- Speaking of dawn breaking in Marblehead, many have finally gotten the message that the Confederate Flag is a racist symbol and has no business flying over state capitals. Alabama, which will appear later for a different reason, took down the flag this week, realizing they were on the wrong side of history. As a result, I have been treated to a litany of armchair historians who keep crying about how the flag isn't racist and the civil war wasn't fought over slavery. The flag was created by a guy who said it represented the white man superiority over black people. The war was fought mostly over slavery (and tariffs to a lesser degree). These people attempted to overthrow the government, you know traitors. I am sick of hearing about Southern douchebags acting as apologists for their racist ancestors. Germans don't wax poetic about the Nazi's. Neither should the south. Grow up and get with the program. The south lost. Deal with it.

5)Liberals- There is always some liberal douchebag who will also take something too far. Yes, the confederate flag is bad and we should get rid of it on state grounds. However, tearing down statues of people like Robert E. Lee is going too far. He may have been on the wrong side but he was a military genius in a lot of ways. And can we please stop with the liberal purge on things like Gone With The Wind, The Jefferson Memorial (because he owned slaves) and cultural icons like Aunt Jemimah and Uncle Ben. We get it. You've over sensitive. Much like the South, grow up. Not everything has to be connected with slavery and your inability to see beyond your blinders is pissing us off.

4)Antonin Scalia- Is death to busy to pay this old fart a visit because his time has come and gone to live on this Earth much longer. Talk about out of touch with his dissents from the bench this week. After getting his ass handed to him when he lost both the Obamacare and Gay Rights movement, he had a hissy fit calling it the end of America, which is ironic because this is the douchebag that wrote the disastrous Citizen's United law, something that actually DID end this country. Between him, Alito and Thomas (and even Roberts on the gay rights case), the far right has gone TOO far right and these morons should be removed from the bench for crimes against humanity. This is what voting for the right gets you. The good news is that since the next president is almost guaranteed to be a democrat, the next few justices will be replacing people like Scalia with more liberal oriented people. Time to take a dirt nap loser. You will not be missed.

3)Anti gay morons- The Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage this week. States like Alabama, and the evil Judge Roy Moore who presides there, have vowed to fight against the Supreme Court, apparently unaware that lower courts have no say in the matter any more. Mike Huckabee has said that he and fellow Christians will use civil disobedience, like MLK did, to stop gay marriage, also unaware that MLK was fighting against oppression while he and others are doing the exact opposite. Presidential candidates have gone from hating the decision, like Rick Santorum who said that instead of fighting against global warming we should be fighting gay marriage, as if the two were intertwined somehow, to Jeb Bush and Marci Rubio having much more subdued, and let's face it, presidential views that are still going to be a problem for them in 2016. The rabid right is going to scream about this and drive the conversation further to nutball territory, making the pivot to the center impossible again, especially in a country moving left in a big way. This fight is unwinnable, yet some are trying to see how fast they can lose before 2016 is even here.

2)Obama, the Republican Party, and several traitorous Democrats- These assholes pissed on our country and have set the stage for the TPP to pass, now that fast track is available, and with it, the end of America as we know it. The Constitution will be demoted to corporate authority and we officially now live in a Neo-fascist state. Once again, most people were against this, told Congress we were against this, and still they went against our voices. The time for revolution is here and we can do it non-bloody in 2016 by voting out every single person who voted for this, only electing non-corporatist people which would mean zero Republicans and Bernie Sanders as our new President. Will that happen? Probably not. And if it doesn't, expect thing to get very bloody then because the people won't have any other choice as our country becomes a very oppressive, third world country. One with 300 million guns I might add.

