Monday, June 1, 2015


I hate the TSA and will have to experience their nonsense soon when I fly to see my father. A new report however sheds some much needed light on a terrible, ineffective program which proves just HOW ineffective it is. A recent study done by DHS showed that agents were able to smuggle guns and explosives through the security line a whopping 95% of the time. WTF? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So we spend hundred of billions of dollars on this shit, get groped in the most sensitive of places and it's all for nothing. This is why people hate government.

One agent got through with an explosive tapped to his back after the pat down didn't reveal anything probably because whoever was doing it was examining much more personal areas for his own amusement. This is not new as the same thing happened during a test in 2013. When are we going to admit this isn't working and try something far cheaper like dogs and background checks, like the Israelis do and they haven't had a terrorist attack in decades?

After the debacle test of 2013, the government spent $540 million for checked baggage screening and another $11 million in new training which accomplished absolutely nothing. Way to waste more taxpayer money guys. The additional fact that half of these people got zero background checks to get their jobs says loads as well. We are literally asking to have another terrorist attack while wasting billions in the process. The airports in question were not named but you can bet dollars to donuts that all of them were in NY or NJ. Those airports are hell on earth.

And as this is occurring, the silly season continues with the addition of Lindsay Graham entering the race and, if the media is being honest, which they aren't, should say with every breath, he has no chance of winning like they do with Bernie Sanders which is actually far from the truth. He recently filled out a huge hall to overflow crowds and is turning a lot of people on to his Fuck OFF message to corporations. This could be a winning strategy that few on the right, or Hillary, seem capable of accomplishing.
The only one to stand out from the pack is Rand Paul who wisely is fighting against the NSA spying program that once again fascist Republicans and our dick president are fighting tooth and nail for. Fuck them and anyone who supports this blatant power grab. And while Paul can only delay the inevitable, good for him for standing up for something from the sycophantic GOP.

Hillary is having the opposite effect in which everyone I knew who was all for her have changed their minds, and now want someone else. This bodes badly for her and her inevitability may falter once again to someone like Sanders or O'Malley, who may have waited too long to enter the race as Sanders has sucked up a lot of his potential.

I would like to apologize to Bill who I blamed for the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act but recent information has come out that the bill was going to pass with or without his signature, as the douchebags in Congress had a veto proof majority. Phil Graham, another dick Republican, is the real culprit here. Shocker.

A new hit piece by Clinton accuser Kathleen Wiley suggest Bill has dementia and Hillary is unfit to lead. If there was ever an article that made me seriously question her story, which I always have along with Paula Jones, this crap article was it. The fact that it appears in the horrific WND site spells lots about her intentions as a kingslayer.
Hillary may be the devil but she wouldn't be the worst leader, just another corporate stooge, like the last fifty years of presidency have been. No more Bush-lite and center right crap. I want a real lefty not some token one that we have been given for two generations. The trickle down theory does NOT work and yet the GOP is still forcing it down out throats, helped by corporatists democrats. If we don't stand up and say no to things like the TPP, cuts to social programs and huge tax breaks for the most elite, this country will cease to be.

Vote for someone like Sanders in the next election because the alternative is a smoking hole where this nation used to be. We are officially in a recession again as the last two quarters have all gone negative now and the second quarter looks bad with an estimated 0% growth predicted, which means it be less than that as it always is lower than they say at first and then downgrade it quietly later. Watch that no newscast talks about this tonight which will be very, very telling in how propagandized they have become. We are losing America and almost the entire GOP is for it along with 60% of the democrats. Vote smart not party people lest you want dirt for dinner and a cardboard box to live in. Come Friday, depending how the whole Greece money loans turns out, could be the beginning of the end so prepare just in case that the upcoming implosion of the bond and derivative market sink the world economy.

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