Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We lost a gifted comic this past week, who by everyone who met him, swore was every bit as humble and nice as you could imagine. I have known several people who have worked with him on films and they all say what a great guy he was. Unfortunately, he also suffered from depression and may have been facing bankruptcy, which having two ex-wives minus a pre-nup will do. Helpful hint to anyone with money: never get married without one. You may love her today, but take it from someone who knows that love can turn to bitter hate real quick. I had no money when I got divorced, but had I been rich those seven years would have turned into a money hole. If she won't sign a pre-nup, take it as a sign that you shouldn't be marrying her in the first place.

Depression is one of those disease that is WAY over-diagnosed lately by a profession that Tom Cruise is not that wacky about when he says they pose a real danger to society. If I see one more of these idiots proclaim PTSD on someone who so obviously does not have it, I am going to try to commit these sham doctors myself. Much like PTSD, some people out there, like Robin Williams, obviously suffer from the awful disease of Depression. However, I do think a vast majority of people are either whining crybabies or subject to doctors who just want to prescribe medication to pad their wallets. I have met people "diagnosed" with Depression and after just a few minutes with them can tell they have none of the symptoms that people who actually have it do. I have also met people who are truly ill (I live with one), who are not faking it, weak or misdiagnosed. But these crap doctors are making a mockery of a real problem and turning society against them because of it.

Shepard Smith got into trouble when he called Williams a coward for taking the easy way out. In a sense, he is right, but only if Williams was indeed weak and not sick and his behavior definitively suggested the latter. There are way too many people killing themselves, around 36,000 a year, for them all to be suffering from depression. A lot of these people are cowards who can't face life. Others are like my ex-girl friend who shot herself in the face after her mother said she couldn't date this one guy. She was in her early twenties and obviously depressed. Another girl I dated was becoming schizophrenic, just like her mom, when she died of a drug overdose in her twenties. The sad part about my life is, I have dated a lot of truly insane people, and the one with the worst problems is the one I am still with and get along the best with. Go figure. I guess her insanity is the exact form of madness I can live with. It's no picnic, but it's never dull. Half of the girls I have dated these past few decades are dead and buried, most a long time ago and younger than you would expect, and a third were clinically insane. I have a weird type I guess.

Rush Limbaugh said the reason Williams killed himself was because of his left leaning politics. Something tells me that is NOT the reason Williams committed suicide. Can someone explain to me how a guy with almost no advertisers is still on the radio? What deal with the devil did the fat bastard commit to?

And then we have the Ferguson, MO shooting which tells us loads about both the police force in this country and the near suicidal attitudes from the black community. The story is patchy at best, due to the cops not telling us the whole truth and eyewitness testimony that doesn't exactly par up with what the official story is. What we do know is that what we have here is yet another case of a cop who had no business being on the force, and will hopefully face murder charges. He probably won't, but this shoot first mentality that the police now have is starting to turn the public against them and with good reason. The police can no longer be trusted, regardless of color. And until we face that as a nation, things are going to get worse.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim, Michael Brown and a friend were walking in the street. A  white cop pulled up and, in the least polite way, told them to "get on the fucking sidewalk." When they didn't shuck and jive to this racist's satisfaction, he tried to pull Brown through the window of the car. There was a scuffle and the cop's gun went off. Brown and his friend ran, as the cop shot Brown in the back. When he raised his hands and turned to the officer, the thug cop emptied his clip into him. How is that justice or even legal?

This has of course led to protests, riots and even the shooting death of an armed gunman during these melees, none of which is helping anyone or anything. Why do black communities, and only black communities, riot in their neighborhoods destroying places they shop and need? Doesn't this seem incredibly stupid, or near suicidal? If you want to know why there are no big box or grocery stores in poor black neighborhoods, but have no problem in poor Hispanic or white neighborhoods, here's your answer. There were rumors that some were busing or driving in to loot just because. That's messed up.

The cop's name has not been released, because of "death threats," to which I say, BOO HOO!Everyone else would have their name plastered across the universe but this ass gets special treatment because he is a cop. The public has a right to know and if this jerk didn't want to get death threats, maybe he should've handled this better in the first place. Either way, his career, and perhaps his freedom, is over. Good luck in jail.

All of this is a sign of things to come. People are reaching their breaking point and the police are really helping it along. If the boys in blue continue to assassinate people, steal their property in direct violation of the fifth amendment and basically act like giant douchebags, society will make them pay sooner or later. And all those fancy weapons may not matter when millions storm their precincts nationwide and give them a taste of their own medicine. We have already seen this same thing play out in Albuquerque, Detroit and elsewhere. Soon, it will be nationwide when people treat these goons like the Fingerman from V for Vendetta. Not all police are bad, but much like Muslim extremists, unless the rest speak up and forcefully at this point, they will all be lumped together. We are reaching the end of civilization with anarchy rearing its ugly head. Don't let it. Refrain from rioting and start getting rid of police who are far too dangerous to be cops. The alternative is the end of everything.

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