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I'm back after a week in surprisingly beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas visiting my future in-laws. The people were nice and the downtown area is full of Art Deco goodness which also has some fun tourist attractions, including a small but inexpensive aquarium which has a tortoise named Slowpoke who cruises around on his own accord. If you are in the area and have an hour to kill, it's worth it. The language barrier with my partner's parents was a little hard as they are Japanese and speak little English but either through my translator girlfriend or charades, we did just fine. As Arkansas is a battleground state I also got to see a lot of political ads, some of which were terrible, on both sides. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Summer films- As the quality of films this year has been highly suspect, the last two weeks has seen some epic bombs such as Expendables 3 and Sin City 2, which might mean that the all important male 25-49 demographic may have given up after one two many craptastic flicks. After getting burned by Transformers and TMNT, which people paid to see for some inane reason in the first place, I have a feeling men decided to stay home and save their money until better movies open later this year. Even women didn't seem to eager to see the Chloe Grace-Moretz chick flick which got really bad reviews and opened poorly, even with a low budget. Late August has always been a dumping ground but this year it's more like a graveyard. Pray the quality gets better than these disasters. Studio exes sure are.

2)The South Caroline School System- Alex Stone, a freshman at Summerville high was suspended and arrested for writing about killing a dinosaur with a gun. That's right we are now arresting people for even writing about guns in school, even if you are writing about shooting something that no longer exists. Police defended the arrest saying Alex became combative when school officials told him about the three day suspension. So would've I. When I was in high school I wrote a very funny story set to the Twelve days of Christmas where I shot my Vice Principle in the face. I got an A on it. Today, I would be behind bars. And I went to Catholic School. Today's zero tolerance is totally fascist. I hope this kid sues and wins.

3)Obama- The Republicans like to make hay over him playing golf, conveniently ignoring that every single Republican president over the last few decades has taken triple the amount of time off, even during times of worse crises. And just like always, whenever they have something that they could really hammer him on, the GOP goes silent as fact is, they support him when he does something truly douchey. This week, Obama said he wants to allow more guest workers, 800,000 to be exact, because large companies like Microsoft, Pizer and others demand it. This means 800,000 American workers who will be let go in order for big business to hire people who will work for half what you are worth. These are the kinds of dick things that make me hate Obama. For anyone who ever called him a socialist, drop dead. Obama is a corporatist ass and this latest crap just proves it. As Liz Warren is still saying no to a Presidential run, we are most likely going to have another round of dueling fascists. Swell.

4)Hillary Clinton- Speaking of fascist, Hillary's numbers are dropping fast as this woman has a complete lack of common sense when it comes to opening her mouth. This week she called out Obama for not arming Syrian rebels in order to unseat Assad, oblivious to the fact that these same rebels are storming across the Middle East, and possible beyond. Also, getting rid of Assad doesn't sound that great an idea anymore as everytime we topple a Middle Eastern government, the replacement is far, far worse. For someone who made a very good Secretary of State, she certainly sucks as a Presidential candidate. Again.

5)Arkansas Republicans- Tom Cotton is running against Mark Pryor in Arkansas for control of the Senate. As of this running, Cotton has a slight lead but the election could still swing either way. The ads the right are running are filled with falsehoods, mostly given by the ultra-unreliable Heritage Foundation that accuse Pryor of things like wanting to get rid of Medicare, which is reality, is what the GOP really wants to do, and is thus accused by democrats in competing ads that sometimes run back to back. While driving around, I came across a shack of a house with a Tom Cotton sign out front. There is no way the guy who owns that house is not on some form of assistance. So he's voting for someone who's ultimate goal is to eliminate the same things keeping him alive. That is brilliant and why some people are too stupid to vote.

6)The media- I would like to thank the news media for royally screwing up every bit of information that has come out of Ferguson for the past few weeks. Some of it is not entirely their fault as the police (see below) are also to blame for not understanding that we live in the 21st century. But the media also failed to talk to eyewitnesses in the area who saw something different than what was being reported, and had it come out much, much earlier, these riots never would have happened. The media's responsibility is supposed to be for the public good but now is about ratings and sensationalistic glory. This is killing our society as places like this site actually have the best reporting and the multi-billion dollar conglomerates would rather talk about the size of Kim Kardashian's wildly growing ass (seriously it should have it's own zip code by now) than important things like facts and reality.

