Sunday, August 3, 2014


This was a hard choice this week as there were SO many douchebags to choose from. I had to give it to John Boehner, barely beating out the UN and Hamas for top honors, solely because, on the same day, he went from saying he was going to sue the president for using executive orders (which were done exactly the same way under the last Bush administration by the way) to criticizing the President for NOT using executive privilege to fix the immigration problem the right has refused to compromise anything on. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Market Basket- This is a telling example of the level of revolution this country is now officially entering. Rather than submit to even lower pay, fewer benefits and higher prices, customers and employees have bended together to give Arthur S. DeMoulas the middle finger. It is also ironic that these guys are defending the 1% by trying to give the job back to recently ousted cousin Arthur T. DeMoulas, all of which was brought about by unrelenting greed. Arthur S. has shown a real disdain for his employees and common sense when he, rather unwisely, said workers have until Monday to get back to work or they will be fired. This emboldened the employees who now have nothing to lose. Even worse customers paid for a full page ad (which is at least $1200) to tell Market Basket if they do this, they will shop elsewhere. Arthur S. has been a disaster and he's only been CEO for three weeks. Bring Arthur T. back or face the fact that Market Basket will be synonymous with other failed chains like Andy's and Purity.

2)North Korea- Not getting enough attention I guess, the North Koreans this week threatened to nuke the White House for some idiotic reason that I think has to do with the new Seth Rogan movie, The Interview, as if the President can stop any film from being made. If he had that power there were a lot of films from 2014 that could have been described as crimes against humanity like Robocop, Transformers 4 and pretty much any movie that came out in June or July. The White House responded with a hearty laugh as the North Koreans have no chance of hitting that target with their Gaza-like rocket accuracy rate and severely limited range. They'd be lucky to hit Hawaii, let alone the mainland. Someone give Kim a bottle a send him to bed. He's cranky.

3)That deaf driver in San Diego- Some hearing impaired dick in the Comic Con area of SD this week drove through a crowd of "zombies" when he apparently panicked and drove through them instead of waiting. His entire family is deaf apparently which to me sounds like a bad idea waiting to happen as hearing is an important part of driving. Why does this guy have a license in the first place? I guess the unnamed driver was either new to the area or a complete moron because that area he was in is notorious for stalled traffic during the convention. His kids became frightened by the zombie walk, a regular thing and highly publicized, and instead of calming them down, telling them it was just make-up, he drove through the crowd, injuring one woman. This guy needs to have his license taken away stat for multiple reasons. Deaf or not, he's an idiot.

4)Police- Every day we get some story about some douchebag cop doing something that results in injury or death, usually a pet. In NYC, the choke hold seen around the world has been deemed a homicide, leading to all sorts of problems for the new mayor Bill De Blasio, who know has to deal with an irate public and a police force known for not being able to hit he broad side of a barn with a gun nor apparently the knowledge how to subdue someone without choking them to death. TV ham and questionable morals guy, Al Sharpton, has of course inserted himself into it because the dead guy is black, which to be honest, is the least interesting thing about this story. His race is incidental, as a big white guy could have been the victim here as well. The issue is are cops becoming more and more a problem instead of the solution. In Houston, even the mayor is outraged after a very questionable arrest for prescription meds, which the person was indeed legally taking, after a traffic stop for "no left blinker when changing lanes," turned these up after a search of car that never should have been searched in the first place. All that would be bad enough, but then the unnamed officer, (which I am sure is intentional because if people knew who this dick was they might lynch him in the street) took their old, blind Chihuahua, and left him on the side of the road, where he was promptly killed. Needless to say, outrage was tremendous with even the mayor calling on this cop a dangerous fool how probably shouldn't be wearing the uniform. If the police keep this up, they are not going to like dealing with a hostile public for every call they make. I know there are some good cops out there. Much like Muslims though, you better start moving away from the extremists, because pretty soon you all be lumped together.

5)Clarke Woodger and the Noman Global Language Center- As a said in a previous post, this douche would be back again. To refresh anyone who didn't read that post, Woodger is a religious idiot, probably Moron as this takes place in Utah, who fired a blogger who worked for his school for a pro-gay article. The only problem was the article was about homophones, not homosexuals, which seems odd for a guy who runs a school to teach foreign kids English to not know a very widely known English rule. Woodger allegedly said that homophones was advanced and not taught there. If it isn't, this school should be avoided like the plague as they are going to get a bargain basement education for what is probably a lot of money. Reviews for Noman before this happened painted a mixed bag with some liking it, most hating it. With a homophobe like Woodger in charge, I am leaning toward the latter.

6)Ebola- I swear listening to the media, or worse, the Internet, about this deadly disease, you'd think half the globe was already infected. People are having a fit over two patients with Ebola being allowed into this country, as if Ebola didn't already exist here in the US, most likely in dozen's of places. The CDC and Fort Detrick at least two places that have live samples, and most likely, many others with far fewer safeguards, as seen by the lax standards when the CDC was in front of Congress last week. That is far scarier. But, let's be real. Ebola, unless airborne, is not that frightening a disease. And this strain isn't. The MSM is hyping it up because that's what they do. The internet is filled with morons who like to invent stuff for no good reason. I have seen several posts claiming this Ebola is now airborne, with absolutely zero proof of that statement. I have two words for anyone printing these lies: FUCK OFF! You are not helping and are in fact, making things much, much worse as it is eroding trust in everything. For the love of God, please stop. Or kill yourself. Your choice.

