Wednesday, June 10, 2015


People are getting really, REALLY angry out there and if you read comments on various sites, talk of violence is beginning to escalate. They are angry because the government seems to be oblivious to their suffering (except for Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren that is), corporations are paying us less and less while working us twice as hard for the privilege and the MSM is using propaganda to keep us from finding out the truth about anything.

Let's start with the biggest problem: government. Now unlike the hard right which wants to eliminate government completely, regardless of the fact that people NEED government to survive, I want to see government changed. We need to get money out of politics stat. We need to vote out every corporatist in office, which means 99% of the GOP and 50% of the Democrats, and start putting in people who will put our needs ahead of corporations, again like Sanders and Warren. A good start would be voting the GOP out en masse in the next election, which at this point, is not such an unlikely scenario. The leftward shift of America combined with the morons they have running the show over there have turned off many. I talked to several Republicans this weekend and they gave me the same answer that every single other one has answered to the question "who do you like in 2016?" to which the response is always: no one. Ask democrats the same question and they will be grudgingly say Hillary or happily say Sanders with the caveat that "he cannot win," which may by true, or not depending on the intelligence of Americans. Strike that, we are so screwed if that is what it comes down to.

If Republicans are so turned off by the eventual candidate as it seems right now, they could lose huge, even to a point that the House is lost. So, unless you like martial law, hard ass troops that will make Eric Casebolt look friendly in comparison and a complete control of your life, 2016 is the perfect time to make your voice heard. We need more people like Sanders, and not just as President, but ones like him in Congress as well. Our voices can be heard of we fight hard enough and this way, no violence is needed. The alternative is corporatists take us over completely, our standard of living starts to rival third world countries and at that point, revolution, and lots and lots of violence and death, is inevitable. I'd rather keep my electricity and computers thank you than some Terminator like existence thank you.

The second reason why revolution is inevitable at this point are corporations are pushing us way too far. Disney recently laid off hundreds of jobs, then in true douchebaggery form, made the ones leaving train the foreign born workers they hired to take over. Corporations are doing this all over the country as foreign workers will work cheaper than Americans. It is one of the major reasons why consumer spending is heavily on the decline and again why revolution may be inevitable. As someone who has had less than stellar dealings with Disney (they stole my screenplay), this fact does not surprise me. But wait, there's more. When one of the recently laid off workers tried to get another job, he was told by the potential employee that he, and everyone else laid off, were blacklisted in some sort of non-compete clause that they didn't actually sign. When pressed, Disney said the whole thing had been a "mistake" but more likely they saw the wallop of very bad press coming their way and decided to bail on a stupid business plan. This is the way of the modern corporations: screw everyone and let God sort them out as long as the higher ups get their bonus.

People are running out of money. Credit card debt is edging higher and higher, salaries are still stagnant and businesses like McDonalds, Subway and movie theaters/production studios are losing cash quick. Last year's box office was terrible, mostly because the films were just that: terrible. However, this year the BO has only seen a modest 2.9% uptick which is hardly the record breaker they predicted as there are some awesome movies in the theaters right now and many more still coming. Yet, the people are staying home, most likely because they do not have the disposable income to go out anymore.

However, there have also been some epic bombs as well this year. Blackhat, which I watched last night, was boring beyond words. Jupiter Ascending on the other hand was very cool and was surprised by all the hate for it. I haven't seen Seventh Son yet, but as that film was delayed a whole year and dumped in the winter, there was never much hope for that. Poltergeist was just stupid to remake. The biggest bomb was the film, Tomorrowland, proving that George Clooney cannot open a film by himself. Never really could actually as all of his non-ensemble pics have died and his directing has soured since his excellent debut with Good Night, Good Luck and since then gave us the truly awful Monument's Men. Disney stands to lose about $140 million on this disaster, which they will get back by training cybernetic monkeys to replace the foreign workers they recently hired.

Unless companies start paying us more money, the economy is going to fail and again revolution. We need to stop taking just ANY job as this is driving wages down. We need to stop working at jobs that don't pay a livable wage and begin a mass protest in front of Washington DC, armed to the teeth and dare the cops to do anything. The government works for us not vice versa. It's time they remembered that. I have a feeling if a million armed militias started gathering outside of Congress and the White House, they'd get the message that we are serious. Again, no bloodshed has to be shed lest they decided to remove people and then it's war. But the choice has to be theirs as again, I like my life and don't want to eat earthworms for food when society fails.

Lastly, the MSM is propagandizing a false narrative that government statistics are real, the black people and white people cannot get along and that your crappy job is the only thing keeping us from going back to the Stone Age. None of that is true. Black people and white people have more in common than the rich and the rest of us. And as long as we keep falling for this nonsense, the elites of the world have us right where they want us.

Stop believing just about anything that comes out of the press's mouth. Take the pool party in McKinney, Texas lately. Depending on which site you read, either white people started it, or black people. However, reading between the lines, and accepting the fact that the right is notorious for making stuff up, the white people started it and the cops acted like douchebags when they showed up seems to be the most likely explanation. I think there may be facts in both sides as it is possible there were too many black people who shouldn't have been at this pool party, but it is beyond explanation to explain why Eric Casebolt thought chasing unarmed, black people around with a gun while ignoring all the white and Hispanic people and then slamming an unarmed, obviously complying girl, into the ground. Casebolt resigned this week, but he will probably end up somewhere else as bad cops get traded around like pedo priests were back in the 80's.

The Press is lying to you. Lou Reed said it best when he said "Don't believe half of what you see and none of what you hear." Turn off Fox News and CNN and MSNBC. They are all corporate stooges, worse than Hitler's propaganda machine. They are convincing way too many that black people are all out of control apes who should be put down. They are convincing black people that white people hate them and they should never listen to cops as they want them dead. In rare cases, both statements above are true, but note the word rare. Most people are decent. The Press is telling you different.

Newspapers and newscasts are dying because the smarter of you out there, those reading a site like this, know it is all a lie. Start your own blog, talk to everyone about what is really going on in the world and that voting for most politicians is a death sentence, especially for the GOP. We need real change people and backing people like Bernie Sanders is a good start. Stop falling for the lie that he can't win, because he can if you want it to, if you make it happen. But that requires work, like this blog, and it doesn't pay anything except good Karma, which I used big time in my awful experience traveling on American/US Air this past weekend. As bad as it was, I saw people who had it much worse. The facts are we need a change and if we don't guide it ourselves, fate will do it for us and that will be far more bloody and violent, neither of which I want. It's up to you dear reader. What do you plan to do about it?

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