7)The Ferguson Police Department- These gung ho dickwads all need to be fired. They were incapable of giving out the most basic of information, such as injuries being sustained by Officer Wilson during his encounter with Brown, or that multiple eyewitnesses saw Brown beat Wilson and then charge him, which makes this whole thing very different. Had they come out right away with this, within the first 24 hours, there would have been no riots. Of course if they had dashboard cams, which truckers can buy at gas stations nationwide for $50 bucks, we would have seen the truth too, but these fascist douchebags couldn't be bothered as they obviously have a serious dickhead problem in a group of only 53 officers. We watched these morons accost journalists, point weapons at obviously unarmed people, and in several cases, tell people taping them that there were going to get shot. Helpful hint, if someone is taping you, that means it's going to wind up on You Tube and your career will come to a grinding halt. Just saying. This is a universal problem and needs to be taken care of. The other alternative is that bullets will be used next as Ferguson police have found out. I am stunned no cop has been killed in all of this yet. Wise up losers, you may look like soldiers with all your new toys, but there are a lot more of us than there are of you. Stop acting like storm-troopers or meet the same fate as the Death Star did.

8)Black people- Before someone calls me a racist ass, understand I am not talking about all black people as I have several black friends, some of which live in the worst neighborhood imaginable. I met some of them while working on the film King Midas which was fifteen years ago. As of this year, I can no longer venture into their homes and have to meet in a better areas as my white skin makes me a target now. But the black community is becoming highly racist, as even my black friends have noticed and warned me about. Some rap has taken a severe turn toward anti-white lyrics, which is NOT acceptable. Mike Brown had such lyrics which he "sang" about "killing Whitey." There are no "let's hang black people" songs that I am aware of that make it past the fringe of white society. Why is it acceptable for black people then? There is also the issue of race where, any time something happens, it's because they are black. This is not the case. Sometimes it's because it's accurate. Black people talk about being hassled by the cops, but the FBI's own statistics say you are more likely to a murdered by a black person than any other race. In DC alone, the stat is 18 times greater than white on black violence. That's telling. White on black violence is rare because we have shunned the whole KKK things years ago. In black society, their racism is growing and fast. No good can come from any of this. Just this week, a black trucker tried to attack Market Basket protestors with a hammer. His defense was he had no idea about the protests, which means he lives under a rock as he works for the company as he broke a picket line, and then said he was enraged when some of them called him "Nigger!" One problem with that is that no one else noticed this. Not the police who arrested him as they were standing right there, not the protestors who were there in mass numbers, and especially not the news media who filmed the entire scenario. You sir are a racist moron using your blackness as a cover for your stupidity. Dumbass. Lastly, we have the dumbest black people on this Earth living in Liberia, literally proving to everyone that they are too stupid to live. Word is the slum residents of Moldavia were pissed that an Ebola quarantine zone was being set up in their neighborhood. They suspected people from other regions were being brought in, oblivious the fact that hundreds, perhaps thousands were dying all around them. They also blamed doctors for spreading the disease and then attacked the clinic. The victims inside fled, which is never good when infected people flee to escape an angry mob and will now infect others. Worse, they stole bedding and medical equipment that was covered in Ebola blood, vomit and poo. EEEEEWWWWWWWW! That is beyond stupid. I hope you like dying because a lot of them are going to do just that. Troops have now surrounded the slum and shoot anyone trying to escape. I know that sounds harsh, but it is the correct method. This disease needs to be stopped and the resident of Moldavia are not helping.

149964 600 UNITED NATIONS AND ISIS cartoons
9)Hamas/Isis- Muslim extremists have hit new lows this week, with Hamas refusing to disarm, thus continuing the blight of the Gazan people, while Isis beheaded a captured journalists, which is stupid beyond words. The media is their only way to get any sympathy and that is now long gone as NO one will trust them again. This is how movements fade and die and Isis will be no different. Rumor is a lot of European and Middle Eastern countries have been paying ransoms for kidnapped people, thus becoming the new fundraising method for terrorism. Everytime someone pays, it just makes things worse. The beheaded journalist, James Foley, was extorted for around $130 million which the US wisely turned down. He was then killed, which just stirred up a hornets nest and now they are getting the bejesus bombed out of them. Isis has also claimed to have sleeper cells the US, but if that was true, they are certainly taking their time activating them, so this rings hollow. However, should some operatives open fire on the Washington Mall area, they should realize that this will open the gates of hell for ALL Muslims who will turn into Holocaust survivors overnight. People will freak out and kill anyone who even looks foreign at that point and those alleged FEMA camps, which do exist, may get filled up stat. I have Muslim friends and do not want to see this. But these assholes may screw it up for everywhere. So congratulation Isis, you are indeed douchebag of the week.
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