7)CIA Director John Brennan- This dick lied in front of Congress, just like James Clapper did, and will not so much get a slap on the wrist. He told the Congress, under oath, that the CIA was not torturing people. According to a new report that is about to be released, and shocking from what I hear, we DID torture people, and probably innocent people as well. I have been tortured. It's not fun. And I don't mean sitting through an entire season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo torture, but sadist dentist who never used Novocain when I was a child, torture. Trust me, you don't know what pain is until a dentist drills three cavities in a sitting, sans painkillers. It's worse than you can imagine. And this went on for years. Strangely, I do not have PTSD or even a fear of dentists. Weird I know. But this moron lied to Congress and no one seems to care that he committed a FELONY that would put the rest of us in jail. The fact that the CIA was caught spying on Congress should also be a reason for his immediate termination. Brennon, along with just about everyone in government, needs to go.

8)John Kerry- These next three are all tied together about the current Israeli/Gaza war. John Kerry has proven to be a terrible diplomat, which is hardly surprising as he loves to hear himself talk. One of his cease fire plans was so bad and lop-sided toward Hamas, that the Knesset voted unanimously to turn it down. This idea was so awful, so stupid, it actually seriously damaged our relationship with Israel. That's talent. The Israeli press has turned Kerry into a buffoon caricature of himself and will make him even less of a peacemaker world wide because of it. Can we please fire someone for rank incompetence already in our government? Anyone?

9)The UN- The UN, particularly Navi Pillay of the UNHRC, tried her hand at stand up this week which had most of the world roaring in laughter. Only she wasn't trying to be funny and actually proved beyond all rhyme or reason the long held standing belief that the Human Rights Council might as well have a swastika in their logo for being ultra-anti-Semitic. She blasted Israel for defending themselves, particularly the shelling of UN schools, while conveniently leaving out the parts of nearby Hamas fighters or weapon stockpiles found in these schools which for some inane reason, are then given back to Hamas fighters. Yeah that's real impartial. The kicker was when Pillay accused Israel of war crimes for, wait for it, not sharing the Iron Dome system with Gaza. This woman is an idiot, an anti-Semite, and should be removed from this position yesterday. We as a nation should be seriously looking into NATO and UN funding that doesn't seem to be translating into good times for us here footing the bill. The UN is rapidly becoming a joke.

10)Hamas- Just missing the top spot is Hamas due to the hysterical insistence that they can beat Israel, which is impossible on any level. Israel will kill everyone if they have to and at this point seems like that may where they are heading. Even the UN acknowledged that Hamas broke the previous, and probably last, cease fire by firing rockets into Israel and attacking a group of soldiers with a suicide bomb. The Hamas spokesperson relied that they never agreed to any cease fire in the first place and that Israel and Kerry were lying about it. This of course does not explain why they held their fire for an hour and half. It's like dealing with a toddler over who stole the last cookie. Hamas then went on to say they were sending people to Egypt to negotiate a new cease fire to which the Israeli said in one complete voice: NUTS! Fool me seven times, as Hamas has broken every cease fire so far, it's on me, but the eighth time is too much. There will be no more cease fire, nor negotiations until the rocket threat is eliminated. Many on the streets seem to still be thinking this fight is all they have left. When they lose their lives too to an organization that doesn't care too whits about them, then they will have lost everything. Keep it up guys, even the Middle East has turned on you. Only a minutia of dopes in the US and Europe are with you and they are a tiny portion of us. The rest are against you. Times up. Surrender or die. Those are the only two choices left.

11)John Boehner and the Republican party- The closer we get to the election, the worse things look for the GOP. It's an off year with an unpopular president in the White House. What should be easy pickings has instead turned into the exact same thing democrats used to do by shooting themselves in the foot on a near daily basis. Two GOP candidates, Lanar Whitney in LA and Joni Earnst in Iowa, have both comes across like Sarah Palin wannabees, causing concern that they could actually lose in GOP gerrymandered districts. Worse, Libertarian candidates in nine states are running for Senate that could tip elections to democrats, especially in Kentucky and Georgia. Some of them are expected to get nine percent of the vote in certain cases. That is bad news for the right to gain control of the Senate and may be Ralph Nadered to remain right where they are. 2016 could be a disaster for the GOP as 16 red Senate seats are up for grabs, and a lot of them, like Kelly Ayotte of NH, are in trouble. So what did the Republicans do this week to try to win over some people? Not much. The House passed several bills that not only have no hope of being even introduced in the Senate, but may anger their constituents to vote against them come November. One got rid of the earned income tax credit for poor people while greatly expanding it for the richest citizens. One was a big blow job to the airline industry by tricking people into paying higher fares than they thought. The best was the border plan which was so heinous, even Obama ridiculed the Congress for passing a bill that had no hope of success. Boehner was the ringleader in all of this and proved beyond doubt that he is a dangerously stupid blowhard who has no ideas over how to fix anything anymore. So congratulations GOP and John Boehner, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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