Monday, August 25, 2014


The more I talk with people across this country, especially white people, the more racism I see. The funny part is that none of these people ten years ago felt the way they do know and, unbelievable as it may sound, black people are to blame for this sudden increase. It seems that every time a black person is addressed for any reason in the slightest negative tone, it's because they are black. It's not because they are speeding, acting like a douche bag or committing an actual crime, no it's because they are black and that is the only reason. It's becoming grating to a lot of tolerant people and that is not good news for anyone.

Take the coverage of Mike Brown, who may or may not have deserved to get shot, which paints this guy in an unrealistic light. One by the AP, makes him sound like a freaking saint, a total puff piece, that fails to mention his love of weed, and rapping about killing white people. I have at least 50,000 songs in my collection and not one has any phrase that would be disparaging to any race. No kill blackie songs. No I hate Asian ditties. No racism period. Why is this acceptable for the black community to record hate music and not get called out for it?

Another article in CNN today, written by a black woman named Kimberly Norwood, makes a few good points about raising her kids that are black in a white community. But she also injects race where none belong. She says she is stopped at lot because she is black, but she also admits speeding, which we all get pulled over for. She says she feels Black Crow laws are coming back (they aren't in even the deep south) and that black people are getting a raw deal. The funniest part is that she's a black woman and lawyer who obviously benefited from affirmative action laws and black scholarships that are somewhat racist to begin with. Race shouldn't matter but your performance. Economics matter more than race and that should be the deciding factor. But I digress.

She goes on to say her and her daughter gets followed by store security all the time and passed over for white customers. I can't speak for the latter but the former is because black people do commit more crimes than white people and FBI stats back that up. 50% of all murders are committed by black people and 90% of that is black on black crime. In the DC area black on white crime is up 18 fold from last year. Some idiots suggest that white on black crime is not being reported as black people don't trust the cops. If some black guy ever gets mugged by a white dude, he will sprint to the police and then the media, where it becomes a spectacle. Don't you find it odd that a black cop shot a white guy in Utah the other day and no one said boo about it. Nordstrom's weren't looted as white yuppies ran rampant down Fifth Ave throwing rocks through Starbucks and turning over BMW's. The sad fact is, if you are black and male and young, you are three times more likely to commit a crime than any other race. You are not getting stopped because you are black. You are getting stopped because almost all the people cops see committing crimes are also black. When you hear hooves, you think horses not zebras.

Or take this gem which somehow got zero press somehow. In Chicago, which is the murder capital for black people lately, a nine year old asked his mom for a cupcake. She said no so he threw a fit and ran outside. Bad move as some dick, almost certainly black from the make-up of the neighborhood where it happened, shot the kid five times in the chest. What kind of man shoots a child five times in the chest? And where is Reverend Al Sharpton with this horror story? MIA along with any press outside a smattering from the local news. Doesn't this poor nine year old matter too?

Black people have got to stop blaming the white man for their problems and accept that they alone are to blame for 90% of their own predicament. You don't see this same levels of violence in poor Hispanic communities, poor white communities, and if they exist, poor Asian communities. Why is it only black people killing themselves in record numbers and then blaming white people for it? Stop the racism and realize, it is not because you are black that you don't matter. It's because you are poor.

Then there is Burger King which is trying to take over Tim Horton's, a popular doughnut place, and more their headquarters to Canada to pay lower taxes. First off, if Tim Horton's disappear, we may see the first major Canadian riots as they LOVE Tim Horton's there. Second, inversions for businesses that depend on US business do poorly when the general public hears about it. Ask Walgreen's how that decision destroyed their profits overnight until they wisely said, "Just kidding," and scrapped the plan. BK may have to do the same soon. Hope you like boycotts because one is coming.

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