Friday, June 12, 2015


I don't usually write on Friday's unless something big happens and this was a pretty big deal, so here goes. The TPP, for now, is dead. Thank douchebag Republicans who refused to do anything that would make the President look good combined with democrats who knew better.

The hero in all of this is Nancy Pelosi, three words I never would have thought possible. Her stand against this bill drove democratic support off a cliff as the TPP died in a humiliating 301-126 defeat. Ouch! The American people also deserve some support for this too as they called their congressmen in mass numbers, letting them know we wouldn't forget this come election time.

The President made the rounds today in Congress, aided most unlikely by people like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, which should tell you everything you need to know about true power in government. It's not right or left but green that speaks to all involved. This loss was a giant bitch slap by real America across the face of all involved. Congratulations to all who helped make this bill die a painful death and the true Americans in Congress who voted against it. Everyone on either side of the aisle, all 126, should be let go in 2016 to be replaced by just about anyone else, such as a drunken monkey, a coma patient or a stapler.

Think how bad that number is when Republicans control 247 of the total and only got 126 people from both sides to support it. That is a giant kick in the balls, people. And once again Unions helped kill this bill as it 100% guaranteed to start a huge downward spiral in both job creation and wage growth. So take that the retarded right who demonize unions (and rightfully so on occasion) but are a necessary part of making sure our jobs aren't lost for dumb reasons, as almost every job I have ever had wound up that way.

This is from the AP:

Technically, the pivotal vote was on a portion of the legislation to renew federal aid for workers who lose their jobs through imports.
A second roll call followed on the trade negotiating powers themselves, and the House approved that measure, 219-211. But under the rules in effect, the overall legislation, previously approved by the Senate, could not advance to the White House unless both halves were agreed to.
That made the day's events something less than a permanent rejection of the legislation.
Pelosi said the bill was "stuck in the station," suggesting that changes could get it moving again.
Even so, it was unclear how majority Republicans and the White House would be able to gain the momentum.
For now, this bill is dead, and a lot of support in the House just isn't there. And trying to negotiate, in this hyper-partisan era, did not only not help but worked against them and people like Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan are all standing around with egg on their face trying to figure out how to salvage their careers. Obama is out next year so what does he care? This was a more humiliating defeat for Republicans than Obama and we all know it. So way to go Republicans, add this to the growing number of people who are pro-choice, pro-gay and pro-science, who will NOT be voting for your sorry asses come 2016. And Obama, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. With any luck President Sanders and Vice President Warren will fix everything you destroyed.

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