1)The EU/IMF- None of the above may matter after this week if the world economy sinks into the abyss as some are suggesting. After the EU/IMF insisted on reforms that have been proven failures (cutting pensions further, lowering corporate tax rates), the Greek government told them to Fuck OFF in no uncertain terms, meaning that a Greek exit from the Euro may be inevitable and with it, the write off of billions in debt. The issue with this is banks worldwide have bet on the derivative market, some to the tune of trillions of dollars they don't have. This is from

Deutsche Bank’s 2014 annual report revealed that the super bank (in size anyway) had an eyewatering €54.7 trillion net exposure to derivatives, a sum, to put it in perspective, which is 20 times in excess of the GDP of the EU economic powerhouse, Germany.
During the 2014-2015 period the bank undertook further deleveraging of investments it deemed of risk; it sold €8 billion worth of stock at a 30% discount and failed banking industry “stress tests”. And just this month witnessed the resignation, without explanation, of its two CEO’s followed by a Standard and Poors rating of BBB+, a dangerously low rating — lower than Lehmann’s just prior to its collapse.
Deutsche Bank’s ultimate fate remains to be seen but these indicators do not present a healthy financial institution. It goes without saying that a Greek default would have massive repercussions for Deutsche Bank and by implication the entire European banking system.

Banks here at home like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan/Chase and Bank of America have similar exposure. What this means is that by Friday of next week, the derivative market could implode taking down every major bank worldwide and with it, the entire planetary economy. Goods could skyrocket in price, and banks could fold with your money disappearing into a hole as the FDIC only has a fraction of the funds needed to pay everyone back what they promised. This means mass foreclosures, a complete halt to payment of any debt and the end of tens of millions of jobs, perhaps as soon as the end of the week. To say things look bleak is an understatement. If you have stocks watch the market like a hawk and sell at the first sign of a downturn. Once the market goes, it will evaporate in days, perhaps even hours. Get your money out of banks if you see them start to fail, not that it might mean much if milk costs $100 a gallon. Here's another look from of possible end of the world scenario's:
With this statement today the government of Greece has now set in-motion a financial calamity that _will_ envelope the world. Here’s why:

As a member of the European Union, Greece got to print money; EUROS. The validity of those EUROS is now gone, but they cannot be pulled from circulation because there are so many. Therefore, the VALUE OF THE EURO as a whole, is going to drop off a cliff as a result of Greece defaulting on June 30.

According to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) at present there are currency derivatives valued at $26.45 TRILLION related to Greek Debt. This was confirmed by the financial mega-site “” way back in February, just after the snap elections brought the new Greek government to power.

There are also $4 TRILLION in other, non-currency derivatives linked to Greece.

For those who are not aware, a “Derivative” is an investment on the success (or failure) of another investment. Derivatives are actually “bets” that something will succeed/rise or fail/fall. Derivatives involve huge “leverage” meaning investors put down very little cash for the option of controlling ENORMOUS amounts of the underlying investment; in this case, the EURO.

When those betting FOR the underlying investment are WRONG; they must put up more and more cash to cover the loss experienced by the underlying investment because THEY CONTROL IT. They cannot simply walk away from their derivative contract; they’re on-the-hook for the loss.

Do the math: $26.45 TRILLION in EURO CURRENCY Derivatives! the entire 320 billion euros of Greek debt along with 3.4 to 4 trillion of derivatives on Greece and interest rates on Greek bonds etc.

Lest you think this is some exaggeration, consider that the United States government spends about $4 TRILLION a year and the U.S. national debt is $18 TRILLION. People are already recognizing that the US cannot ever HOPE to pay the $18 TRILLION. Now ask yourself: How is the financial sector and its investors going to cope with a detonation of $26.45 TRILLION in currency derivatives plus another $4 TRILLION in derivatives based on Greek debt and interest????? Hint: They can’t.
We’re actually looking at very real financial collapse, striking worldwide, because so many in the financial services industry GAMBLED with derivatives and they have no way to get out of their gamble.

This isn’t some pie-in-the-sky doom bullshit. It is real. Contract law real. Contracts held by BANKS that they cannot get out of.

I am not a licensed financial adviser and so I cannot lawfully give any of you financial advice. I can tell you, however, what I am personally doing: Taking out any cash I have in banks, IRA’s, 401-K’s, Money Market Funds, Hedge Funds, stocks or bonds. It doesn’t matter if I take a loss on any of them — or all of them. The loss I take now will be minor to what’s coming after June 30 . . . For a lot of people, EVERYTHING THEY HAVE WILL BE WIPED OUT.

All of this could have been avoided had the greedy pigs running this world hadn't demanded their pound of flesh from an anorexic who had no more to give. The fact that their own reports say what they are doing is a dismal failure tells us loads about how dickish these people are. So congratulations EU/IMF, you are indeed douchebag of the week.


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