Sunday, June 21, 2015


We seem to be a species incapable of learning anymore. Many deny climate change even thought the overwhelming evidence, things that can be observed in real time, exist. We have a gun problem in this country and this comes from someone who has no problem still with legal gun ownership of most non-nuclear weapons by the average civilian. We keep voting in idiots, like Sam Brownback, Rick Scott and, Scott Walker, who leads some polls for president, which says loads about how thick some people really are. I have seen the enemy and it is us. Let's see those runner ups in a sad, soul ending week.

10)AT&T- I hate AT&T ever since they blackmailed me out of a hundred dollars because they said I had no credit history, as I stood in my house, looking at my car and three credit cards. But as they proclaimed I was credit free somehow, I had to pay $100 to get a phone hookup at my place. I have since stayed clear as they are a reprehensible company. Millions found that out when they joined their "unlimited" plan for their cell phones, only to discover the company was throttling back on download speed to such an extent the phone couldn't even make phone calls. The bench ruled they have to pay $100 million in penalties, recently upheld by an appeals court. Color me not surprised.

9)St. Louis Cardinals- Anyone who still thinks Deflategate was the be all end of all of cheating scandals, it was nothing compared to what the Cardinals did this week when they hacked into the Houston Astro's team computer to steal team secrets, statistics, and player info beginning as long ago as 2012. It would explain why they suddenly started beating a team that had trounced them for decades. These guys are in real trouble, like jail time trouble, while Tom Brady's biggest worry is how many games he'll sit out next season. Perspective, people, perspective.

8)Donald Trump- Where to start with this blowhard giving a 52 minute self serving speech that turned off Hispanics, otherwise known as the one group you will absolutely need to win over to be President. He had barely finished the statement that he was running before he already lost. Trump crowed about his greatness, his vast wealth, his properties, and somewhere in there was a bit about doing presidential stuff, I think. This guy is famous for coming up with huge plans and then saying he won't discuss them right then, otherwise known as the cry of the liar. Trump's days are numbered in this race, but I sincerely hope he makes it to the debates. As someone who has to watch them, it certainly will lighten things up, especially as he has zero chance of winning.

7)Rand Paul- Another guy finding new ways to lose, Paul put out his "tax plan," which is the same crap Paul Ryan keeps peddling out and 90% of America hating it. He wants to cut the top rate down to 14.5% (because tax cuts always work right?), end the estate tax, which only affects the top 1% and cut entitlement programs. This plan sucks. I had such high hopes for Paul but he's turning into yet another corporatist Republican. Vote for this ass at your own risk.

6)Rick Perry/Lindsey Graham- A tie for these two idiots who are saying the dumbest things. Rick Perry called the terrorist attack on a black church this past week, an "accident," like the shooter tripped and his gun went off 157 times. Graham defended the Confederate Flag, which needs to be placed in the same drawer as the swastika, and said it represented Southern pride. It also represent slavery dumbass. Take that crap down, it's just pissing everyone off. The last four people mentioned are all running for the GOP presidential slot. And you wonder why society is my douchebag of the week?

5)Angel Soft- In what can only be described as a huge marketing mistake, the TP company put out an ad that disparages dad's and superiorizes mom's, ON FATHER'S DAY! In it, various people talk about growing up without a Dad and how Mom was awesome. That's a great ad, for a completely different holiday. Not this one. This is some radical liberal feministic bull that has no place in society. It's no better than some of the frat boy stuff that keeps appearing in beer ads. Have we sunk this low?

4)Hillary Clinton/TPP/MSM- Hillary finally responded to what she thought of the TPP this week, to which she was both for and against it, depending on her mood, the time of day and other astrological signs. When she was Secretary of State she was all for it and her husband put NAFTA on us which has done horrific things to this country. The MSM, being utter fools, heard what they wanted from her speech with some saying she was for it, others against, which is exactly why she said it like she did. Our media cannot be trusted to even know which way is up anymore and our politicians, except for Bernie Sanders, are giving us the run around. I don't believe one word that is coming out of this woman's mouth.

3)Russia/IMF/EU/Greece- Greece is becoming a pawn between the EU/IMF and Russia with oil fields and possible loans by Russia making this upcoming default more and more likely. The IMF recently released another report which says trickle down economics do not work, yet they continue down the same path regardless demanding blood from the stone that is Greece. Greece has yet to do anything to solve their own problems like taxing the rich or ending early retirement, but the crushing austerity they have been forced to live under for six years has gotten so bad the people there have given up hope. According to many locals, chaos would be better than never-ending suffering and they are not wrong. Sometimes things have to get worse to get better and the status quo is no longer good enough. Russia has been asking the idiotic question about whether the US went to the moon, which is a conspiracy so stupid I won't go into why again. A crash may be coming. Be warned.

2)Dylann Storm Roof- Yet another idiot on legal drugs who kills a bunch of innocent people. What a tool. These kinds of people have to be stopped and the best way to do that is to re-open all the state mental wards and monitor anyone diagnosed with a serious mental problem on a regular basis. We also need better background checks for anyone buying a gun. And most importantly, we have to stop drugging everyone. This country has 3 times the number of anti-depressants issued than any other country on Earth. Has anyone noticed that every shooting over the last few decades, the one thing in common is they all were on anti-depressants, and many legally insane? To show why banning guns would have little effect, a deranged loon in Austria plowed into a group of people and then started stabbing them, killing three and injuring dozens. No gun needed for that rampage. Anyway you look at it, this racist bastard is going to be in prison for a long, long time, with LOTS of black people. Mazel Tov.

1)Society- Yet another mass shooting and we go about things the next day like it was nothing. We focus of guns and race when in reality, this kid may be clinically insane and fixated on black people just as he could have gone after fat people or red heads. Was this racially motivated? Yes, but he also has signs of being an undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. It doesn't really matter as he going to the chair regardless. But here at home, we ignore the TPP to our own fatality, we support people for President because of their skin color, party or sex and not what they actually stand for and we bitch to high heaven about pointless things while real problems get a shrug and a wink. A college student wrote a column to Jerry Seinfeld about how to do comedy which I read and was terrible, lacking logic and structure and cherry picking what he thought was funny and what wasn't. The balls on that guy to not realize that humor is subjective and just because he didn't find it funny, someone else would. I think Pauly Shore is terrible but some people out there find him a laugh riot. To each his own. But that is today's youth, so self important and incapable of the smallest criticism. My generation raised a bunch of whiny losers while we watched our job prospects sail away to Mexico. The Baby Boomers keep voting for Republicans as they stab them in the back. When does it stop? When does reason return? Can it? Bernie Sanders may be right in that people are tired of being lied to. He's raising a lot of money and his numbers keep going up. Can America grow up enough to elect a socialistic Jew? I am not sure about that. But if we don't change and soon, there won't be a country left ala Greece.  What us happening there is also happening here and an economic downturn may be right around the corner, a really bad one. So congratulation society, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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